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Dreams About Doors – Meaning and Symbolism

In the world of dreams the doors represent the passage from one side to another. The door is the object we use to make this change and in the symbolism of the interpretations of dreams it represents, precisely, this transit.

What does it mean to dream of a door? The doors tend to indicate new opportunities and very commonly the image is used to refer to the work and / or school environment.

But doors can also indicate our predisposition to change. Often if we are looking for an alternative way out, there may appear doors in a dream.

But if, for example, we dream of the front door, this refers to our family environment, where we feel more at ease.

Dreams About Doors – Meaning

Dreaming of the front door when we have to refer to family situations, because we are used to seeing it every day. The open front door indicates security for us and our family.

Moreover, the door is completely open, also indicating mutual trust and a very strong relationship. See the analysis of the interpretation of the house in dreams.

Dreaming of a door that we do not know open instead can dreamily refer to ourselves. The door becomes a metaphor to indicate our moods. The open door indicates that we are ready to accept the changes and we can go to the other side without having any kind of concern, just because there is nothing that stops us.

In the symbolism of dreams, dreaming of doors that open means possibilities, which can be based on one’s career or even on personal relationships.

Dreaming of doors that open indicates the possibility of choosing between various options that are offered to us. If in the dream we hesitate to choose one it means that we must be careful because we do not yet know which is better.

When in dream we have a door to open, it means that the time has come to change and move towards new things. Opening the door means making an important decision, but for which we are ready.

If in the dream the door is locked it must be interpreted as a very important and also reserved transition. The key, in fact, indicates our state of mind regarding the passage (which perhaps was particularly difficult or concerns private situations).

Closed doors indicate uncertainties. As we have already said the door can be a symbol of our moods, a closed door indicates that we are not sure what we can find on the other side and therefore we do not even know if we should go further or not.

It can also highlight the impossibility we have in overcoming an obstacle in real life.

Dreaming of a closed front door indicates problems in the family. Finding the closed door can indicate our fear, our unconscious surely refers to any negative situation that happened at home.

Finding a locked door in our dreams can be interpreted in multiple ways. First of all we need to understand what this door is made up of; tangentially the doors always indicate opportunities, possibilities that are presented to us or that will arise in the future.

A locked door indicates opportunities that still have to happen, but we don’t know yet whether these will be in our favor or not, because we are not yet ready to cross it and see what’s beyond, again if this locked door doesn’t exist indicate that at this time we cannot, we are not allowed, and we will not be allowed to cross it.

However, the locked door can also refer to ourselves: if we are going through a particularly difficult period, this door represents our way of referring to the problem. We are too closed and we do not rely on anyone because we are afraid.

If the door opens, read what is written above about the dream of opening doors, alternatively, I advise you to consult the explanation and the meaning of the house in dreams. when in a dream we find a door that continues to reopen after we have tried several times to close it, then this indicates that it is not yet time for that door to close permanently.

Our unconscious is trying to make us understand that too if we “rationally” think we have reached the end of a journey (which may concern our work, our family or even a personal relationship), in reality it is not yet time to close it once and for all.

We must be careful not to make too hasty decisions because surely there are still so many things to consider.

Dreaming of doors that close can have both a negative and a positive value depending on what we are experiencing lately. Clearly this dream speaks of something that is finished or is about to end, like a working, scholastic, or even relational path, like the end of a love story.

The important thing is that we are the ones closing the doors, on the contrary if it were someone else, we might not like it.

When a door appears stuck in a dream, we must be very careful; the locked door represents situations that can hinder us and make the journey more difficult, and therefore, getting to the other side of the door will become just as difficult.

Blocking the door means that this particular person wants to make the journey more difficult. We need to pay close attention to who we are close to in certain situations, especially if we are competing with someone.

Dreaming of a broken door indicates missed opportunities. The door represented this and its break indicates the impossibility of being able to cross it to go further and reach the opposite side.

Dreaming of breaking the door indicates our unwillingness to seize the opportunity presented to us from the other side, perhaps for fear of what could be found beyond the threshold. If instead someone else breaks the door in our place, this indicates our being blocked. This can happen for various reasons: revenge, anger or as we have said before, even for competition.

Dreaming of a broken door: it may indicate that someone has entered where it was not supposed to, is it us? Did we enter where we didn’t have to? Did we force the door? Or is it someone else? Did he make his way where we didn’t want to? In our personal affairs? In our house? Ask yourself the following questions: Where? How and why? … This is whether it concerns us or someone else.

Dreaming of slamming door: slamming doors indicate the lack of control we have on certain situations. At any time a gust of wind could close our “doors” and this same thing can happen with the opportunities that are presented to us, if we don’t catch them in time, sooner or later we lose them completely. We need to be more determined because our insecurities do not help us with regards to important choices.

Dreaming of white doors: white is the color in dreams of transformation and purity, and for this very reason its symbolism often refers to the divine. Therefore it can indicate a type of spiritual and metaphysical change. You may dream of it immediately after the death of one of our relatives, or a person particularly close to us.

Not only in these cases, but the white door also indicates particular, radical changes that can lead to great unexpected things. Many times it can also indicate an inner change, linked more to our person than to earthly things.

Dreaming of narrow doors: the narrow door indicates a difficulty. When we dream of them, this means that the difficulties we will face will be greater and we must be prepared. Many times even if we already know what awaits us “from the other side” and we think we can face everything quietly and with a certain ease, we forget to take into account some things that can make the journey more complicated.

Dreaming of small doors: even in this case we must pay attention to how we have decided to take our own path as maybe what awaits us is not for us, or our unconscious wants to warn us that we are underestimating too much and we must commit ourselves to maximum to cross the threshold.

Dreams About Doors – Symbolism

The door in dreams appears in almost infinite images and dreamlike situations and it is impossible (and useless) to list them in this space, also because the gestures made in opening or closing the door, the sensations experienced, the buildings in which it is found, can bring to completely different readings.

However, I report the most common images and situations that can make us think and give an indication to the reader:

Dreaming of an open door – is a positive image of openness and an invitation to enter. The dreamer has favorable opportunities to grasp, the situation he is facing is clear and invites you to continue. It can also indicate a relationship that is successful and accepted and desired. It represents everything that promises a favorable evolution.

However, in some dreams it can portend a danger beyond the threshold and indicate, then, the conflict between a part of itself that feels attraction for the risk and the unknown and the more fearful one that wants to be prudent.

Dreaming of a closed door – it alludes to a similar “closure” and block in one’s life: you want to go in one direction, but you can’t, you want to start a relationship, get in touch with someone intimately, but the situation doesn’t seem favorable.

But the same image can indicate an internal blockade, an exasperated form of confidentiality or the closure (and the attempt to protect oneself) against someone.

Dreaming of a door ajar – indicates a possibility, a “mistrust” won, an opportunity that is made available, can be a project to which you aspire, a desire, a relationship, a change to be addressed.

Dream of a door that opens by itself – it represents the absolute ease with which one proceeds in some field, the passage to a different status that occurs naturally, the overcoming of a challenging moment or the phase from one age to another. It may indicate feeling accepted and desired in a sexual relationship.

Dreaming of opening the door to someone – it means being willing to relate to that person if existing and known, otherwise the dream may indicate one’s desire to have more contact with the outside, greater social life, to have a romantic relationship or friendship or the need to recognize and make room for a new part of yourself.

Dream of opening the door with the key and entering – shows its inner resources: you have the means to reach your goals, to “cross the threshold” of something new, to start a relationship with someone, to consciously live a transition phase.

Dreaming of locking the door with the key – unlike the above, bolt the door firmly or with fear and discomfort, indicates the fear of an external invasion: perhaps there are problems that are pressing and from which you want to escape taking refuge in your environment, perhaps you feel tormented by people oppressive, perhaps their own peace and tranquility are endangered by the stress of everyday life.

Dreaming of closing the door on someone’s face – it is the clearest image of a lack of availability compared to something that is required or that one feels obliged to do, it is a real refusal to something or someone.

Dreaming of a door that closes behind me – may indicate a missed opportunity, the feeling of having lost a chance or a relationship.

But it can also represent the ritual closure of a difficult moment and the end of a transition phase. The feelings of pain or relief will direct the meaning to positive or negative.

Dream of not being able to open the door – reflects the frustrated desire to achieve something, to achieve a goal, to overcome what appears to be an obstacle.

It can indicate the lack of sexual and emotional availability in a relationship.

Dreaming of not being able to close the door – indicates the inability and impossibility of protecting oneself or putting limits and boundaries with the outside and with other people.

Often this image appears in nightmares and is accompanied by anxiety and fear, they are dreams then that must bring attention to a real sense of invasion felt in some area or on one’s own inability to block others’ interference.

Dreaming of a secret door – seeing a door where you don’t think you can find it is an image that moves curiosity, enthusiasm, a sense of adventure and that alludes to new possibilities to be discovered, to inner resources that are still unknown. It is a positive image, a great encouragement not to give up and find new “passages”, new alternatives to reality, new ways of being, new ways to go.

Dreaming of a door bulwark – it is a stop of the conscience and represents the impassibility to proceed in some field: it can be a work of inner analysis, the confrontation with traumas and memories of the past that cannot yet be elaborated.

It can also represent the unavailability of others, the inability to access intimacy with a person.

Dreaming of an armored door – it has similar meanings, but with aspects of greater awareness with respect to the invasion that is felt to come from the outside.

Perhaps we want to protect ourselves from someone or something or, on the contrary, perhaps we have been invasive and the unconscious thus represents the “closure” of others.

Dreaming of a wooden door – it is the most common and normal image and, despite the infinite variables of shape and colors, it suggests possibilities, habits and ease of use.

It may indicate a moment to overcome, a possibility to be accessed, shyness and closure by others (when the wooden door is closed).


Depending on the place and the situation the meaning that the object assumes in the dream can change.

As we have already said, the door divides the rooms, the rooms, but it is also the main entrance way. In this case the door may refer to our state of mind or even to our situation at home.

Hopefully you were able to find the interpretation of the dream about doors that you had.