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Dreams About Garlic – Meaning and Symbolism

Garlic is now known to help everyone stay healthy: strengthening the heart, protecting the skin, antibiotics and much more.

In ancient times, due to its shape and its many parts it was often seen as a symbol of fertility; because of its smell it was seen as a specific protection against witches.

Dreams About Garlic – Meaning

For many people, garlic may not be missing in the kitchen and in the preparation of various dishes.

Others, on the other hand, shy away from him like a vampire, who panics at the sight of garlic.

And indeed, some theses say that the highly odoriferous plant was already used in the Middle Ages for eviction and protection against witches, evil spirits and vampires.

For this purpose, a garlic bulb was worn around the neck like a talisman – which at the same time was supposed to protect against all sorts of bad illnesses.

In the present time, however, garlic is one of the favorites in the kitchen. Especially in countries around the Mediterranean, he cannot miss the preparation of almost all dishes. As a spice, the bulbous tuber is very much appreciated.

But if you want to enjoy it, the after-effects of this enjoyment are usually not spared: the smell, which is perceived by many people as very unpleasant. This is caused by the sulfuric allicin contained in garlic. Well-known remedies for this distinctive smell are milk or ginger.

However, garlic also exudes through the skin, so that sensitive people can already perceive this close to us, without opening our mouths.

How does garlic appear as a dream image and how is it interpreted in the dream interpretation? The dream image “garlic” represents in the general dream interpretation a quite positive symbol. If one dreams as a healthy person of the white tuber, it promises also for the future good and happy times.

If, on the other hand, the dreaming is sick and sees garlic in his dreams, this promises him a speedy recovery from his illness.

Depending on the exact dream content, however, the positive image of the garlic is not exclusively associated with positives. If one perceives the smell of garlic in his dream world, this warns us of failures and failed undertakings.

Also, one should exercise caution in dealing with other people, because here is the opportunity to be victims of gossip.

If you walk through a garlic field in a dream, the general dream interpretation sees this dream situation as an indication that one has soon overcome financial hardships and can count on wealth and recognition.

If the dreaming consumes garlic in his dream world, he is most likely a very conscious and healthy person in the awake life who does not tend to reverie, but always acts rationally and remains on the ground of the facts.

However, if the smell of garlic in the dream is clearly perceptible and intrusive, one should expect that in the near future dispute might be in the air.

On the psychological level, the dream interpretation sees the dream image “garlic” as a sign of protection and good health. Also fertility is an aspect that is closely associated with garlic, which is mainly due to its form and divisibility in individual toes.

So who dreams of garlic, should put special emphasis on his mental and physical health. If you strike the bridge to the protective properties of the healthy tuber, this may raise the question for the dreaming, what he should protect himself from, or what he thinks he needs to protect himself.

Among other things, garlic strengthens the heart and has a detoxifying effect. In terms of the psychological perspective of the dream analysis, the dreaming can understand this as an indication to protect himself emotionally and to take good care of his heart at the soul level.

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dream image of garlic is symbolic of magic and is conducive to spiritual development.

Dreams About Garlic – Symbolism

According to some interpreters, it is even a symbol of tears. And these tears can be caused by any reason, even the most insignificant. If this dream is made by a man, it means disappointments for serious things.

On the other hand, according to some interpreters, if a man sees garlic in his dream, it means that he will soon marry a very beautiful woman.

In some cases, the dream garlic can be interpreted as an omen of a disease for both the dreamer and the family. Nothing serious, but be careful of small wounds and blows and colds.

Therefore it is better to pay more attention to one’s health and that of one’s family.

According to other interpreters, if a single young woman sees garlic in her dream it means that she will marry very soon. But it is worth saying that this will be a marriage of economic convenience and not for convinced and full love.

It is therefore advisable not to rush to conclusions because it will be unlikely to be happy in life and especially with a marriage of this type.

Garlic in dreams- this plant has always been used in the kitchen as a condiment but many benefits are attributed to it, not only medical but also spiritual. Tradition tells of the “repellent” properties against negativity in all its forms, in fact this popular belief often influences the interpretations of the dream.

However, oneiric garlic could symbolize a powerful amulet, a symbol of protection, or it still means fertility, abundance, and reflects positivity.

What does it mean to dream of garlic? Could symbolize your need for protection, someone makes life impossible for you and try to shield you as you can, alternatively it could reflect a peaceful and prosperous period.

Dreaming so much garlic- you don’t feel very safe, you feel the strong need for protection, attention, the excessive need for protection can lead to paranoia, fear of going out alone, and fear of interacting with people…

To dream of raw garlic- either fresh or not cooked, it could reflect your need for protection, a thought born recently, something has upset you and you have begun to be afraid.

Dreaming of eating raw garlic- perhaps you have not been well recently, we link back to the figure of garlic as a food with multiple beneficial properties, you feel the need to feel better, to purify yourself. Eating garlic in your dream indicates a family quarrel.

According to others, it represents the realistic nature of loving. The dreamer seeks certainties rather than sentimental loves.

If you are single and you dream of eating garlic, it may indicate that you will soon fall in love with a very romantic partner. Things will go very well and will proceed quite quickly.

If you are already engaged in a relationship, this dream means that things in the couple will progress and evolve positively: for example, if you are not already married, the marriage may soon come to an end. This dream could also refer to good health for the future.

Dream garlic cloves- they could symbolize a positive period where you will be able to overcome various obstacles.

Dreaming of getting garlic- someone is worried about you, try to express your interest in it.

Dreaming of garlic and onion- these two bulbous plants together symbolize so much luck, fertility and wealth, a great period awaits you.

Dreaming of minced garlic- perhaps your attempts to protect you by any means has failed, something bigger is putting you to the test, resist!

Dreaming of smelling garlic- it could herald a danger, something is approaching and your unconscious has already figured out what…


In general, garlic can be seen as a symbol of change both in the personal and professional sphere.

This dream can also symbolize one’s position in society, in particular changes in this area. Persian tradition indicates that garlic in dreams is a good omen on many levels, including health, social position and business.

In this case, garlic is seen as the sign of self-confidence necessary for the performance of daily activities.

Eastern tradition indicates that garlic is an omen of bad habits, calumnies, gossips and quarrels. In the Western tradition, on the other hand, it is an omen of bad luck and possible losses related to one’s work.

On the other hand, dreaming of a garlic necklace indicates the success and luck in one’s business and profession. Dreaming of many means that we will start fighting against our enemies.

This fight will end in victory, if you bind the garlics in a bunch. Dreaming of a clove of garlic indicates protection against certain dangers. Some obstacles will be overcome.

According to an old interpretation, to dream of a completely white garlic suggests that you will find something precious that you had lost a long time ago. The dream of garlic and onion together is a good omen of luck in all areas.