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Dreams About Food – Meaning and Interpretation

Food is an earthly, carnal, elementary symbol; it is the object of desire for a primary need that resides in the most primordial, reptilian regions of our brain.

Feeding for a living; eat with pleasure, in a healthy way, to live better.

However, this simplicity is completely apparent.

On its base, in fact, we build one of the pillars of our individual and social life. Eating has to do with accepting ourselves, reality and the people around us; it is an act rich in affective, playful, festive, convivial, comforting, but also libido-related connotations; “food” is the material projection of the satisfaction of the need to eat.

In today’s text we will present several interpretations of this dream, so hopefully you will find what you are looking for.

Fighting Symbolism in Cultures

We only think about what happens when our relationship with food is disturbed: millions of people suffer from overt psychological eating disorders: overeating, obesity, bad habits, or conversely obsession with diet, anorexia, and bulimia.

If we extend the count to that band that is only partially aware of it, or does not believe it has a real problem, we should probably add some zero to the total.

That’s why when food appears as a protagonist in our dreams, it tells us a lot about ourselves and our relationship with life, sometimes perhaps more than we would like; and it does so often in a brutal way, without going too far for the subtle, as we will see in some examples.

Those people who are taking care of their diet or are on a diet with the aim of losing weight tend to be the most likely to have these types of dreams.

It is much more common than you can think of dreaming about food, every day we are more aware of our eating habits and for this reason it is very likely to have dreams with food or meals that we eat every day.

We all commonly dream of different things every night, from simple or habitual things to strange things, that is why today we are going to try to explain and interpret the different meanings of dreams with food.

These meanings depend a lot on the contour or context in which the dream is developed or also its meaning can change completely depending on what we are eating.

Dreams about Fighting – Meaning

From a practical point of view, the intake of food represents, in a certain way, the incorporation of opinions, experiences, values, feelings different from the usual ones.

We would be talking, for example, about new experiences and situations different from those we have lived before.

If instead we are dreaming that we are hungry, but we do not get the food, that dream represents that we lack confidence in ourselves, to be able to fulfill ourselves and satisfy our personal needs.

For example, we do have intrigues or motivations, but we do not carry out those ideas; being able to indicate even sensations in certain way negative and pessimistic that we live in the day to day.

Let us not forget a fundamental aspect in dreams with food: in a basic way, the fact of dreaming about food, often represents simply and plainly, that we are hungry. For example if we are on a diet, if we have a craving, or even if we are thirsty … are fantasies that derive from a physiological need without more

The food in dreams, not always constitutes the central object of the fantasy but, they can be accessory elements, that related to some or other moments or people have some very peculiar meanings.

Therefore, we are going to analyze different dreams with food and its different meanings.

This dream represents an inner richness in the dreamer and is living a full life, full of experiences and internal spirituality. It is telling us that we have to “eat” our fears so that the subconscious expresses that inner richness and all that positivism that we carry inside.

We have prepared a specific article for you to know the interpretation of dreaming with meat, since this dream has many nuances and interesting aspects that you should take into account.

It is very probable that during the dream you get to see knives (you can consult the meaning of dreaming with knives), it is an indispensable tool to cut any piece of food.

Dreams about Fighting – Symbolism

Dream of good food that turns on your appetite – Positive dream. It indicates a certain vivacity and freshness of the relationship with oneself, a hunger for novelty that results in the search for pleasant experiences, linked to the expression and cultivation of the self. Sparkling libido, joyful, hungry to express itself and free from conditioning.

Dreaming of spoiled, moldy food – The situation “stinks”. Something that is considered a basic aspect of one’s life is stale, blocked, unsatisfactory, or has dragged on for too long. If it is fruit it could refer to an economic-working situation; if it is flesh, to sex life.

In general, low self-esteem and self-confidence; imprisoned, impotent libido.

Dreaming of disgusting, nauseating foods – Lunch is served. Excrements, indefinable mashes, smelly mash. If the dreamer is attracted to it can be the “symptom” of a certain taste of the forbidden due to repressions of the libido; if the reaction is disgust, or retching, maybe the problem is the physiological one of something that has remained on the stomach at dinner; if it is indifference, and it is consumed, it could be a sign of the need to reintegrate psychophysical energies.

Dream of repellent animals like food – In this case we could find served, on the table laden with our dreams, fried spiders, toads, worms, bedbugs, larvae, rats, and in general everything that personally causes us disgust. It is mostly a variation of one’s personal relationship with the forbidden, the fear and the desire to find oneself in an “upside down” situation, which forces one to get back into the game and rely only on oneself.

It is also significant to investigate what binds us to the specific type of animal (e.g. dreaming spiders as food takes on a different meaning between an arachnophobia and an arachnophile).

Dreaming of food with hair / dirt inside – Dream quite widespread, even in other variants such as grains of sand, earth, rubble, dust, etc. The predominant feeling is the annoyance and the consequent need to spit the morsel.

Something very unpleasant harasses the days of the dreamer “ruining” even the simplest pleasures of life.

Dreaming of unusual animals in form of food – Culturally, we mean animals outside the bovine-ovine-pig / poultry track, but that do not cause disgust. Dogs, cats, birds, but also rabbits and horses; the lion is very common.

It is an impulse of possession; possession of the characteristics of that beast. Translated, for human flesh (of a known person), it becomes a brutal sexual drive towards that person, perhaps completely denied by the dreamer to himself.

Dream of offering food – When we dream that they are offering us food and we reject it, this represents the desire to become independent that we have. In the workplace this may represent that you want to open your own company or business. This interpretation may change depending on the context of the dream and the state in which the food is found.

Dreaming of asking for food – This means that we still want to learn new knowledge to incorporate it into our abilities, it is a dream that reflects our desire to learn and our willingness to work hard to achieve success.

Dream about grabbing little food – If we dream that we only grab a little food (what we commonly call chopping) it means that we are hiding some secret.

Dreaming of eating food – If we dream that we are eating the food of the previous day it means that we have a resentment that we have stored in our hearts.

Dreaming of eating seafood – This means that sooner or later your bosses or superiors will recognize the effort you are making in your work and will be rewarded economically or with a promotion in your current job.

If we dream that we are eating food that is in poor condition means that you have resentments that are harming your emotional state.

When in the dream we find that we are eating in a fun environment, whether with friends, family or acquaintances, this means that your state is improving and that good times are approaching which you will have to take advantage of.

Dreaming of eating raw meat – When we dream of being eating foods that are raw, this is interpreted as future disappointments and suffering. Pay attention to your surroundings and do not trust anyone easily, you could take a big disappointment.

Dream of cooking food – this represents agreements and good deals. Whether this food that we cook is varied or not is very well known means that our life is a bit difficult or that we become a problem because of anything.

Dream of burning food – If we dream that we are cooking and the food comes out burned, we still have a lot of knowledge to acquire.

On the other hand, if what we cook goes without taste, it means that unpleasant things are approaching or something that we never expected.

We hope you find it useful to know the meaning of dreaming about food and you can get an interpretation that is as close to the reality of your dream.

As you have seen in the world of esotericism, we can have different interpretations for the same dream, write down any detail you see during the dream and try to discover its meaning.


The normal thing is that if we have dreams in which food appears or is related to food, it is caused by a sentimental motivation that probably is not satisfied.

That is to say, food represents the satisfaction of a certain anxiety, which often results from deficiencies in the affective environment.

That said, it is important to observe during dreams, aspects such as our performance in front of the food in the dream.

For example, if we eat it voluntarily or involuntarily, if we are hungry and we want food, if it is a specific food that we love or that we hate.