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Dreams About Heights – Meaning and Interpretation

Many people say they dreamed of falling down the stairs into a cesspool that never ended. What does it mean to dream of being on a bridge, on a river, on the top of a very high mountain or volcano and feeling dizzy?

What does dreaming of getting dizzy mean? What numbers of the Neapolitan grimace do I have to play if I dream of being on a very high building and I suffer from vertigo, to try to win the lottery according to the book of dreams and the guide on dreams?

In this article we try to understand the meaning of vertigo and similar sensations that unfortunately we can experience in real life but also in our dream world and which naturally hide fears that must be carefully analyzed.

Heights Symbolism in Cultures

The sensations we experience are fundamental because they can already provide a good dose of interpretation. Clearly having vertigo in a dream is not a good feeling and so from here we can start to understand that in our life something is not going as it should be, some situations require a lot of attention on our part and should not be underestimated.

Since vertigo is often associated with vomiting, headaches and fainting, sometimes they represent a real physical but above all mental illness that is usually accompanied by a phase of our existence in which the creative energies are scarce, almost absent.

In short, vertigo in a dream can signal a very poor period, in which things do not go absolutely well and in which we ourselves cannot find valid solutions because our mind is blurred and deprived of any positive and optimistic idea.

And here we can associate this kind of dreams with pessimism, negativity and a phase of inertia, of loss that can be very harmful for humans. In fact, but only in some cases, these dreams can indicate a period of melancholy, sadness and depression.

Often, after having faced a terrible grief, then the loss of a person we love, after having lost a job or a large sum of money, we can dream of getting dizzy and therefore our own subconscious wants us to understand that we are facing a period really scary, terrible, very negative from which, however, you have to have the strength to go out.

Never forget that dreams serve to draw lessons, to make us aware of a problem in our life that must necessarily be solved.

The sector of our life in which dealing with the problem must be very clear, however, and therefore the details in dreams are fundamental.

For example, if we are at home and have a dizzy spell, the problem to be dealt with is probably a family one. What people are with us in our dreams? Sons, husbands, wives, parents.

These people offer numerous clues to understand the problem, to understand what it refers to.

Dreams about Heights – Meaning

If fear is the emotion that remains most imprinted in our mind, more than any other symbolism present in the dream then you may simply be afraid of fear itself! What does dreaming fear mean?

Fear in general is a feeling common to all, in life we often happen to have it starting from the most insignificant fears of when we are little, up to the greatest fears of adulthood, those fears that maybe don’t make us sleep and torment us in our dreams.

Dreaming of being afraid of heights is therefore quite common, most likely you are experiencing a situation that brings you anxiety or distress, it could be the fear of not making it with work, fear of failing in an exam or maybe you are going through a difficult phase of your life and fear is generated precisely by these anxieties that haunt you are not in reality but also in the dream world.

It often means impotence, anguish, with interpretations that range from lack of trust to fear and concern to face the unknown, from feeling guilty, to feeling feelings of insecurity, high stress and anxiety. Very likely, you feel that you do not have total control over your life, hence the fear of falling, so do not make it in any area of your life.

The most banal hypothesis of this type of dream could be that you have assumed a poised position during sleep.

Dreams about Heights – Symbolism

Dreaming of falling from small heights, falling to ground, or simply stumbling and getting up immediately without damage – indicates that the situation is not serious and that we need only to pay a little more attention.

Dreaming of stumbling and falling while walking down the street, in public – this may reflect a social unease, fear of being weak, suffer from inferiority complexes.

Dreaming of falling backwards – indicates that you are not ready to proceed; going ahead would be dangerous, better to retrace your steps and reflect.

Dreaming of tripping, of falling from a high place – falling from above Dreaming of falling from a high place (tree, tower, balcony, cornice of a building, skyscraper, etc.) – it may be due to the fear of coming adversities.

The high place can be a symbol of a situation that is perhaps too demanding for you, you are afraid of making mistakes and losing everything you have conquered.

Dreaming of falling with the plane, the car, the elevator – it indicates discomfort and insecurity when it comes to moving forward. Get ahead or rise up.

Dreaming of flying and then falling, or of falling and then flying –  the first case indicates little confidence in yourself; the second case, on the other hand, often occurs in lucid dreams (the situation of grave danger is resolved thanks to the sudden awareness of being able to fly).

Dreaming of falling and getting hurt, dying – it can be interpreted as a warning. See also Dreaming of dying.

Dreaming of falling into the void, into a ravine – it may depend on great fatigue. Dreaming of falling into the void, in a sort of free fall, more and more down, it is a dream that happens more often in correspondence of the falling asleep, more than during the actual sleep. But why do we dream of falling into the void?

Some studies have shown that our brain tends, in certain cases, to interpret as ‘fallen’ the physiological process of muscle relaxation that occurs when we are about to fall asleep; this happens especially when one is very tired and lacking in sleep.

Dreaming of falling into a well, into a chasm, into a hole underground, etc –  it can represent the end of something on which one had much believed and invested. It can also be a symptom of severe stress, nervous exhaustion or depressive state.

Dreaming of falling into the water, into the sea, into the river – this represents, especially if you fall with the car, a kind of journey within one’s emotions. Otherwise, especially if you are afraid of water, it can be a shock, an emotional trauma.

Dreaming of falling into the mud – it represents disappointment, humiliation, guilt.

Dreaming that other people falling – usually they are loved ones that we see as more fragile (children, brothers, friends); the dream indicates that we are afraid of not being able to protect them.

Dreaming that someone makes you fall, stumble – you don’t trust this person, you know he can harm you.


Dreaming of stumbling and falling is typical of those who suffer from myoclonus; myoclonus are rapid involuntary muscle contractions that can be caused by some neurological diseases, but which can also occur in healthy subjects, especially during sleep (nocturnal myoclonus).

An outside observer might notice these rapid muscle contractions (“sneezing”) especially in the lower limbs of the sleeping person.

These myoclonus can determine the dream of stumbling and falling and, especially in the phase of falling asleep (hypnagogic myoclonus), this dream becomes very realistic – you wake up suddenly, after taking the ‘shot’, and you have the clear perception of having moved his legs in the bed; but often one does not realize that it was the movement that generated the dream, and not vice versa.

Personally, dreaming of stumbling, falling and then waking up was my recurring dream of adolescence; only in recent times have I understood that it was caused precisely by these hypnagogic myoclonus.