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Dreams About Falling in Love – Meaning and Symbolism

It takes a lot to tell someone “I love you”. These three words contain a promise to be there for others, to stand by them, to accept their rough edges. At the same time they make us vulnerable.

Our deepest feelings are revealed through a confession of love and we are dependent on our counterpart. Does he reciprocate our love? Or will he hurt us with his reaction?

Dreams About Falling in Love – Meaning

We can also ask ourselves these questions if we dream of telling someone “I love you”. But it also happens that we do not pronounce the words, but they think because we suddenly feel strong affection.

Sometimes we ourselves are the person who is made a confession of love. Meaningful is this symbol in any case.

In the dream, saying “I love you” to a person who is not the actual partner in real life may, in the general view, express deep gratitude. The other one helped the person concerned in the last, perhaps very difficult, and time.

However, he may have been so absorbed in himself that he did not realize the support. It is time to acknowledge the other’s behavior and show affection.

If it is your own partner, whom you say in the dream “I love you”, the symbol reminds you to behave more rationally in everyday life and not to forget obligations.

Although one may enjoy one’s personal love happiness, one should absolutely separate one’s private from the professional and one should not be distracted by the everyday work.

Otherwise the own reputation threatens to be damaged.

A single who dreams of loving another person or even uttering the words “I love you” may be longing for a partner and a sense of love in awake life. If the person who loves the person in the dream is someone from the awake life, he may not have discovered his or her own feelings for this person. In the near future, however, this could finally happen.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams are especially the situations of relevance, in which another person to the affected person says “I love you”

. Responding positively to the confession of love in the dream, expressed by the symbol needs for confirmation, recognition and perhaps a closer emotional connection to the other. It is therefore a wishful dream.

Self-denial, which in the dream follows the words “I love you”, emphasizes, according to psychoanalysts, the high priority of freedom and independence in the life of the person concerned. He feels quickly pressurized or constrained by his fellow human beings. The words “I love you” symbolize in a spiritual dream the appreciation and esteem that the person feels for someone.

Commonly, feelings are one of the causes for which dreams manifest themselves, it is the lived emotions that cause our subconscious to develop scenes that we have already lived or are simply linked to the desires we harbor in our brains, like fantasies or just vague thoughts.

Feelings, on the other hand, can completely shape dreams and make them much more real or fictional than they really can be. Being in love can be considered as a state of mind, so all our thinking or a large part of our brain is dedicated to a person, of whom we are in love or simply feel empathy.

If you dream about this condition, then we will give you some possible explanations and meanings, as well as their aspects. Dreaming of being in love, just like that, can refer more than to the need, in the mental state in which we are with our surroundings.

We are well and we are happy and we are also willing to open our hearts, because you do not necessarily have to be truly in love to dream about it, that is, it is not necessary to be in a relationship.

If on the contrary you are in a relationship and dream of being in love, it enhances the commitment, loyalty and fidelity that you have both for the feeling towards that person and for that person in general because this means that it is someone very important and that Even while asleep, it keeps the feeling intact and the love towards it.

If you dream of being in love with another person, what it can mean is that in the relationship there are things that do not work well and that the relationship is being unconsciously idealized with another person, causing thoughts to escape into a utopian relationship caused by the subconscious and that, for less, would cause problems in the relationship and more if idealized with someone close.

Dreams About Falling in Love – Symbolism

Everybody likes to be in love. When Cupid’s arrow hits, then you have butterflies in your stomach, knees weak and float on cloud nine.

Especially in poetry, this elation is often highlighted. Biologically, the feeling of being in love is nothing more than a wild hormone cocktail, where the hormone dopamine causes us to feel happy.

The parts of the brain responsible for rational, “rational” thinking are shut down in the case of fresh infatuation.

There seems to be little problem in an acute phase of falling in love; Lovers shine all over their faces, float in the seventh heaven and look especially happy and balanced on their environment.

However, they act more ill-considered than usual.

If the dreaming person has a crush on sleep, that does not mean there will be a new love in waking life in the near future. This dream image is rather to be understood as a warning and is therefore often misunderstood and interpreted.

If the feeling of being in love falls asleep while sleeping, the dreamer usually tends to overreact with his real emotions. This is especially the case when he falls in love with life in the waking life. Therefore, this dream image usually announces disappointments and sad experiences when the dreaming continues to handle his emotional world so lightly.

The sleeping person should be reminded by this symbol to test his true feelings before he falls head over heels and blindly gets into something. If he gets a grip on these exuberant feelings, he will be saved from bitter disappointment in the future. Conversely, the dream image “in love” is a positive sign, because it helps him to better understand his current situation on the pink cloud.

Dream of falling in love with a stranger – Is it not recognizable in the dream, in whom the dreaming is in love immortally in his sleep, then this dream image can also be a sign of too much self-love. It should warn the dreaming not to take care of oneself and not to forget other people.

Dream of falling in love with new partner – If a new partner in the dream world falls in love with the dreaming and you surely know “he loves me” in your sleep, then according to the dream research this means that the dreaming will get benefits from other people.

Who is met in the dream of Cupid’s arrow, according to the psychological dream interpretation tends to exaggerate some things in waking life.

In addition to the danger of exaggeration, this dream image can warn of impending dependence.

In this case, the dreamer quickly becomes dependent on another person and neglects his own needs and desires.

Dream of someone falling in love with you –If the dreaming does not fall in love with someone else in the dream, but there is a person in the dream world who falls in love with him up to his ears, then the dreaming person is threatened with sad and negative experiences.

Dream of being smitten by someone –If the dreaming in the dream world is blown away and totally inflamed for someone, then the spiritual dream interpretation interprets this as a sign of the dreaming’s ability to allow feelings and to love oneself and others.

Faced with horrible dreams and nightmares, luckily sometimes we also dream of love. It is the case of dreaming of being in love, a dream that may be motivated by a real situation or not, but that in any case has an interpretation that interests you. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of being in love.

Why do you dream that you are in love – Few situations in life so pleasant and that make you feel as happy as being in love.

However, many people also run away from this feeling because they believe that falling in love weakens their reason. And they are right, why deny it. Be that as it may, what they cannot escape from is the meaning of this dream in which they fall hopelessly in love.

Most of the time this dream with love occurs because of the lack of that feeling. You fall in love in dreams because you are not in real life and, however, you notice that something is missing, the spark of love itself, but also the warmth of that affection that you’re loved ones, your relatives and your friends give you.


Because dreaming of being in love does not speak only of romantic love, of the kisses and caresses that you lack, but of that link with your environment that has been weakened for whatever reason.

Love in its broadest sense is what your subconscious wants to highlight.

With this in mind, when you wake up, do not become obsessed looking for your ideal partner or fall in love with the first person who passes by your side.

Find the closest love, file rough things with your friends or with close people to re-feel that social bond we all need. You will see how when you get it, you forget the crush.