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Dreams About Lice – Interpretation and Meaning

Lice in life represent a strong annoyance, in dreams as well, they can represent annoyances and worries that we live every day or in other cases they represent people and external factors that bring us trouble and discomfort.

However lice could reflect some aspects of our character that annoy and we would like to change, attitudes you can’t get rid of.

It is a rather unusual image, it probably reflects your relationship with money, obviously you are not “generous” people, from the economic point of view or maybe you have been accused of being so.

Try to reflect on the feelings that this evoked you dream.

Lice Symbolism in Cultures

Rest assured, in this new article we will help you understand what your dream of head lice may have meant. Lice in dreams give rise to a very wide range of interpretations.

They usually symbolize different aspects of daily life, such as the relationship with money. Lice, in fact, very often, represent stingy people, who we may have recently met or worse still find ourselves fighting for a very long time in our lives.

Beyond this, lice, for all, represent a full-blown annoyance and this also applies in dreams where they can symbolize everyday worries as well as people and factors external to us that bring us torments and frustrations.

In addition to this, lice could concern some aspects of their character that annoy and that we would like to be able to change such as, for example, attitudes that are difficult to stop.

Dreaming of having lice, dreaming of lice on my head, dreaming of head lice, in particular, reflects one’s own state of mind that appears tormented by thoughts and problems. If, then, lice appear in the head to others it means that you are probably or you are getting rid of your problems, so improvements are expected within your life. The black lice strengthen the negative meaning already contained by them.

Not by chance, in fact, they feed on blood and, therefore, they symbolize people who exploit you and who could even cause you irremediable problems. Dreaming of white-colored lice means that the thoughts and annoyances that worry you are more futile than what you actually believe, the problems will be easy to solve.

Dreaming lice in the head of his child is a vision that reveals the sense of protection against him or the misery for the friendships he surrounds himself with. In this regard, in fact, dreaming lice can refer to the fact of being surrounded by disreputable companies or even completely wrong relationships.

In other words, the dreamlike visions in which lice appear, in most cases, indicate overly interested friendships and, therefore, reveal the need to move away from them.

Dreaming of lice eggs is not a good omen, therefore, they indicate unpleasant surprises that could occur soon or even some events in one’s life that are shameful and that could have negative repercussions on one’s own.

Getting rid of lice has a definitely positive meaning, since it represents the relief of being freed from problems and worries. Dreaming of killing lice means that the dreamer has the skills to get rid of some problems or friendships that have only shown disinterest in him.

Killing the lice of another person means that in the future it will have to face problems that the dreamer can, in some way, solve. Ultimately, if, on the other hand, the lice are found on your bed or on your clothes in the dream, it could be a sign of suffering linked to problems that the dreamer is not yet able to identify.

In other words, lice give rise to different interpretations that must be investigated considering the period that the dreamer lives as well as the ways in which these parasites appear in our dream visions.

Dreams about Lice – Meaning

If once the lice symbolized something truly nefarious for all humanity – they were in fact carriers of infections and diseases – today they are seen more as a nuisance, even if their dreamlike interpretation today is not very different from the past. Those who dream of lice often find themselves having to deal with a problem in real life, which causes unpleasant thoughts, worries, to turn into a worry even when one dreams.

So let’s go into more detail and see what are the various interpretations that can be attributed to the fact of dreaming lice.

As mentioned, lice are perceived and experienced in an annoying way in real life and this is a constant element even in dreams; if you happen to have often dreamlike visions in which these animals are present, your first reaction is to try to get rid of them, just because what is bothering you bothers you and you would like to get rid of them to recover serenity.

If to appear in the dream is instead a head sprinkled with lice, the annoyance is probably caused by the numerous daily worries with which you have to deal daily and this ends up influencing the quality of sleep, making it tormented. Then there is a vision that is even more annoying: finding oneself in the head of the eggs deposited precisely by lice.

In this case, the eggs depict the fear, on the part of those who dream, of having revealed something that should have been kept secret. Behind this dream – however – there could also be another interpretation: the eggs represent a complete action that could have negative consequences. Anxiety and worry about these consequences disturb sleep, in the form of lice eggs in the hair.

The solution to get rid of lice in dreams is simple to say: identify and deal with the problem and solve the problems that create headaches. Only in this way can you recover serenity during the night’s rest.

Dreams about Lice – Symbolism

Dreaming of having lice – dream of lice on my head – dream of head lice – Dreaming of having head lice, surely reflects our state of mind, evidently the thoughts and problems you have in your head are more than one and unfortunately they do not leave you in peace, you feel tormented and annoyed by all the worries you have.

Dreaming of lice on someone else – in dreams it means that you are probably or you are freeing yourself from your problems, so improvements are expected within your life.

Dreaming black lice –  In the world of dreams, to dream lice as we have said is not a good sign, dreaming about them blacks is probably even worse. Lice feed on blood, so this image in the dream world can represent people around you, who exploit you and over time could give you big problems, the “annoyance” could become something irremediable.

Dreaming of white lice, certainly has a more proactive value, the thoughts and annoyances that worry you are more futile than what you actually believe, the problems will be easy to solve.

Dreaming lice on your son’s head –  In the world of dreams, to dream lice in the head of the child, undoubtedly reflects the sense of protection towards him, probably your child has had some problems with some friend at school, you are afraid for his well-being. In general, you may worry about him, because you are not happy with the friendships he is attending.

Dreaming lice in your daughter’s head – Lice are often easy to take right in schools, so they are the ones who are most at risk. Dreaming of lice on your daughter’s head may simply be a fear, perhaps caused by a small epidemic that occurred in some school. In other cases you are afraid that your behavior or attitudes may fall on your offspring.

Dreaming of lice eggs – In the world of dreams it is not a good omen, unpleasant surprises may soon present you in your life.

In other cases some events of your life have come up that you are not proud of, so you fear that they could affect the current life.

See head lice on other people’s heads – indicates that our problems are being solved and that we feel more relaxed.

Dreaming of head lice – dreaming of these parasites indicates upcoming events.

Seeing head lice on your head – it indicates that you are tormented by problems and situations that are not easily resolved.

Dreaming black lice – it is a negative dream and does not indicate anything good, it could be the representation of a problem that will never be solved.

Dreaming of white lice – on the contrary, compared to the vision of black ones, they indicate that the problems will be resolved positively.

Dreaming of killing the lice located in the head or on the clothes of another person – it is the help we will give to someone in solving a big problem.

Dreaming of having lice on your face – it means that a job promotion is coming.

Dreaming of killing head lice – it is the representation of our subconscious that indicates liberation from thoughts and worries.


The louse is a small insect that lives and reproduces on the head of the man (especially temples, nape and behind the ears) and feeds on blood. The female deposits up to ten eggs a day that are fixed, through a sticky substance, to the hair.

The infection occurs by contact, in fact the louse does not jump and does not fly and can live far from the human head for a maximum of 1-2 days. There are no preventative medications, but only remedies after infestation.

When we talk about head lice we always think about poor personal hygiene, however the truth is another, these parasites make their appearance if the hair is very clean that’s why children are the favorite “victims”.

Lice, being annoying parasites in real life, even in dreams have a strong discomfort value and represent worries and annoyances that we live every day or in other cases represent external factors and people who bring us trouble and sorrows.

However lice could reflect some aspects of our character that annoy us and we would like to change, attitudes that we cannot get rid of. Dreaming lice can also indicate that you have little self-confidence as well as being very sensitive.