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Dreams About Flowers – Meaning and Interpretation

In dreams, flowers tend to have a meaning whose interpretation is part of a symbolism that reflects harmonious and tender moments of one’s life, especially in emotional relationships.

At other times the symbolism is closely related to the sexual aspect in particular of the female body.

You can feel and be like these flowers that can therefore reflect the mood of the dreamer or the dreamer.

What does it mean to dream flowers? We can dream of wildflowers, grow them, collect them, throw them away, give them away or receive them and each of them can be of a different type or color.

Flower symbolism in culture

In the symbolism of the flowers the romantic value must also be considered (the flowers are the intimate organs of the plants) the feminine aspect that emerges from the grace of the forms and from the receptivity of the cup that opens to a cup, while the male is represented by the pistil which rises from the center or from pollen that fertilizes.

They are symbolic aspects adopted by the Freudian school and linked to the more material meanings of the flower (birth, growth, libido, procreation) that are opposed to the more mystical ones of the Jungian school linked to the concept of “center” and “individuation”.

For example, in The Secret of the Golden Flower by Tung-Pin Lu, an ancient Chinese book based on the legend of the golden flower and also translated by Jung and R. Wilhelm, the flower is a metaphor of life, of the need to investigate movement of vital energy, to transcend matter and acquire new knowledge.

The meaning of flowers is connected to the beauty and sense of harmony that recalls ideals of otherworldly perfection, serenity and love.

Dreaming of flowers can indicate the positive attitude of the dreamer towards something that is living or towards a relationship. It is easy for the flowers to indicate very specific people (for example the dreamer’s children) or the works he has created, the projects he has given impetus to, his general creativity.

Dreams about Flower – Meaning

Dreaming of flowers connects to the world of feelings and affectivity, but also alludes to the search for spirituality and to a “flourishing” of ideas and possibilities.

Flowers in dreams are positive symbols of openness to life, of rebirth after a difficult time, of inner depth and richness and are often linked to the dreamer’s internal process, to the development of resources, to the maturing of events, feelings and occasions.

Dreaming of flowers for the extreme variety of shapes and colors can indicate very different meanings and situations, for this reason each flower must be considered: the symbolism that derives from the popular tradition and the experience of the dreamer. In fact the meaning of a closed flower will be very different from one in full bloom completely open or from a now withered one.

The symbolism of flowers is part of every culture and every time, its references are found in every work of art or mythology to represent the element of perfection impermeable to human suffering and inequity, an image of the divinity present on earth, a gift that reminds man of his true essence.

Dreams about Flower – Symbolism

Dream flowers in a garden – it represents the richness of the dreamer’s personality, his resources, his positive attitudes, his qualities, but he can also be a symbol of his creativity, of the things he wanted and obtained, or indicate his children.

Dreaming of planting flowers – means putting a project into the works, having an idea, an ambition and taking the necessary actions to achieve. It can also allude to fertilization.

Dreaming of watering flowers – to meanings similar to planting flowers, it represents the need to “do” the right things to get what you want, to metaphorically “feed” your project, to give it energy. It can allude to growing up and educating children.

Dreaming of picking flowers – indicates the need to use one’s own resources, to enjoy one’s feelings, to recognize and accept those of others, to collect the results of what has been set in motion (a project) and one’s own creativity.

Dreaming of buying flowers – reflects one’s need for peace and love and the search, perhaps, for a gratifying romantic relationship.

Dreaming of receiving flowers – indicates a feeling that must be recognized or expressed. If the person who gives is known the dream reflects real feelings directed to the dreamer and of which the dreamer must realize. If he is an unknown person, flowers will be the symbol of HIS beauty and inner riches of which he must be aware. The color of the flowers in these dreams is very important and will direct the image towards feelings of friendship and affection or towards love and passion.

Dreaming of giving away a bouquet of flowers – can be considered an offer of love, indicates the need to express one’s real feelings (love, friendship, union) or to show off in a relationship, to please the other (to the person to whom the flowers are given).

Dreaming of eating flowers – it can indicate the need to integrate the qualities that are attributed to flowers: freshness, beauty, youth (think of the expression of common use “the flower of youth”), and joy of living. While dreaming of eating fried pumpkin flowers or other fruit or vegetable flowers can highlight the symbolic aspects associated with these elements (e.g. fruitfulness for the pumpkin) or significant aspects of the dreamer’s experience.

Dreaming of flowers for a funeral – connects to the beauty and transience of life. Perhaps the dreamer is confronted with the inexorable passing of time and with the transformations of the body and the change in relationships. It may also allude to a separation in which feelings are still very much alive.

Dreaming of withered flowers – it is connected to a feeling that is exhausted, to motivations that have lost bite, to lack of physical vitality, depression, menopause or andropause.

Dream of dried flowers at the cemetery – it may indicate a memory that has faded away that does not give the same sensations that it no longer lives in the consciousness of the dreamer who no longer affects him. It can have a negative meaning when it shows the tendency not to honor the past and the experiences and relationships already lived.

Dream of a carnivorous flower – it can refer to a close person who absorbs the attention and resources of the dreamer, he can be a son or a lover, someone who loves himself but from whom it is good to distance himself or be aware of his voracious needs.

Dreaming of a broken flower – also this image can represent a sentimental offense, a suffered feeling, an interrupted relationship, a part of oneself (or a close person) sorrowful.

Dreaming of blossoming flowers – they are linked to delicate feelings that have yet to be expressed, to intentions “in nuce”, to kind thoughts, to ideas that can evolve and bring beauty and gratification in the life of the dreamer. They are also a symbol of virginity and ingenuity. We is used to say “It is a flower in bud” to indicate young, innocent, inexperienced people. Or “It is a flower that has just blossomed” when femininity and grace succeed shyness and childish forms.

Dreaming of flowers – as mentioned above, it alludes to tender and kind feelings, to very young people or to children.

Dream about spiny flowers – they refer to the ability and need to defend oneself or to the parts of oneself that keep others at a distance that need precise boundaries in interpersonal relationships.

Dreaming of growing flowers – this means that you have to take better care of your interests and yourself if you are not doing it right now. To dream of throwing a flower means that you have been the protagonists of a quarrel or a disappointment.

Dreaming of picking a flower – has ambivalent meanings, so either you need some protection or safety or you are ready to give this kind of attention to someone else.

Dreaming of giving or receiving flowers – this the full expression of the love and interest you feel towards someone, or a clear demonstration of affection on the part of those who go around them.

Dreaming of blossoming flowers – this a sign of birth, rebirth and ecstasy. Just as the butterfly takes flight once the chrysalis shell is broken, the blossoming flower marks the passage from one phase to another in which we can find new energy. The flower in dreams can thus more generally represent a novelty and a transformation always positive.

Dreaming withered flowers – this a sign of melancholy, sadness and bitterness. It is a dreamlike vision that can derive, perhaps, from something fake, like an unrequited love or a youth that seems by now too far away, or one can be the symbol of a relationship of any kind that is no longer lived with the same feeling.

Dreaming of fake flowers – can have a connection with a relationship that you live with yourself with respect to your personality or with the people who are close to you. Do you believe that someone is lying about the affection they feel? And are you sincere?

Dreaming of dried flowers – this a sign of a drying up of the relationship with the people who are by your side or your sensitivity.

Dreaming flowers with thorns or spikes – is a part of an interpretative symbolism whose meaning expresses negative feelings of aggression or defense.

Dreaming of cut flowers is the symbol of a sensitivity deeply touched in a negative sense, so it can reflect a disappointment or an individual suffering.

Dream of colorful flowers -the color of the flower we dream of represents in reality the color that reflects our personality. We can find ourselves in our dreamlike vision with red flowers in our hands that symbolize passionate and passionate love or yellow flowers, a symbol of jealousy.


The flower in dreams is a symbol of the human soul and of its tension towards the spirit, symbol of evolution, of the unfolding of the infinite possibilities of life, but also of the transience of matter.

Like butterflies, to which flowers resemble the beauty and variety of colors, even flowers can represent the souls of the dead and the passage from the world of manifestation to that of oblivion, renunciation, abandonment.