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Dreams About Getting or Being Lost – Meaning and Interpretation

Dream of getting lost and then finding your way back, are dreams that often appear. This means that even if you find yourself in a state of confusion and indecision, you will be able to achieve the results that you originally set for yourself. It will not be a simple path, but you can do it without too many problems, after all.

If instead you dream of getting lost with the car, it means that third parties will be able to meddle in your search for possible solutions to a problem that has been haunting you for some time.

But be careful, the thing rather than a solution to the problem, could bring others, for you or for those you try to involve.

In today’s text we will discuss the meaning of dreams about being and getting lost and how they can influence our real world.

Getting or Being Lost Symbolism in Cultures

Whether in a crowd, on a deserted street or in one’s dreams, getting lost, being lost or confusing the traces of one’s passage within a place, so as not to be able to reconstruct their origin and direction, is an experience charged with meaning and above all imbued with enormous anxiety.

The feeling of groping, literally, within a space that we do not know, without a path already traced previously within our memory, engenders in our psyche a real inner bewilderment; the loss of each space-time coordinate thus translates into a whirling wander that resembles a real instability of one’s body compared to other surrounding objects.

In fact, a place never seen, known or explored, appears before us as an enormous canvas on which symbols that we do not know are depicted, which we do not know how to interpret and therefore read, for this reason, the loss becomes a source of anxiety and disturbance.

This experience, in the dream world, is often and willingly, in fact, associated with a nightmare and the level of emotional commitment is so high, that the dreamer is almost always led to wake up in the middle of the night and try to comfort himself by examining in detail the place in which is found.

Scito te ipsum, this is one of the most ancient maxims that our Western history has tried to convey to us since the 7th century BC; the warning is clear, we must try to get to know each other as much as possible in order to dominate ourselves, our course, our choices, so that we can decide our destiny, taking full advantage of all the great privileges, as well as the enormous responsibilities, which they come from our free will.

And the same maxim is translated into an image, during sleep, through dream-like loss; losing one’s way and finding oneself in the middle of an unknown place, during a dream, is equivalent to having lost oneself during daytime life, or in any case the inability to dominate the chaotic magmatic matter of the external and real world. It is as if the dreamer perceived reality as something irreparably pluralistic, without its own internal logic, without a red thread to follow, able to connect its extremities, if it possessed them.

More specifically, this dream image can be considered the metaphor of a real condition in which the dreamer perceives himself as a drifting individual, fearfully carried away by the course of events, without a specific objective to pursue, or without the latter be clear, or without the appropriate tools to pursue it.

Moreover, all this can also denote a certain level of disorganization in the life of the dreamer, disorder of a psychic or objective type, difficulty in implementing appropriate strategies of action and response to external impulses; getting lost in places of our dreams puts you in direct contact with the areas of human experience in which we feel lost, or that we have not sufficiently explored: emotions, feelings, abstract reasoning, concrete experiences.

Dreams about Getting or Being Lost – Meaning

Dreaming of getting lost while walking along an unknown road, or wandering aimlessly through the fog, perhaps in a cemetery, are undoubtedly all dreams with strong psychological connotations.

The dream image that is postponed by our unconscious reproduces the feelings of anguish and concern of those who dream, with respect to which they probably feel they have no reference points. But what does it mean, in fact, to dream of getting lost?

What does it mean to dream of getting lost? The dream, in general, realizes the attempt of our unconscious to resolve fears and anxieties, proposing again to us during sleep what in reality worries us and putting us in spite of ourselves in front of those same problems from which we try to escape from awake.

The dream is in fact typical of periods of particular confusion of the dreamer, due to affective or professional questions, to insecurity and lack of confidence in his own abilities, perhaps due to his contingent or character mental and emotional disorganization.

The distressing tones that often take on this kind of dream can in some cases come to have the intensity of a real nightmare, in which those who dream, see themselves threatened by the most improbable dangers or by the disturbing presence of someone who pursues him or threat.

This is a dream of compensation, through which our deepest part puts us in front of those aspects from which, consciously, we try to escape, forcing us to a sort of forced reflection on what it believes is distressing us at that moment!

In dreams, getting lost has a strong psychological meaning. Getting lost in dreams means that we have lost our way by losing all points of reference. The dreamlike interpretation of this symbol brings us back to emotions and feelings of anxiety and concern.

Whoever finds himself doing this dream is usually a person who tries to control the fears and anxieties he is afflicted by. Therefore our unconscious puts us to the test by proposing again to us what in reality worries us making us understand that we cannot escape from the problems that loom. Groping in the dark without knowing what choice to make and often with a weight on your shoulders is a problem that afflicts many dreamers.

What does it mean to dream of being lost? Our dream dictionary offers us different situations and places where you get lost in dreams. All have the same meaning that is interpreted with insecurity and low self-confidence.

Sometimes only the place where you find yourself changes and this can be an important thing to interpret the dream, in fact, where we get lost, the problem to be solved will be hidden.

Often the relationship as well as the actions that are carried out can also be the focus of the problem. Make it clear where you are going, where your life takes you and if you are sure of the choices you make. Asking friends and relatives for advice can help but if you do not take your deeper self into consideration, in dreams you will wander once again into nothingness.

Dreams about Getting or Being Lost – Symbolism

Dreaming of going along a road, dark and unknown to you – in this particular case the dream shows that you believe, rightly or wrongly, totally unable to make decisions about something or someone, or that the ones you have already taken will turn out to be wrong, and, alas, maybe they will be.

Dream of getting lost in a forest – the “location” of the dream represents fear of the unknown and anxiety for one’s future. It is a frequent dream vision in moments of anguish and for which it is useful to refer to the family relationships of which we have already spoken previously. Asking for help and comfort from a friend or family member can certainly help us get through the moment.

Dream of getting lost in a big city that you do not know – you feel you have no reference point to rely on and this exposes you to the risk of losing the right direction.

You can only count on your strengths, therefore strength and courage, you can do it.

Dream of getting lost in a house – the place clearly shows a family context. It could be the alarm bell that warns us of problems that have remained unresolved up until now at a point where they need a solution. Try to make your mind local, because it will be good to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Dream of getting lost in a hospital – your insecurity and the mental confusion you are experiencing prevent you from cultivating and living your life to the full, you need to feel good and alive again. Try to make all the necessary countermeasures complete.

Dream of getting lost at sea – the sea represents discovery. Thus losing one in the sea takes on the meaning of not being able to find the direction to be able to carry out those new experiential adventures whose need is felt. Adjust the course, then.

Dream of getting lost at night – this dream is surely the harbinger of a bad moment you are going through.

You feel that you are thrown into trouble or in a situation from which you fear you will not be able to get out unscathed. Strength and courage. You can do it, just be constant and have the right amount of perseverance.

Dream of getting lost on a cemetery – the cemetery refers to a dreamlike image of an unresolved relationship with its past. It can also refer to feelings of loneliness, failure or lack present in those who dream.

It reveals an emotional disorder of the dreamer who prefers to remain anchored exclusively to the things that are familiar to him.


From an emotional and psychological point of view, the dream reminds us of the insecurity and low self-esteem of those who dream.

The place where you get lost is important to fully understand the message of the unconscious of those who dream, representing the area of investigation on which to concentrate research.

In this “treasure” hunt, however, it is only by following all the indications that it will be possible to reach the secret place where the “treasure chest” is buried. And sometimes for the company it is necessary to resort to the collaboration of a friend or family member.