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Dreams About Eyelashes – Meaning and Symbolism

Eyelashes mainly have the function to protect the eyes from small dirt particles and foreign bodies. Certain diseases can be recognized by the condition of the eyelashes, for example, when they are glued or bent inwards.

Between 100 and 150 days, a curved little hair graces the eyelid before it fails and replaces a new one in its place. The eyelashes on the upper lid are more numerous and longer than those on the lower lid.

Dreams about Eyelashes – Meaning

A beautiful eye-catching is in many cultures together with the eyelashes: The longer, denser and curving they are, the more beguiling the look of the woman.

Only in some cultures does this also apply to male eyes. Because not all eyelashes naturally correspond to the ideal of beauty, will be helped with all sorts of tools: eyelash curler, mascara, eyelash comb or false eyelashes.

When a woman puts make up on her eyelashes, she tries to impress a man. A blink of an eye expresses a very brief moment. Anyone who dreams of eyelashes, apparently just deals with his appearance. Maybe he is dissatisfied with himself and wants a guy change.

But it may also be the eyelashes that the dreaming himself finds especially beautiful. For the dream interpretation, the look of the dream symbol “eyelashes” is very important: are they long and dense, which color do they have?

The eyelashes in the dream interpretation are a dream symbol for protection and gender-specific stimuli. Those who lower their eyelids see the world through their eyelashes.

For the dreaming, the question arises how clearly he sees things around him. What else is he taking?

In addition, it must be clarified whether the dream symbol in the case serves the protection of the eyes and thus also of the soul, in which one can see through the eyes known. Or should the lowered eyelashes in the dream seem seductive? In dream interpretation, eyelashes can stand for eroticism as well as for the shyness of the dreaming in front of others.

What do the eyelashes look like in a dream? This aspect is of great importance for dream interpretation. While long eyelashes promise happiness, short grief and anger announce.

If the eyebrows are dense and luxuriant, the dream symbol indicates impending pleasures. Sparse eyelash hair, however, in the interpretation of dreams is a sign of impending loss.

If the dream symbol is false eyelashes, they are a warning of lies and dishonesty. If the eyelashes in the eye are completely missing in the dream, the dreaming should be on the lookout for betrayal.

The lash in the dream indicates that the dreaming is able to use his charms and abilities in the watch world. You look openly around the world and know where your own place is.

Are in the dream experience eyelashes in the eye and let the hairs tear this, the dream symbolizes a disturbing factor in their own perception. The view is clouded and the dreaming does not recognize a truth.

Fancy eyelashes symbolize a loss in the watch world similar to hair that falls out in the dream. This loss can refer to a person who disappears from the life of the dreaming or to a professional situation. If job losses threaten, it is time to look for a new job.

The eyelashes serve to protect the eye, in which, in turn, the feelings are read. A lowered look prevents the other person from recognizing the secret desires and desires of the dreaming.

In the interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “eyelashes” on the psychological level symbolizes the protection of the soul from prying eyes.

The dreaming reveals only so much of his emotions, his intelligence and his attitude to existence as he would like.

In the dream his subconscious informs him which parts of his personality he shows and which aspects he wants to hide.

The dream symbol “eyelashes” is in the dream interpretation on transcendental level a sign for the spiritual protection of our sensory and intellectual perception.

The eyes are the pros suspension for a conscious experience of the environment and for a critical judgment of the dreaming.

The eyelashes in the dream ensure that this is not clouded by negative external influences.

Dreams about Eyelashes – Symbolism

The eyelashes are small hairs located in the lower and upper part of the eye, they have great utility, but, despite this, it can go totally unnoticed in our day to day.

Many times women are the ones who pay more attention to their eyelashes by putting on makeup to give them volume and make them more visible.

However, for many eyelashes are totally ignored.

This is why it is quite curious that the protagonists of a dream are nothing more and nothing less than eyelashes. Of course, they can be and whoever it is brings with it various meanings that can be very important.

Dreams of eyelashes general meaning – Dreaming of eyelashes can have various reasons. Eyelashes can be taken as insignificant, but in reality they are related to various areas of everyday life.

The fact that someone dreams of eyelashes can be a clear sign at the stage of life that is going on, perhaps, it could be an important signal that he was looking for a long time but had not yet achieved it.

Many times you dream of eyelashes so that the person can tell by the situation they are going through. That is, so that you open your eyes without any obstacles and can clearly see everything around you.

Among another reason why you dream of eyelashes you can find that it is because of a decision that is being made and perhaps because of someone else’s fault it is changing from a good decision to a very bad or dangerous one

This is how you can interpret this dream with eyelashes in a certain way. The tabs are sending a clear message that you should avoid delivering anything that damages the vision of a target.

That is, if an important decision is to be made or if you want to achieve an important objective and the decisions that you should make are already taken, it is necessary that you make it with forcefulness and as planned from the beginning.

Dream of losing eyelashes – The loss of eyelashes in real life is a reason to wish for something. In the dream interpretation, the dream symbol expresses in the case that the dreaming wants to let go of something, a previous view, which he has meanwhile reconsidered, for example, or a former lifestyle.

The dreaming realizes in the dream that he wants to part with this part of his personality and that he wants a change.

Dream of long eyelashes – An interpretation in relation to dreaming of long, strong and beautiful eyelashes could be linked more towards a decision.

This represents that you are making a positive or right decision towards an issue …

However, someone in some way or another wants to change your important and correct opinion in relation to this important issue. Be careful with people who have wrong or malicious ideas.

Dream of not having eyelashes – On the other hand, if you dream that the person does not have eyelashes, it is not a bad omen or something related.

The meaning of dreaming that he has no eyelashes is linked to the lack of self-esteem and the little confidence he has in himself.

When you dream of long eyelashes it can also mean that in some way you require that some important person or some important people give you a dedicated and exclusive attention to you.

Dreaming of fake eyelashes – Dreaming of false or false eyelashes is also usually related to a person in your life who, like the eyelash, is false.

That is, this person is hypocritical and does not suit him, all he wants is to betray him.


Dreams with eyelashes can have different meanings, both positive and negative. Many people relate it to right decisions or to making important decisions. But, depending on each dream.

It is no secret to anyone that eyelashes are the great protectors of the eyes of a human, since, thanks to it, it is possible to prevent elements that would irritate or deteriorate our sight from entering them.