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Dreams About Ice Skating – Meaning and Symbolism

Ice is the symbol of cold. Furthermore it appears in many forms. For example, it is a slab that covers rivers and lakes; can cover a huge mountain.

It represents an inflexible attitude for stubborn people or a flexible attitude for those who are calm in nature.

You can be ice for the loss or for cooling in a relationship. It often appears in dreams near parts of the body that are really having blood circulation problems.

According to a Freudian interpretation, the dream can symbolize that one is emotionally cold and distant or emotionally inhibited or frigid.

Dreams About Ice Skating – Meaning

Skating and skiing, in dreams as in reality, is equivalent to slipping easily on the ground or on the snow, covering wider distances with a different muscular effort from that of the common walking.

It is a way to get around any obstacles and the slowness of the step by step, with the use of tools such as skates or skis and a skill that allows their use.

But it can happen to dream of skating or skiing even without skates or skis, using shoes or even bare feet to slide on snow, ice or asphalt.

They are singular dreams that are often lived and remembered with a share of fun for this rapid passing away, and for one’s own ability to keep one’s balance.

They can indicate the desire to move forward and to act impatiently without pausing too long to reflect or evaluate what is wanted and how to obtain it.

They can highlight the need to go on counting on “lightness” and fun.

If you slip on snow or ice it is good to consider the unpleasant sensation of “cold” as a negative signal that can indicate the difficulties of the moment or the hostility of the environment in which you live.

So that skating or skiing away with the thrill of speed becomes a way to escape problems, to bypass them or to compensate for the heaviness of the situation, as happens in the following dream done by a middle-aged woman struggling with family, job and few entertainment:

I dreamed of skating in the snow … or maybe I was skiing, but I don’t have skates or skis on my feet. I am skiing with my feet and I look at them in amazement, because I manage to keep the balance well even when the ground sometimes goes uphill and there are mountains and rocks. I feel very good and I really like feeling the fresh wind on my face as I go fast and light. (M.-Modena)

But not always skating or skiing in dreams is so pleasant and rewarding… there are dreams in which the action of skating or skiing takes place without the will and control of the dreamer, in which one proceeds feeling danger and fear, in which one is notices obstacles or gullies where one could fall.

These dreams indicate a difficult relationship with the reality we are experiencing. They show their feelings at the mercy of events and their fear and their difficulty in proceeding in an overwhelming or stressful context, in which their needs are not met or even examined. They are dreams that can alert the dreamer and show him a way to advance risky or superficial.

Of course the dream context in which you ski or skate will affect the dream analysis. Because an urban environment made up of roads and traffic, in which skating on the asphalt paying attention to dodge cars and pedestrians, will be very different from the ski slope in the high mountains where you move among other skiers, alpine huts and a holiday environment.

In the first case the dreamer will have to reflect on his daily life and on the social or working context in which he moves, in the second case the need for “space” and escape can prevail, in addition to a need to measure oneself with oneself that sport often represents.

So, as always, every dream will be examined time by time without generalizing, taking into account the personal connections and meanings that each one attributes to these two situations.

But to sum up we can consider skating and skiing in dreams among the most singular and original dream actions in putting the dreamer in contact with the concept of “speed” SUA (speed of intent, thought, actions) and on a possible exaggerated activism, or else speed, on rhythms that are not appropriate and that follows passively adapting, forcing and feeling unwell.

Dreams About Ice Skating – Symbolism

A dream with a theme of ice represents one’s emotions and feelings about different events. Depending on the circumstances, this dream can have both a positive and a negative meaning.

Ice is often a symbol of coldness in emotional life, but sometimes it can indicate getting rid of some negative emotional state.

Dreaming of ice in general – Dreaming of it could represent an area of ​​one’s life that is “frozen” or could even represent problems left unresolved or even a situation that comes to a standstill.

The ice in dreams can also reflect concerns or fear of “slipping” into a delicate and dangerous situation.

So dreaming it is also a sign that there is something very difficult to overcome, but not impossible.

Alternatively it may reflect unconscious memories that have been repressed or of which one is not consciously aware: it may therefore be necessary to re-examine one’s past, reflect on the influences one had in childhood, and talk to people about one’s problems in order to be able to get a broader view of possible solutions.

Negatively, ice may reflect a desire to “freeze” a problem instead of dealing with it.

The most important thing is to do everything together and spend time with friends or going out and enjoying oneself: marital happiness will be long and happy.

For the elderly, on the other hand, this dream foretells the disease, but if the ice melts or breaks, then the disease will heal immediately.

For children to see the ice in the dream, it is a sign that he will have to face all sorts of obstacles that can be overcome with great difficulty.

Dreaming of melting or breaking ice – in general, the unraveling of problems, or uncertainties in one’s life.

If it breaks easily it indicates that things in the professional life will move in the most positive direction possible. You may receive praise and recognition for your work.

Dreaming of an icy road – can reflect the feeling of being “stuck” in the progress of some operation or project.

It is generally a common dream in people who are unemployed or who think that their life may deteriorate qualitatively for some reason, more or less real.

Dreaming of eating ice – means that there are people who row against the dreamer out of envy.

Dreaming of an iceberg – a mountain of ice represents attitudes of procrastination that will lead or have already led the dreamer to a situation where things are difficult and problematic to manage.

Dreaming of ice skating – is a sign of disappointment in love. You need to try to stay away from strained relationships or not get carried away by feelings of love for someone.

Perhaps, now is not the right time to think about falling in love.

Dreaming of statues of ice animals – means that all enemies or rivals in the professional field will be neutralized and will never be able to interfere again.

An ice cube in dreams could also mean feelings of detachment from one’s current partner or crisis in the marriage relationship.

Dreaming of walking on the ice without slipping and without falling to the ground – foretells the solution of a problem, a solution that in a certain sense will be found inside the dreamer himself who will be obtained without turbulence and without losing his independence.

Dream of ice for a girl – for a girl engaged this dream presages the collapse of the love relationship; for a boyfriend he presages the betrayal of his partner and the consequent breakdown of their relationship.

Even for married people it is an omen of separation, but if the ice breaks, the dream presages problems in the marital harmony that will however be overcome together.


According to some scholars, ice can reflect its financial situation: its dissolution can symbolize liquidity and cash.

On the other hand, if it is well frozen and hard it can symbolize obligations and property.

According to others, dreaming of ice represents a loss; you can lose some objects or even friendship.

Fortunately it is not an omen of death.