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Dreams About Getting Married – Interpretation and Meaning

In dreams, marrying contains the meaning of a commitment, a bond that is established with ourselves, our partner, or our partner. Symbol of responsibility, joy, sadness, jealousy and maturity, each in cases unlike one another.

What does it mean to dream of getting married? Dreaming of getting married with a person, as we have seen and will see again, differs in many situations, to the point that this dream vision can also represent the association with more sides of our personality.

Dreams about Getting Married – Meaning

Among the most classic dream images, especially for young girls, there is certainly marriage, so that dreaming of getting married can become a recurring appointment, every time you fall asleep in the arms of Morpheus, the dear god of sleep.

But this kind of dream should not be misleading, as its meaning is not as obvious as one might think.

Certainly, dreaming of marriage, on a psychological level, can put on the table a deep desire on the part of those who aspire to seal their love with all rituals, civil or religious.

However, dreaming of getting married is not just typical of a single woman and, even in this case, it does not always have the meaning described above. Marriage, in fact, in terms of dream symbolism, represents a new beginning, which can be a job or even a transfer.

Not only that, because marriage can also reflect our particular emotional condition.

For example, you may dream of getting married to someone who is experiencing a period of anxiety about an unexpected change or a situation that sees us in front of the unknown.

Exactly like the bride or groom (because obviously dreaming of getting married is not the only prerogative of women) they are invested with the classic doubts and question marks about what a life together as husband and wife means, in the same way who dreams of being the protagonist of a marriage, can see with so many uncertainties about the future.

It is also important to understand whether in the dream we recognize the person we are marrying or we have a complete stranger beside us.

In the first case it means that we have in mind the projects we want to bring to completion (let us remember that marriage is actually the union of two halves, but it can also mean that we are close to reaching a fixed goal), while in the second it is necessary pay attention to some details.

Getting married to someone you don’t know isn’t necessarily negative, but it can mean two different things.

One is that we face an unknown factor (if we are women, the positive or negative feeling that the future husband gives us also determines how we feel about the new situation we are experiencing), the other is that we cannot do to live our needs or all the nuances of our being clearly.

As mentioned, marriage represents the union of two people or two poles. Dreaming of marrying a stranger is like admitting that we don’t know each other enough or that there are parts of us that we can’t control or accept.

In the same way, to perceive that in a dream we are marrying someone we do not love, it means that we have kept submerged feelings and feelings that now ask to go out.

On the contrary, a happy marriage means that we are doing the path of life that we like and that makes us effectively satisfied and at ease with ourselves.

Union of masculine and feminine, of reason and sentiment, of will and Imagination, opposing elements present in each of us: this is very positive, because it announces a phase rich in ideas and creativity. A new situation, a new phase of your life, perhaps experienced with a little anxiety. A good deal that goes well.

Need to keep faith with the commitments made: perhaps you have duties to be observed towards the person you dream of marrying.

Positive relationship with a person who makes you feel good. For example, if you dream of marrying your father, your brother, or your friend, that is the close connection you have with them.

Dreams about Getting Married – Symbolism

Dreams about getting married symbolizes the nostalgic attachment to one’s past, whose meaning highlights the difficulty of accepting and facing the problems of everyday life. There is also the possibility that the current relationship has similarities with past ones.

Dreaming of getting married in a black suit – could represent the mourning of a bride, and therefore have an extremely negative explanation. See the meaning of black color in dreams.

Dreaming of getting married in a white dress – has all the meaning of purity that can be had. See the meaning of white color in dreams.

Dreaming of getting married – can mean the possibility of a new life, a new idea, or a new project. It certainly contains a message and a completely positive symbolism.

Dreaming of getting married at Christmas – can encapsulate the desire to review all of their affections and more or less intimate ties together, perhaps gathering a little more attention, but this clearly depends on the cases.

Dreaming of getting married in a hurry – unlike the cases, the dream vision can convey two different messages, whether you are in a hurry in a general sense to do and organize things; whether perhaps you would need to hurry and be timelier. this is something that depends on your everyday life, how it is lived and what worries you or not.

Dreaming of getting married without shoes – can be a psychological and non-psychological situation.

Dreaming of getting married without the groom – can be connected to a situation where there seems to be everything one needs in a relationship, but at the same time, something crucial seems to be missing.

Dreaming of getting married with anguish – if you are not married the symbology presents different possibilities of interpretation; you are worried about yourself; you are afraid of losing your freedom; feel a sense of oppression; feel that your personality is being challenged by marriage. If you marry instead, it is possible that you have second thoughts about married life.

Dreaming of getting married with your fiancé – the meaning of this dream vision can represent the desire of the dreamer.

Dreaming of getting married again with the same person – it means that one is aware that a choice has been made that conditions the development of the personality and of one’s life.

Dreaming of getting married to a stranger, if you are not married – it is likely that you are about to take, or you have made an important decision bearing in mind the consequent responsibility, but even the hidden desire to have a family can be the reason.

If you are married instead, it means that you are thinking about your marriage and perhaps you are not entirely convinced of the choice you have made, especially during marital divergences. Another possible interpretation of this symbology, in psychology according to Jung, to marry a stranger in dreams is tantamount to wanting to absorb the characteristics of this person who does not know himself in his own way of being.

Dream of getting married to your present husband – If you dream of getting married to the same person you are currently married with, this shows the solidity and goodness of your union. So, if an already married man dreams of remarrying with his wife, for the second time, it is a very positive dream.

Dreaming of getting married to a stranger – If you dream of getting married to a stranger, or a person you cannot see, to understand who he is, it means that probably, as already mentioned, you need to find harmony and union with aspects of your personality that you find difficult to accept and accept inside you, and maybe you have to try to explore and get to know better.

Dreaming of getting married with the former – If you dream of marrying your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband / wife, this may mean that you understand what was wrong with that relationship and that you won’t make the same mistakes.

However, it can also indicate that some aspects of the character of your / your ex you still like and look for them in your current romantic relationships.

Dreaming of a combined, forced, unwanted marriage – arranged marriage, forced You must marry by force with an unloved person; you feel unhappy and feel anguish, go to the altar reluctantly; in the end you say no, and run away.

If you dream of being forced to marry, it probably indicates that in your life you feel forced to take steps that are too big for you; maybe you don’t feel ready for certain responsibilities, or there is someone who forces you to do things you don’t want to do.

Dreaming of getting married with a black suit, black shoes – If you dream that your wedding dress is white, it expresses both your inner purity and the newness that is happening to you.

If, on the other hand, your wedding dress is black, or you have a white dress and black shoes, this indicates that you are not comfortable, that you are not happy with the situation you are experiencing. If you dream of getting married in a red, orange, pink, yellow dress…. see the meaning of the single color to understand what it can mean.

Dreaming of the marriage of other people (of a relative, a friend / friend, etc.) – If you dream that a friend or relative (brother, sister, son, etc.) or even strangers get married, be careful how the ritual proceeds: everything goes smoothly? Or are unexpected events happening? And besides, how do you feel? happy? worried? sad?

If marriage does not proceed well, or if you have negative feelings, there is probably something that is not going well in your life. If everything runs smoothly and you are happy, then a new phase of your life is approaching, there will be changes.


There are really so many dreams concerning marriage; dreaming of getting married, as is obvious, can indicate the desire to unite forever with your loved one or, if you are single, to find a stable and lasting bond.

If you are about to get married, this dream can often arise, and betray a bit of normal stress due to preparations.

However, this dream may have more symbolic meanings, because it also happens to people who are already married, or who do not think of marriage at all.

Need to unify and harmonize opposing tendencies of your personality.

Dreaming of getting married therefore indicates the need to “come to terms” even with what you find difficult to accept of yourself, to reach a profound harmony that allows you to be a more complete, rich, balanced person.