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Dreams About Friends – Interpretation and Meaning

Friends are an important part of our social life. Almost every person has a best friend or best friend, who at best stands aside with advice and deeds at all times and in every situation.

Without friends, life can be quite lonely. With them we share our most intimate thoughts, secrets and news, whether good or bad nature.

Already the Greek philosopher Aristotle once said: “Friendship that is a soul in two bodies.” – And exactly this statement applies also to the dream interpretation of the symbol friend.

In today’s text, we will try to help you find the perfect interpretation for your dreams and symbolism that lies behind it.

Dreams about Friends Symbolism in Cultures

To interpret your friends’ dreams, you first have to ask yourself what kind of relationship you have with this friend or girlfriend and what that person does in your own eyes, that is, what traits you are most likely to associate with that person.

Next, look at the context in which the friend or girlfriend appears in the dream.

Dreaming of a good friend can have two meanings. For one thing, they can simply symbolize the feelings or relationship that you have with your friend.

So if you have a harmonious dream of your best friend, it can simply be an indication that you have an important relationship with that person. I dream of my best friend because she cares about me. When women dream of their best friend, they can symbolically stand for their own partner.

A second interpretation goes a little deeper into your own psyche and requires a more or less well-developed ability of self-reflection. The good friend or the girlfriend are in the dream world for aspects of our personality. Depending on the degree of emotional attachment to this person, it symbolizes an inner balance or imbalance, that is, parts of one’s self that we reject.

For example, if we have a quarrel with a close friend in a dream, it can symbolically mean that we reject a certain part of our personality. If the friend behaves repellent in the dream, this can be a sign of self-doubt.

In general, this dream symbol is a positive image. The friends in the dream emphasize a certain part of our personality. For the most part, friends symbolize positive qualities that may want to find more expression in our personality.

For example, a usually shy person may dream of his extroverted best friend because he desires consciously or unconsciously to be more open. If one sees several friends in a dream, this can be an expression of the inner need for more socializing.

In order to understand such a dream, one must first think carefully about which qualities one connects with the person appearing in the dream and how one can project these on his own ego.

In the dream interpretation in Arabic, the friend in the dream can have a negative as well as a positive meaning. If you meet a friend in the dream, for example, this can be understood as a warning against ill-considered action or as a kind of cry for help.

On the other hand, seeing a friend who has already passed away means happiness in all circumstances. If friends die in a dream, you may soon get an important message.

Dreaming in the Persian area of one or more friends, sociable times are approaching. The fact that one dreams of a good friend or a good friend underlines here simply the importance or the value, which occupies that friend in his own life.

Friends are usually selected on the basis of aspects that more or less agree with their own attitude and character. With his friends one shares a large part of his views.

Sometimes, however, one chooses one’s friends exactly in the reverse order, because we value certain qualities in this person that are not present in ourselves.

So it is not surprising that friends in the dream emphasize a certain part of their own personality. The task of the dreamer is now to find out which part of our character the subconscious wants to play with this dream

. Once we have understood this, it is up to us to become aware of this quality and come to terms with it.

Dreams about Friends – Meaning

Friends are an inexhaustible resource, a treasure, as the well-known proverb says. Because the friend, the real one, supports us not only in joys, in positive situations, but also in the adversities and sorrows that are part of life.

On the friend you can always count and in him the trust that is placed is unconditional. Mutual understanding, respect, sharing of interests, complicity: these are the ingredients of a sincere and clean friendship, very rare and to be kept close when one is lucky enough to have “met” her.

This in reality, in everyday life. But in dreams? What does it mean to dream about friends? What are the feelings you feel? Positive or negative? What is the first thought that comes to mind that can be connected to them? The dreamlike image of friends is very recurrent, often due to a sort of envy or even competition, by virtue of their being more extroverted for example, and therefore due to the desire to emulate them in behavior. The “scenarios” that can be prefigured are the most disparate: let’s discover the different situations related to dreaming friends.

If we believe in the symbolism of dreams on the contrary, the dream images concerning a friend or a friend would be interpreted as a contrast, a disagreement. In reality, the meaning is not really negative: dreaming of friends highlights the need to be supported, to be protected.

It is also true that the friend in a dream symbolizes a sort of alter ego and therefore in him is to be recognized the dark part of the dreamer, who is not completely accepted. The figure of the friend is nevertheless comforting and this means that one is ready to face these “dark” aspects of one’s personality.

After the premise given above, let’s examine some of the different images related to dreaming about friends. Dreaming of distant friends, of childhood, or of school means being faced with memories that we hold within ourselves, relating to periods of our lives both positive and negative.

For example, that particular schoolmate who has dreamed can want to bring to mind a pleasant event, but also the not exactly idyllic relationship one had with him. In the latter case, the dream highlights a trauma that is not completely overcome.

Dreams about Friends – Symbolism

Dream about friends in general – It can often happen to dream about one’s friends, often this can derive from a state of rivalry, envy towards them, often our friendships always have something missing from us, maybe they are more extroverted, more enterprising and so away and sometimes it is precisely for this reason that we choose them as friends.

What does it mean to dream a friend or a friend? How do you feel about them both in everyday life and in your dream vision? What are your feelings? Positive or negative? What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about them? Are you missing a friend of yours? Did he make you a bad one and are you angry with her? Let’s see some examples of the interpretation of dreams to follow.

Dream about kissing a friend – Dreaming of a friend who kisses you can simply be the demonstration of the affection you feel for that person or that in any case that friend or friend tries for you, therefore his loyalty, and his honesty towards you.

In the opposite case, it could symbolize the betrayal of that person, so he may have betrayed your trust and your friendship, as always give importance to the sensations you feel during the dream. You are not interested “romantically” in this person, are you?

Dreaming of a sad friend – Dreaming of a sad friend can highlight the fact that he is going through a difficult time or in any case you have realized that something is upsetting your friend.

When you have a very strong bond with your friend it is common to dream about things or circumstances that affect your life, what you are experiencing or going through, this is due to the close contact that exists between both.

Dreaming of friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time – this can also have another interpretation: to ask oneself about you as a person, about one’s goals, those achieved and those not yet achieved. And still this dream can be derived from a sense of nostalgia for the past, perhaps linked to remorse or regret.

Finally, another explanation is that which is connected to financial problems.

Dreaming of friends who died (or wounded friends) – is closely connected to changes (and in fact the death event is linked to a change). This means that there will be a change in the life of the friend, but also and above all in the relationship between him and the dreamer.

Dreaming more friends who die – this could be the symbol of a detachment that is felt by the usual group of friends of which one is a part, and this for the different choices of life carried out or for disagreements in progress with the subjects dreamed.

Dreaming of deceased friends – this indicates that the memory of them still vivid in the mind of the dreamer. If the death has taken place after a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to the words spoken in a friend’s dream, because they are a symptom of a positive or negative event that is about to come. And the positivity or negativity of it depends precisely on what is reported or on the gestures used.

Dream about friend in animal form – If dream friends present themselves in the form of animals, it is likely that enemies will intrude between the dreamer and his friends, trying to end the friendship.


Dreams about friends are certainly interesting and can be hiding a lot of symbolism behind them.

Therefore, interpret every dream individually and learn what each symbol means, before you come to a conclusion.