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Dreams About Driving Off a Cliff – Meaning and Symbolism

Rocks in dreams are equivalent to obstacles and difficulties in life. Thus the meaning of the rocks in dreams could be summarized in a simplistic but often punctual manner.

We all know that the rocks are the rocky concretions that surround islands beaches, and who’s rough and sharp surfaces, explored with caution by the wet, become a real danger for boats during storms or in surfacing under the surface of the water.

The impact with the rocks is dangerous, catastrophic, and lethal when it is the strength of the sea and the waves that determine its clash. When such a meeting does not arise from a will and a priori control.

Dealing with, going back up, overcoming the rocks is possible in physical reality, and in dreams it is equivalent to knowing and facing the obstacles that at first sight may seem risky and insuperable.

If the rocks are a symbol of the difficulties and dangers disseminated in the individual path, they are also a sort of alert, a signal of attention that compares the dreamer with aspects of his reality that he may have underestimated. The oneiric rocks refer to something that can only be overcome by recognizing their presence and the real danger.

Think of the ways to express themselves in common use: “Overcoming a rock …. This is a stumbling block for me … It is the rock I run into”: they reflect the symbolic meanings we have just talked about, but which also refer to inner movements.

It is true that the rocks in dreams can be traced back to situations, people, relationships that represent a difficulty for the dreamer, but it is equally true that they can be the image of a psychic Self of the dreamer who opposes some initiative, which is it crystallizes into a closed and conservative immobility, hostile to changes and new possibilities.

Dreams About Driving Off a Cliff – Meaning

Dreams of cars are always connected with parts of their own personality. Of course, sexuality is also part of the personality, as is the mental attitude towards the life partnership.

However, these sections are important enough to be treated individually. Personality and personality development mean something much more general here.

Dream about car or vehicle – A car is a vehicle and thus a dream symbol of locomotion. Unlike public transport, planes and trains, one is usually at the wheel. The dreaming can determine his destination and the way there himself.

To continue to speak symbolically, one drives with his car to the doctor, to work, to the cemetery, to the parents, to the shopping, drives fast, slowly, cautiously, and aggressively or becomes thereby involved in an accident.

All these symbols stand for different personality parts and situations, which concern the dreaming. Does the dreaming worry about his health? Does he crave his family? Did he go to work in a dream, so that he can continue working on his important project quickly? Such questions can be answered by the interpretation of car spaces.

To interpret dreams of cars is a very individual matter, which is only possible considering the dream context. In car spaces, many factors come together, many small pictures make a puzzle, which it is necessary to put together. It is certainly not possible to assign any meaning to any combination of car spaces.

At this point, some dream symbols are explained and interpreted, which are important for the dream interpretation of car spaces and which help to put together your own dream puzzle.

Whether we admit it or not, we associate every car brand with a specific image. For example, a Volkswagen is a down-to-earth and solid vehicle, which arouses little emotion.

Who drives a Mercedes, is usually regarded as success-oriented and at the same time conservative.

BMW drivers are often said to be both sporty, as well as aggressive and uncompromising, similar to Audi, where some arrogance, but also innovative spirit come into play.

Smart drivers, on the other hand, are seen as frugal and pragmatic, drivers of off-road vehicles as show-offs and sports car owners as machos who try to compensate for certain disadvantages with their cars.

Admittedly, these are all clichés in pure culture. Everyone has their own opinion and you have to pay attention to the fact that you do not associate with a Mercedes A-Class the same as with an S-Class.

The dream-interpreter should therefore ask himself what exactly he associates with the specific dream car and for what emotions it stands or what feelings it triggers with him.

Equally important is the question of whether it is in the truest sense of his dream car and he sees himself in the dream as a driver of the same, because then the dream could mean that the dreaming looks positively into the future and hopes to meet this desire soon to be able to. If the dream car is a car of its own, it is an indication of one’s own environment, the protective shell that surrounds the dreaming.

Of course, the color of the dream car also plays a role. Unfortunately, colors are not often respected in dreams, they say a lot about what he really means. What colors in dreams mean, we have already dealt with on a separate page. The interpretations can also be transferred to cars.

For example, a red car is often a symbol of aggressiveness, but also of love. The small black sports car often means, as already mentioned, that the desire for a change in the sexual life of the dreaming is expressed.

Dreams About Driving Off a Cliff – Symbolism

Dreams of jumping – Did you dream of jumping? Is it a “recurring” dream? Then you need to know how to interpret it. Making such a dream may seem normal, but it has deeper meanings than you can imagine. Being able to correctly interpret your dreams about jumping, jumping, can warn the dreamer of many problems in real life.

However, this is a very common dream and its meaning varies according to the context: in general it symbolizes the fact of not spending enough energy during waking, it represents accumulated physical or psychic energy and should be used.

Generally speaking, to dream of jumping means that you are a very active person, who has a cheerful attitude and likes to enjoy the day to the fullest.

However, if you have many hurdles in your dreams that need to be skipped, this may indicate that you will have many problems and adversities in life; for example in the workplace you may be more competitive, you may feel under pressure, there may be problems and misunderstandings with your partner.

Dreams of accidents – In dreams, an accident often means loss of control and is a symbol that is given an almost always similar interpretation.

In other cases it means fear for the events that are about to overwhelm us. In others, a project does not seem to be successful.

The probability that it is a premonitory dream is almost non-existent, but we know, there are those who believe in these things and coincidences can always come true.

Accidents are the order of the day, they must be taken into account.

What does it mean to dream of an accident? It can represent the fear for a particular moment that we are living in this last period or more often a quarrel that is just the result of a road accident.

it is possible that we know that the road we are taking or that we are about to take is not the right one for ourselves and probably for others, we feel that something will go wrong like when you make a mistake in making a decision.

Dream of plane crash – Dreaming of a plane crash means that there is a high probability that the project you are aiming for has a bad success, especially if you try to speed it up.

Dreaming of a bus accident – maybe the train or bus you have decided to take and therefore the road you are taking, is not yours, or you feel it will take you where you don’t want it. Whether you are on that train or bus by choice or you’ve come by chance, things don’t seem to go right.

However, do not lose hope, if you can do something to straighten out the events take the reins of the game in hand and do what you have to do.

First of all it is useful to remember (also for other dreams) that the car as well as the bike represent an extension of the Ego, so if these are damaged it means that we ourselves are too. In this case the crash or a fall with your own means of transport can symbolize the loss of control over your life.

This is also why they dream of brakes that don’t work or high speed.

Cars or motorbikes that you can’t control – this dreamlike vision indicates that you are afraid of not being up to the task assigned to you, of not having the qualities and skills necessary to face certain situations.

Dab or hit someone – this dream warns you about your habits: your pace of life is too hectic, you need a break to remember to devote time to the people around you.

Crashing against a wall – in this case the wall represents the obstacle that stands between you and the realization of your goals.

You are in a phase of elaboration, you want to come out of the shell and create, much and good. But there is a block that you cannot overcome. At least not alone.

Skidding, getting out of the way – this dream advises you to reflect on the direction you are giving to your life.

Maybe you are not making the right decisions, you are a little confused: take a moment to understand what is right to do.


The hardness and the weight of the rocks reflect an identical hardness and inner heaviness, which will need to be recognized to “overcome the rock”, or to separate from this Self, and to guarantee new possibilities.

Dreaming of enormous and looming rocks brings the hostile energies of the enemy, the unexpressed fear, the block or the heaviness to the light of consciousness, and this surfacing from the waters of dreams can be seen as an opportunity, as a thrust that comes from the depths, like movement that, from the unconscious, guides the dreamer towards a possible solution.