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Dreams About Kittens – Interpretation and Meaning

The dream symbol cat has some similar meanings as another popular animal, namely the dog. That’s not surprising, after all, both of us are our closest pets.

Compared to the dream interpretation to the dog there are basic similarities and a few direct opposites.

An important difference in the reality and thus also for the meaning of the cat in the dream is the greater independence and lack of commitment to humans.

While a dog is almost fixated on his master or mistress, the pack leader, the cat lives quite freely and independently with humans together.

In the cat dream, it is not uncommon for freedom, especially in relationships, because after all, we also have a “liberal relationship” with the cat. In addition to our little “house pets”, freedom needs are also often expressed by being able to fly in a dream.

Kittens Symbolism in Cultures

During the middle Ages, there were black cats burned alive, thrown from the top of castles or killed on sight with the intention of keeping away the malevolent spirits.

Yes, maybe it’s true, but we’re talking about a few decades. Or, when the Pilgrim Fathers arrived in Massachusetts in the seventeenth century, they had such a suspicion about anything held to Satan that they began to consider the black cat as his emissary, and those caught with a black cat could be severely punished.

But, in the millenary history of closeness, friendship, mutual benefit or complicity between men and small cats, the periods of mistrust and cruelty have been much less long and frequent than we think.

The proximity of the small feline to the human community therefore dates back to the past millennia, probably favored by the ability to hunt pests, unwelcome to humans, such as mice, rats and insects.

However, it is true that, in some periods, the favorable symbiosis overturned, naturally always due to superstition, cruelty and human barbarism.

At one point the idea spread that to ensure a good harvest it was necessary to bury a black cat in the field during sowing, or to spread its ashes in the field.

There was also the tradition of sacrificing a cat as a thank you for the harvest. Or, as mentioned, they were considered allies of the women in turn accused of being witches.

The Ancient Egyptians, as we know, held this animal in great esteem, so much so that they chose it to embody Bastet, an ancient divinity of Egyptian mythology depicted with a woman’s body and a cat’s head. Originally, Bastet was a lioness. Even Sekhmet, sister of Bastet, is depicted with anatomical parts of a cat.

The cat shared with Bastet fertility and clairvoyance, with Sekhmet foresight. Sekhmet, who represented justice and power in war, was questioned by priests to learn about the enemy’s plans and thus help the soldiers in battle.

Dreams about Kittens – Meaning

Dreams of cats can be about feelings, romance, or emotional intimacy. A dash of passion and intimate love fight is almost always present. Fittingly, our beloved pet knows one of the few animals as having a “love bite”. The romance in the dream, of course, expresses itself not only by cats and other intimately intended dream animals.

Often, it happens on direct romantic dreams. Female-emotional imbalance, e.g. as capriciousness, scratchiness and bitchiness can also be represented by cats in the dream. The expression “showing claws” goes back to this animal.

Women who give up their independence and freedom too much in the relationship with the life partner and who are too concerned with their partner sometimes have dreams in which cats are particularly idiosyncratic and crazy.

The cats in the dream – dream symbols for independence and independence – compensate for the lack of independence in reality and overcompensate them. Another possibility in such cases would be dreams of particularly good dogs. In this variant, the dream shows like a mirror that the dreamer is too adapted, just a good little dog.

Dreams of prey cats posing a danger may have the meaning of uncontrolled sexuality and aggressiveness. What symbolizes the cat, grows in big cats and then increases threateningly, to the point of being “eaten”. In this way even a serious nightmare.

In many dreams, a black cat indicates that the needs represented by them are unconscious or unconscious. The color black almost always indicates a form of the unconscious, as opposed to white.

The cat as a love object in the dream (cuddling, stroking, etc.) has the meaning of a need for love and emotional warmth, which is not satisfied in real life or is not even perceived by the dreaming.

A client dreamed of a water-shy cat. In this dream symbol, a feeling problem appeared twice, through the emotional aspect of the cat and the water. In the dream interpretation of the water it is also about feelings. Water is the feeling element. The interpretation showed that the woman “shied away” the contact with her feelings, like the cat does the water.

Dreams about Kittens – Symbolism

Basically cats are predators. This means that anatomically and psychologically they are structured to procure food, whether it is necessary or not. Observing the wild cats it can be seen how, after having hunted the prey, they sleep for long periods of time, to re-establish the large amount of energy lost during the hunt.

Domestic cats are not very different and, even if they go hunting for their favorite game or a real mouse, the result does not change. They have to put into practice tiring techniques for their physique, like hunting, jumping, chasing and even climbing.

Moreover, during the hunt, the cat is on alert and the levels of adrenaline and energy consumption are very high.

All this means that despite the hunt is not protracted for a long time, the energy wasted by the cat is decidedly high, so much so that it requires a complete recharge that only a nap can guarantee.

Contrary to popular belief, cats are not nocturnal animals, but crepuscular. They are therefore more active around sunrise and sunset, or in the period of the day when the preys are also moving in the wild.

Cats’ eyes are more suited to night vision, they can observe movements and see humans more clearly in low light conditions. Many cats remain active even during the night, leading to the mistaken belief that they are nocturnal animals.

However, many others sleep at our same times. What everyone knows, however, is that they are always ready to wake us up for breakfast at dawn. If they have given themselves a small night hunt, they will have run out of energy reserves and the day will start with one of their many naps.

The stages of the cat’s sleep go from drowsiness to a deeper sleep.

The first phase usually lasts from 15 to 30 minutes, while the second one only takes 5 minutes per cycle. If cats are half asleep they take very little time to activate and their posture during this phase reflects this particularity, allowing them to snap into position.

Even the ears erect and ready to pick up the signals are an indication of drowsiness.

Sometimes cat’s tail movements may also be visible and, if you look at the eyes, you may notice them open. To miss even a single mouse would be a real crime.

On the contrary, in the deepest sleep phase, the cat’s posture and ears will be more relaxed and you may catch quick shots and leg movements.

Kittens and older cats tend to sleep much more than an adult cat.

However, regardless of his age, he must constantly recharge his energies in order to make the most of the waking hours and the interaction with the master.


In the practice of dream interpretation, the cat appears again and again as a symbol of the dreamer’s romantic needs, tangentially more female in the dream of women.

The focus of this meaning may also be more in the need for tenderness, security, softness, and petting. Then the “cuddly tiger” is meant in us.