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Dreams About Funerals – Meaning and Interpretation

Death is a natural passage that the cycle of life sooner or later finds itself having to perform. When this happens, we try to rework it through the funeral and burial rite. Until recently, close to ours, the funeral was much feared and the people, during the last farewell to the deceased, tried to execute a specific code of conduct with which to keep away the soul of the dead.

Dreaming of a funeral can have a double interpretative value and to understand which of the two meanings belongs to the dreamer must pay particular attention to details and moods experienced during this vision.

On the one hand, in fact, the funeral contains several negative and badly auspicious elements that could predict misfortunes of various kinds, unfounded slanders from which to protect oneself and the possibility that a loved one will soon pass away.

On the other hand, instead, it could signal, reassure and confirm the possibility of doing good business, of receiving a legacy that will bring much happiness in the family and the end of attacks from people openly hostile.

Specifically, dreaming of a funeral with spandrels promises the dreamer or the dreamer a cheap economic marriage without neglecting the emotional side as it promises harmony and serenity to newlyweds.

The meaning remains negative if the protagonist of the dream funeral is the sleeper himself who, whether he is buried or accidentally falls into the funeral pit, will have to face obstacles coming from untrustworthy people.

To conclude, on a psychological level it is very likely that the dreamer has entered a phase in which he will bid farewell to some elements of his personality, relegating them to the youthful past.

Funerals Symbolism in Cultures

Although death seems omnipresent in the media, man is confronted with his own mortality in a particularly intense manner in the face of a dead person.

Anyone who stands on the deathbed or grave of a man does not only consider the meaning of the deceased’s life and what future the deceased is prepared for. It is always about the question of what meaning and what future your own life has.

Therefore, experiencing the death of others is one of the existential challenges of human beings.

The death of a person is not only a cause for mourning for one’s own relatives, it is also a social event. The death of a Christian also always affects the whole church according to the words of the apostle Paul: “When a member suffers, all the members suffer” (1 Cor 12:26). Against the social tendencies of increasing privatization, individualization and familiarization of many burials, the church maintains that a church funeral is not private, but a worship in which the parish is to participate.

Because man is dignified beyond death, out of respect for the individuality of each person, the Church considers it necessary that the grave of each deceased be given his name. In memory of Jesus’ death and burial, the Church strongly recommends the funeral of the corpse as its primary form.

However, it does not prohibit cremation unless it is chosen for reasons contrary to the Christian belief in resurrection.

For very different reasons, at the end of the celebration at the grave the lowering of the coffin into the grave in some places is no longer common. One of the reasons is that the momentary pain that is felt is to be avoided. This eliminates the power of the rite for the bereavement process. By lowering the coffin, the reality of (spatial) separation and loss becomes clear.

Therefore, the German Bishops’ Conference strongly recommends that the coffin be lowered into the grave in the presence of the mourners because the mourners in the community of solidarity of the community are thus saved and not left to their own devices.

Dreams about Funerals – Meaning

For the purposes of a correct interpretation it can be very useful to remember whether in the dream the celebrated funeral was sumptuous and gaunt, if the people present lived in a detached manner.

In these cases, in fact, one could think of an awareness on the part of one who dreams of what no longer has any use. The funeral is strongly linked to one’s life, to one’s emotions and his presence reveals the end of the latter and, in particular of a love, a friendship or at least a feeling.

Unlike what one might imagine, the funeral represents the future, as opposed to the past gone. His celebration marks the end of our sufferings and worries and the beginning of a spiritual and physical rebirth. The funeral is emblematic of the end of a relationship and its acceptance as well as of any relationship that no longer has any reason to exist.

Only rarely, therefore, is it to be considered as an omen of death and, among other things, in the dream phase it presupposes the presence of specific conditions mentioned above.

Obviously, and this is true for all dreams, when his presence becomes frequent and rather insistent, we must investigate the state of health of his own psyche.

Very often, in fact, in the presence of a recurring dream, with such marked symbolism, depressive states and existential crises can be hidden that reveal a vision of one’s own pathological and self-destructive life.

Dreams about Funerals – Symbolism

Dream of father’s funerals – When the dreaming sees in his sleep, as the father dies and the dream symbol “father’s burial” appears, this symbolizes a replacement of the father figure.

Over time, the affected person has been placed in the care of the father and is now ready to stand on his own two feet and explore the world himself.

Dreaming of granny and grandpa’s funeral – Behind the dream image “funeral grandmother”, when the grandmother dies and is buried, hiding the hint that it is time to say goodbye to old principles.

The same applies to the dream symbol “Funeral Grandpa”. Here the death of the grandfather stands for the separation of superfluous experiences.

Funeral of the daughter: shock dream for parents – The funeral of the daughter and the accompanying previous death of the daughter, is by no means to be seen as a dark premonition.

Rather, behind it may be conflicts with their own daughter, but in a parent-child relationship but are completely normal. So there is no need to worry! Incidentally, the same applies to the dreamed death of the son.

Dreams about sister’s funeral – According to the general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “funeral sister” represents a warning to the dreaming person: their situation may deteriorate in the near future. Be sure to take the right precautions to maintain your current standard of living and health.

Dream about brother’s funeral – Troubled times and bad developments can be announced when dreaming of the funeral of the brother.

At the same time, such a dream can also point to a growing alienation from the brother. Perhaps the right moment has come to pay more attention to the brother.

Dream about aunt’s funeral – The dream image “funeral aunt” is in the dream interpretation as a symbol, which embodies the processing of the loss of an expected profit. The dreamer may have hoped for financial gains, but they have not. The funeral of the aunt signals the processing of this experience.

Dream about uncle’s funeral – If the sleeping person says goodbye to his uncle as part of a funeral dream, she may soon receive some sad news that can lead to family disputes. In addition, the sleeping person in the watch world should beware of malicious competitors and adversaries

Dream about wife’s funeral – If the wife’s funeral is seen in the dream world and you yourself remain as a widower or widow, the wishes and expectations that you have in the watch world are currently in danger. You may also be afraid of the responsibility that can result from past experiences.

Dream about husbands funeral – Who dreams of the funeral of the husband, is certainly at first unsettled.

However, with the dream symbol of the dead husband being buried, quite positive things are related.

On the one hand, such a dream symbolizes changes and developments in a relationship, on the other hand, it is likely to solve the problem in the partnership.

Dream about partner’s funeral – Different interpretations allows a dream in which one has seen the dream image “funeral partner”.

If the partner dies and is aware of the death of the partner as well as his burial in the dream world, changes in life are imminent, which can be very diverse, whereby also the own partner can be affected.

Dream about friend’s funeral – If the dreamer encounters the dream symbols “funeral girlfriend” or “funeral friend”, a phase of life is about to begin, which is initiated by a new orientation. It is important to pay attention to the exact details at the funeral of a friend: Which friend has died? Was it a good friend? What emotions were felt at the death of the friend and at the funeral?

Dream of a funeral of someone you know – When, instead, the subject of the funeral is recognized by the dreamer, the meaning changes; participating in the funeral of an acquaintance, in most cases, indicates feelings of jealousy and envy that have been experienced with respect to that person.

One is perhaps stuck in a real conflict with him, and the will to remove it is translated through the funeral image.

Dream of a funeral of a child – It is a particularly strong image, often accompanied by a veiled sense of guilt for having conceived it in a dream; it is a very precise modality through which the dreamer is warned of the beginning of a given process of maturation, the death of the child is effectively the death of the immature and childish component of one’s Ego, from which one is progressively detaching oneself.

Dreaming of a happy funeral – It also happens to participate dreamily in a funeral in which the guests do not shed the slightest tear, rather they indulge in solace and flashes of sudden happiness, laughing.

Beyond the macabre effect that Francisco Goya would have liked so much, the symbol has a fully positive value: the death of old habits, routines and compromises is serenely accepted by the individual, who sees the change that awaits him willingly ( note the positive elements that can yield from a funeral, such as the money of a will or other).


In the life of each of us, aspects continually die, change, transform, and change their forms, and each phase or transition step must necessarily be accompanied, precisely by a ritual that sanctions the end with dignity.

Here, then, the funeral in dreams is a modality by which the unconscious informs us of the awareness of what has been lost, helping us to bury it, to let it finally go away.