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Dreams About Husband Cheating – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams are a way for our unconscious thoughts, our fears or our desires to express ourselves.

Often, however, they should not be interpreted literally, since a person, a situation or an object in a dream can represent something else totally.

There are some expert tips that can help us understand some hidden meanings behind dreams, which our unconscious wants to communicate to us.

Dreaming of betraying or being betrayed, therefore, is not necessarily a premonition or an indicator of feelings. If at the base of the relationship there is a healthy communication, talking about it with the partner can help to address the problem (if there is one) or to realize with him the fantasy implemented in the dream. This could rekindle the flame in the couple and dispel guilt.

If, on the other hand, you believe that your partner may be hurt by these confidences or that he may become too jealous, it is better to avoid confrontation and possible discussions.

Husband Cheating Symbolism in Cultures

Dreaming of betraying the partner, for example, is very common, and does not necessarily mean that there is a desire to actually do so. It can often mean that we need to vent some hot thoughts or fantasies that are repressed by our conscious ego in awake life.

If this is the case, the dream state becomes a dimension in which to let ourselves go without embarrassments or insecurities, and the betrayed partner becomes a symbol of our daily life, with all the inhibitions that it imposes on us.

Another reason that justifies these dreams may be that the couple’s relationship is going through a phase of monotony, and therefore the desire for novelty in the relationship is thus expressed.

The companion, in this case, goes to represent the story that is stalled, so it is as if he wanted to betray the daily relationship, not his fiancé. If the betrayal happens with a stranger it can mean that we do not know what the nature of our couple problem is, but that there is some discomfort.

If, instead, a friend, colleague, or even a VIP is involved, the reason could be that we would like our partner to have an aspect of their character.

Dreams about Husband Cheating – Meaning

In dreams to betray or be betrayed, in other words betrayal, is a recurrent symbolism to be interpreted in different ways depending on the case. What does it mean to dream of betraying a person?

Dreaming of committing adultery is very common, they can be people really present in our lives or we do not recognize, this particular case is due to the fact that in this way we can allow ourselves to fully express our erotic side by totally freeing the inhibitory brakes.

What does it mean to dream of being betrayed by someone? Dreaming of betrayal is almost always due to personal fear and jealousy, but to understand if this is your case, find out more by reading what is written below, the second part will be really useful.

it is a dream that can have different points of view, on the one hand it can show that in the couple there is not enough harmony, especially sexual; on the other hand it may be that you simply need to have sex with someone who is not your usual companion and clearly not to commit adultery in reality, as you hold to your partner, fulfill the wish in dream dreams.

In fact, you can often dream of betraying yourself with a friend, a work colleague, a partner, etc. but it is not certain that you are really interested in this person even if perhaps he can tease the idea.

Dreaming of betraying with the former can have two different meanings, or there is a flashback and therefore your desire is realized in dreams, or like all the other cases listed above you simply want an escapade, or ultimately analysis, in the current report there is actually something missing from the previous love affair.

Dreams about Husband Cheating – Symbolism

Dreaming of betrayal by your husband – infidelity and adultery in dreams are present very often, perhaps beyond suspicion. The most faithful person in reality can have many lovers in his dreams; or he may always betray himself with the same person, whether he is known or unknown …

When he dreams of betraying then he often feels guilty; a faithful and in love person it is normal to ask why these dreams come true. There are those who dream of being betrayed: and even in this case, as it is understandable, some doubts come about the meaning of these dreams.

Being cheated on by someone else – be careful, in your daily life you may have enemies ready to do what you have only committed in dreams. An unpleasant situation that could occur both in the private and in the private sphere.

Discovering that you have been cheated on- despite the dream make you think of something else and immediately puts you on the alert, the meaning is positive, very positive: a person dear to you, in fact, despite the possibility of betraying you for having a particular advantage, will decide (or has decided) to behave in a fair manner, defending yourself with the sword. A true friend.

Cheating your partner with an ex – is not a flashback, you are simply experiencing a complex situation, difficult to sustain, and the only thing you would like to do is to go back to basics.

Being betrayed and dismayed – you have misread a situation in real life, you have misrepresented a situation and now you risk paying the consequences. Demonstrate humility and apologize for avoiding creating unpleasant and unproductive situations for both parties.

Being cheated on behind your back – according to psychoanalysts this is one of the few dreams that is reflected equally in reality: if you have not already been betrayed behind by an unsuspecting person, it is likely that your dream vision takes on the dimension of negative omen.

Be careful with those you talk to, it is possible to have private or professional relationships with people ready to stab you in the back.

Although in your dream you are unfaithful with your loved one, in reality you will not do anything bad to your loved one.

Certainly, however, you will make false papers and you will also be ready to put a stick in your wheels to achieve a very important goal for you and your future.

Being betrayed by a former friend – be careful, because from one moment to the other the conditions could be created to meet with a person with whom you have not seen for a long time and with whom you had broken off relations because of you. Think well of the words to use when the time comes for reckoning.

Being betrayed by your partner – does your loved one put you in the dream? In reality it means that you will have a strong will to put things right again with your husband, after a period that has seen you face a few too many arguments. Can you bring peace to the couple?

Dream that leaves you stunned, but that each person should appreciate. This dreamlike image means that soon you will have some very welcome innovations in your life, which will lead you to have a smile every day. You will also be ready to face the difficulties with a renewed spirit.

Dream of cheating on your husband and feeling bad – in real life you have really thought about playing dirt behind a person you care about, be it the partner, a friend or a family member.

However, you stopped before, because you believe that betrayal with thought alone is already negative, a wrong behavior to avoid. But rest assured, it’s a human circumstance!

Dissatisfaction with your husband – there is something wrong with your partner, you are not satisfied with your relationship; for this reason the dream makes you see other possibilities, other partners that could make you happy and give you what you need.

Dreaming of betraying before marriage – dreams of betrayal can intensify as the wedding date approaches: dreaming of having sexual experiences with other partners can also depend in this case on the renewal of desire towards your future spouse. It does not mean that you are going to marry the wrong man.

Dreaming of betraying your boyfriend with himself – if you dream of being the lover of your boyfriend, this may indicate that you perceive him differently, or that you would like him to be different from what he is.

The same is true if you dream of betraying your girlfriend with yourself, that is, with your “clone”.


Why dream of betraying, or being betrayed? Are these dreams really only dreams, or is there something else? If you feel guilty about dreams in which you have betrayed, stop tormenting yourself immediately; you are not responsible for your dreams; if you love your partner and you know you would never betray him, you have nothing to reproach yourself; dreaming of betrayal is as common for men as it is for women; even the most faithful wife or husband can dream of having a lover; even the most in love boyfriend in the world, or your girlfriend who would never betray you even in thought. We must not blame ourselves for the dreams we make.