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Dreams About Hair – Meaning and Interpretation

Since ancient times they have been characterized by a profound symbolism, which sees in them strength, energy, vitality, and specifically seduction for women and virility for men. And today, in modern culture, bright and flowing hair is a symbol of health, charm and youth.

But what does it mean to dream about hair? In light of what has just been emphasized, this dream image must be linked to the role played by the dreamer in society, to its power, to its “stand out” among others.

And in fact, even if one draws on mythology, it will be found that princes and heroes were represented with long and thick foliage, to accentuate their authority and dignity: just think of Samson, a character of the Bible of extraordinary vigor, who loses his strength when Dalila, who betrays him, cuts his hair.

In addition to this meaning, hair in dreams can represent a sort of “extension” of one’s thoughts, of one’s own ideas: combing them and taking care of them denotes the dreamer’s creativity, on the contrary cutting or tearing them indicates the need to “eliminate” harmful thoughts and recurring ideas.

Dreams about Hair – Meaning

The social role, strength, power, influence on others are all qualities expressed by the symbol of hair in dreams.

So that to dream of losing your hair, or hair in dreams that are cut, can indicate the loss of important and vital qualities for the person: dignity and virile power, beauty and youth, ability to seduce, safety, authority.

The symbolism of hair in dreams is connected to the vital and magical meanings that have been attributed to them since ancient times: hair concentrates the positive qualities of the person, but above all strength, courage, authority.

In the myths and fables Gods, princes and heroes were represented with long flowing hair to emphasize their dignity, nobility, power.

Samson, a biblical character with prodigious strength and long hair, is betrayed and deprived of all strength by Dalila who cuts his hair. The action of cutting the hair is attributed a ritual meaning that sanctions a change: of status, age, luck, image.

Consider the ritual of the first haircut of a child in some cultures (e.g. Islam), the shaving of the monks, that of the soldiers, or shaving as a sign of penitence, of renouncing one’s current condition.

Think of the suffragettes who cut their hair to rebel against the traditional female role and claim their rights and, even today, the shaves that characterize youthful groups such as skinheads or punks.

Another example of the importance of hair in the collective imagination of all ages and cultures is the magic potions of love or death, the ancient and modern witchcraft rituals that require the hair of the person one wants among the ingredients. to make someone fall in love or to have a curse.

The meaning of hair in dreams, long or short, dark or completely white, strong, colored, worn, shaved or styled must be sought in this sense of totality and strength, in this element of distinction and immediate information, very present also in the modern culture where, thick and shiny hair is in man index of health, youth, virility, in women sex appeal and beauty, charm, seduction.

Cutting or losing hair in dreams represents the loss of qualities linked to power and dignity, to virile power, beauty, youth, ability to seduce. They are images that arouse much anxiety and agitation, because they are connected to the primary selves, to the parts of the personality that like to give a precise, authoritative, dignified, “beautiful” image, that they love “to be seen”.

Hair in dreams can also be associated with thoughts and fantasies that arise from the head: cutting or tearing them will reflect the need to eradicate recurring and fixed ideas, negative and no longer useful thoughts, comb them and treat them creativity, imagination and self-care.

The images with hair in dreams are endless, the situations in which they arise, the colors, the feelings they give are linked to the personal experience of the dreamer, to his growth and also to the care he has received, consequently, these dreams will have to be analyzed starting also from their family-cultural background, from their idea of ​​respectability and beauty, from the pleasure or disgust that hair in dreams or in reality provoke.

Dreams about Hair – Symbolism

In dreams, hair, as in reality, is a symbol of strength, beauty and vitality. They can also be interpreted as the extension of thoughts according to the dream represented.

Our books on dreams make references to a profound and profuse symbolism of hair that draws on an enormous amount of information from myth, ancient Greece, Egypt, Babylon and other important cultures. Let us now look at this information gathered by millet specialists and psychologists, what they brought to the analysis of the meaning of this recurring dream in all cultures.

Dreaming of hair that breaks – following this dream it is very probable that you feel mentally or physically very tired or in any case not completely fit.

Another possibility is that this symbolism in dreams can denote a lack of confidence in yourself, as in your sex appeal.

Dreaming of short hair – it’s a sign that you want something new. You want or have closed with the past and are ready for new projects, for a new life. You are like born again, you are regenerated or you are about to do it;

Dreaming of shaving someone else’s hair – it is a symbol that has a meaning of submission, obedience, humiliation and sometimes shame for the person whose hair is cut. For those wishing to learn more, read the readings of psychologists Carl Gustav Jung and his pupil Marie Louise von Franz who wrote several lines in this regard.

Dreaming of curly hair – means having, as we know, a lot of imagination, but it also denotes a personality with a changing mood, sometimes capricious but with a lot of inventiveness.

Dreaming long hair – means that you are tied to the past and that you always prefer to give continuity to things that are now part of it.

Dreaming of dirty hair – may be the sign that indicates that we have a sense of guilt, but this dream in particular would be analyzed according to the context in which we find ourselves.

Dreaming of blond hair – means having a profound sexuality but also a particular delicacy of mind, in other cases it means having a strong spirituality that is often identified with a clear purity of soul.

Dreaming of gray hair – has a meaning that can be interpreted with the fear of aging.

Dreaming of black hair – means you have a strong passion and a deep connection with the primal instincts.

Dreaming of red hair – means that you mirror a mysterious and sometimes difficult to understand person, but it depends on cases, since it also represents a strong passion in some fields of action.

Dreaming dyed hair – is a clear sign of wanting to hide something from others. This may be the years that pass but it would have to be evaluated according to different situations.

Dreaming of hair in the mouth means – if it bothers you it means that you have something that torments you, be it a person or a thought, but if in the dream you feel a sense of calm, it is more likely that you have a strong need for affection;

Dreaming of hair coming out of the mouth means – that there is something that bothers you or you can’t digest; you have a problem to solve, it remains for you to understand which one.

Dreaming of washing your hair – they are a symbol of a rearrangement of one’s thoughts, a clearly positive thing when it shows how much one loves oneself; another possibility of the meaning of this symbol in dreams is to have taken off a sense of guilt or weight from the stomach.

Dreaming of losing your hair – may suggest the fear of time passing by. Especially for men, dreaming of being bald can sometimes be a sign and symbol of strong virility.

Dreaming of hair that grows or dreaming of hair that grows back into – our symbolism is a sign of a ruined inner vitality, or perhaps of your hidden desire.

Dreaming of burning hair – could be related to the feeling it has when you lose something of yourself to which we care or at the same time could reflect the need to purify yourself, or it could still represent the thoughts that plague you. A dream to evaluate based on the dreamer and the real and dreamed situation.

Dreaming of wet hair – has a meaning that is difficult to analyze without listening to the whole dream. Hair in dreams is to be connected to the physical and mental health of the dreamer and to his being seen and “recognized” among others.

Dreaming of someone who cuts our hair – image often accompanied by discomfort, fear and shame is very eloquent: someone tries to deprive the dreamer of his power, someone tries to undermine his role or ascendancy over someone else.

Dreaming of cutting your own hair – it can show the need to lighten up with heavy and useless thoughts, it can be linked to a sense of guilt and the need to punish oneself, it can bring out the need for change, for novelty and also the desire to change appearance.

Dreaming badly cut hair – leads to insecurity, not feeling right or fearing confrontation with others; it can also indicate mental confusion, thoughts that lead in directions not accepted by one’s own primary selves, moments of tiredness and stress.

Dream about short hairstyles – dreaming of short hair when in reality it is long can cause anxiety and fear and is linked to the need to change habits and ideas that are perhaps too static and that do not allow any change.

If the sensations felt are of astonishment, pleasure or surprise the dream can indicate a transformation already begun, or the need to present oneself in a different way, to give a simpler and more immediate image of oneself.

Dreaming about long hair – for a woman: if in reality they are short, it indicates the desire of a part of oneself to be seductive, to be noticed, to show (and bring to the surface) one’s femininity.

But the same dream can be linked to the desire to have influence over others, to be “seen” and noticed for one’s own ideas. For a man to dream of having long hair can show the need to express his power, to exercise a certain authority, to stand out among others.

Dreaming of hair cut on the bed – they are images that allude to a loss or fear of this: loss of one’s personal power (influence on others, ability to influence reality in a way that is favorable to one’s goals), loss of security linked to one’s own ideas or appearance.

Dreaming of falling hair – it is another anxiety-related symbol linked to the fear of losing its seductive, accepted appearance, losing its respectability, its ability to influence and to enjoy.

Even dreaming of hair falling in strands or dreaming of patchy hair is an image linked to great insecurity and a probable episode that has unleashed it.

Dreaming of losing your hair – it can be a symbol of a loss of “power” in some area of ​​one’s life.

This dream can be linked to work problems (is there a fear of demotion in work or on the hierarchical scale?), Or to family and emotional problems (it is feared that one’s influence and authority in the family or in a love relationship will be called into question?).


We have just seen the symbolism associated with dreaming hair, symbolism that has its roots in very remote times. Before tackling the different dreamlike scenarios that can be prefigured, let us note the importance of hair by mentioning the symbol of good luck they had in the dreams of the ancients, as bearers of prosperity and well-being.

They were also considered a protection against evil spirits, and various rituals of witchcraft had as protagonists the hair of the person one wants to make to fall in love, or to whom one wants to make a curse. This is because the hair contains the vital essence of the subject.