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Dreams About Iguanas – Meaning and Symbolism

It is not by chance that the oldest part of the human brain, in which the survival drives originate, is called “reptilian brain.” And, as can be read in the article “The secret of sleep? In an iguana “, this inoffensive little animal that seems to occupy a respectable place in the evolution chain, is designed to understand when sleep and dream mechanisms have been formed.

The presence of the iguana is now very widespread also in Europe where it is sold as a pet: this makes it in our collective imagination a little “closer”, tolerated, almost likeable. Despite this, unlike the snake, it rarely appears in dreams, and if it participates in the archetypal symbolism of the dragon of which it seems a miniature version, it speaks a more mysterious language linked to our evolution of human beings and to the instincts not mediated by the work of civilization.

Dreams About Iguanas – Meaning

The iguana is a flake crawler and at home on the American continent. Science currently distinguishes about 40 different types of iguanas.

The biggest among them is the Green Iguana. He has only a body length of 45 centimeters, but can reach together with his long tail a total length of over two meters.

Iguanas live on the earth, on trees or rocks.

Nevertheless, they are good swimmers and also very courageous: If they feel threatened, they can even fall from a high branch of a branch into the water without carrying any major damage.

Depending on the type of iguana, this can even change its color. For example, if the green iguana is looking for a bride, it suddenly shines in bright orange to attract the attention of the females.

If an iguana crawls through your dream world, this is considered in the general dream interpretation as a sign of change and change.

This applies especially to the business area, but also the private life can be affected.

If it is the Green Iguana that appears in the dream, it can lead to misunderstandings in the awake life.

However, these clear up again after a short time and should therefore not worry worrying thoughts at the dreaming.

A gray-colored iguana promises trouble to the dreaming person due to a conflict. This arises completely unexpectedly for the person concerned, since a person is responsible for whom he has so far brought complete trust.

In addition, the dream symbol “iguana” also wants to ask the dreaming to focus less on appearances and not only to rate other persons about their appearance.

Of course, it can also happen in a dream that one is attacked by an iguana. This dream experience also announces annoyance and that is not too close.

If you kill the reptile, you will emerge in real life as a winner from a failed situation.

However, when the supposedly dead iguana awakens again, the problems with double violence return to the life of the dreaming.

The iguana is in the interpretation of dreams is not a symbol to be afraid of. Rather, he would like to point out to the dreaming that there is now a time for cleansing.

He should use these for himself to restore a stronger connection to his subconscious mind. It is important to hear the inner voice again and to trust its wisdom.

Does the iguana change color several times in a dream? For the psychological dream interpreter, this indicates that even the dreaming himself is very versatile.

He has the ability to adapt to every other person and situation. However, one should be careful not to behave like the flag in the wind.

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dream image “iguana” shows the dreaming that he must learn to deal with his impulses.

He will succeed if he listens more attentively to the voice of his subconscious.

Dreams About Iguanas – Symbolism

Iguana in dreams – it is an animal that recalls impassivity, being helpless before everything and everyone, a symbol of insensitivity.

But it also recalls distant, unusual, uncommon sensations.

What does it mean to dream Iguana? it is likely that you are repressing your feelings to stay focused even before the most difficult events, such as the loss of someone, a distance or various injustices, the reactions are fundamental to understand your state of mind and keep everything inside you can have shocking consequences.

Dreaming iguana that bites – it happens that sometimes there are small sorrows, how can this bite reflect, but what is really important are the reactions we have to the pain we feel, the iguana itself, as we have said, is synonymous with insensitivity. Don’t hold everything.

Dreaming iguana at home – the house in dreams is the fulcrum of yourself a place where you undress from everyday masks to show your true nature, the problem is that the iguana is a dream symbol that recalls impassivity instead, perhaps you are experiencing a moment of life that is not very rich, and very monotonous, and the relationship with your loved ones is also affected.

Dreaming white iguana – it is likely that you’re not reacting like you should in situations is changing you, white in dreams may suggest that something of you is dying.

The iguana in dreams is an unusual symbol, it is linked to the distant and alien world of reptiles and its cold-blooded nature, appearance and behavior recall primitive animals and an archaic nature made up of primordial instincts.

Thus, despite appearing less frightening or worrying than other animals, dreaming of the restless iguana and the dreamer who has a sense of something utterly “far” from what is expressed in the light of the sun and among others is curious.

Something that goes back to the depths of his unconscious and the past, and which emerges in all its crystalline, imperturbable animality.

And the dreamer can then ask himself what he feels or (better) about what he does NOT hear.

Because the meaning of the iguana in dreams can easily be related to a sort of insensitivity to something or someone, or to the need to build a cocoon of protection (like the resistant and thick skin of this animal) in which simply ” live “and” exist “without emotional participation.


Naturally the behavior of the iguana in the dream will condition the analysis: if it shows itself aggressive, it will be necessary to turn the attention towards the renegade aspects of the personality, related to natural instincts too much under control, or you can think of some real character that appears to the dreamer like a “reptile”, who feels incapable of feeling or feels threatened. actions, your feelings are failing, be careful.