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Dreams About Killing Someone in Self Defense – Meaning and Symbolism

Killing is a natural impulse of predators, but humans as cultural beings have assumed this act as very negative.

Killing is an unpleasant act and usually refers to an intense desire to get rid of something.

Who dreams of killing has a huge need to get out of a situation that causes great discomfort.

Dreams About Killing Someone in Self Defense – Meaning

Dreaming of killing should not be a cause for alarm, since it does not indicate a violent impulse, but, on the contrary, it indicates a sense of helplessness that this person must deal with and cannot resolve. However, if you dream of a shooting where it is the case that firearms appear in the dream this may have a somewhat more complex interpretation.

The meaning of dreaming of killing varies according to who or what is killed. If a person is killed, it is a sign that the dreamer is under a lot of stress and is afraid of losing control, and even that he wants to eliminate part of himself. It is also possible that there is some traumatic memory that you want to eliminate altogether.

Dreaming that an animal is killed, on the other hand, is not related to personality but to financial issues. When a beast is killed, it is interpreted that it will leave a great debt.

Dreaming that you are a serial killer can reveal a huge amount of trouble that overwhelms the person who dreams. There is a part of the subconscious that wants to eliminate such obstacles and therefore literally eliminates them one by one.

If you constantly dream about this situation, it is possible that the problems experienced by the person are so severe that they are causing emotional damage.

Dreaming that a spider or other smaller predator is killed indicates that obstacles will be overcome and that there will be financial success or that some enemy will be overcome.

Dreaming of killing yourself indicates a strong emotional blackout. The person who has dreamed of killing himself has completely disconnected from his feelings and urgently needs help.

Dreaming that one witnesses how they kill someone indicates that in real life they participate in a plot or compromise to make invisible the merits of a person who deserves recognition. If you try to prevent murder, it is indicative that you are dissatisfied with such injustice.

If you dream of death, be it your own or someone else’s, it is always unpleasant. In fact, people rarely fall asleep after dreaming that they kill her. The psychological impact is so great that people tend to wake up immediately, very startled.

Dreams About Killing Someone in Self Defense – Symbolism

You may dream of killing a bad person (man or woman) whom you perceive as your enemy. You can accidentally kill it, by mistake, or intentionally, with a weapon (pistol, knife, stick, etc.), or with fists.

Dreaming of killing someone generally – You want to eliminate something you don’t like: the person you kill can sometimes represent a part of your character you struggle to accept, or an old habit or way of thinking that you want to get rid of.

The murder could represent the culmination of aggression towards others or towards yourself; depressed or very angry people can happen to commit massacres and murders in dreams.

You need to vent your aggression: you feel anger, frustration, and hate. You need to self-affirm yourself: killing an enemy is a way to affirm yourself, to reaffirm the strength of your personality and your character, which may have been questioned.

Dreaming of killing someone and hiding the body – Sometimes it can happen to dream of killing someone (following a dispute, or maybe even accidentally, by mistake) but of not being, in the dream, completely upset by this action, and to immediately think of hiding the corpse so as not to be discovered . You’re afraid the police will come looking for you, so you decide to bury the body.

This dream represents the explosion of your aggression and, immediately after, the need to “keep it hidden”: perhaps for you your aggression is something intolerable, that does serious damage, and that it is better “not to manifest”. Don’t repress your anger, but rather see yourself expressing it or channeling it in a positive way, so you won’t have the problem of “hiding corpses” anymore!

Dreaming of killing someone you know – killing you get angry at the person you kill, maybe even at a subconscious level only; or you feel guilty towards her: fear that you have caused her harm or pain with your actions. In dreams we often kill a friend or even the best friend.

Dreaming of killing a stranger – The stranger most likely represents a side of your personality that you are in conflict with, that you want to win, eliminate, suppress; or old ideas and ways of thinking that no longer belong to you.

For example, if you dream of killing a child or baby, this may indicate that you want to mature, abandon childish attitudes.

To better understand what can be treated, think again about the appearance and characteristics of this unknown person: hair, clothes, or even the voice and what it said can help you interpret your dream.

In dreams we often kill thieves, bad guys, in self-defense; they are threats. Even being more “imaginary” like vampires and zombies are all threats and dangers you want to protect yourself from.

Dreaming of killing the mother, husband, wife, boyfriend, ex, etc. – This dream originates from the desire to put an end to a castrating relationship: the mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister, boyfriend or girlfriend can represent a bond that is too tight and suffocating, which prevents you from to realize yourself in full autonomy and freedom.

Similarly, if you dream of killing your (your) ex, this indicates a desire to end the relationship permanently, preventing a possible return; it is the typical dream of those who are “persecuted” by the former, but can also happen when, indirectly, you understand that for their part there is still an interest in you.

Dreaming of killing an animal – The animals that are most often killed in dreams are snakes, mice, spiders, insects in general. Whatever the animal you killed, this indicates a strong stance towards your instincts: the animals in dreams represent your instinct, including the emotions that you usually tend to suppress, such as anger, sexuality, etc. . . .

Killing the animal therefore represents the victory of your rational part over instinct; taming one’s instincts is good, but the dream may also indicate that you are too controlled, not very spontaneous: perhaps you should let yourself go a little more.

Dreaming of killing small animals– killing a small animal, such as puppies or cats, can also be a dream image that represents abortion. Women can have this kind of dream in case of an unwanted pregnancy.

Dreaming of being killed – in dreams may reflect the desire for a major change in your life and probably to make it happen you need someone to spur you to do it.

Dreaming of killing a man – in dreams may reflect yourself or your partner, so you might want some aspects of your character to disappear.

Dreaming of killing cat – In the dream world for the male gender it can symbolize its own woman, so it could reflect problems or aspects of her character that you would like to “kill”.

If this kind of dream is done by a woman, the cat could symbolize a rival you defeated.

Dreaming of killing a dog – can mean that your good, loyal and faithful part no longer exists, or maybe you have been betrayed by a person you thought so and so it no longer exists for you now.

Dreaming of killing a child – in dreams could mean that the child in you is gone, the childish part of your ego has disappeared, and this dream can be caused by an event of important change in your life that you made “adults”.

In the dream world, dreaming of killing a newborn can mean that projects and ideas have been blocked before they even come to life.

Dreaming of killing a spider – The spider not only in life, but often in dreams also arouses terror and fear, in the dream world killing a spider can mean that you have finally come out of an annoying situation in which you felt trapped.

Cases this type of dream can also refer to the sexual sphere as far as women are concerned, so dreaming of killing a spider could mean that you have freed yourself from sexual fears and anxieties.

Dreaming of killing the mother – In the dream world killing the mother, marking the detachment from it, probably in your life this person has a strong influence, so dreaming of killing her frees you from that probably morbid bond.


Dreaming of killing someone is certainly a dream that is hard to forget: it can generate anxiety, upset, and even real anguish.

First of all, I reassure you that the dream does not mean that you have homicidal impulses, nor, much less, that the murder will actually take place.

The dream has, as always, a symbolic meaning: it is born of repressed anger and the desire to eliminate something that you do not accept.