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Dreams About Lizards – Meaning and Interpretation

The dreams we have during the night, always have specific meanings, which psychology has always interpreted far and wide to better understand the human psyche and it’s most intricate and hidden implications.

Each dream image has in fact its own background, often completely distant from what the person, the situation or the object dreamed normally communicate.

If we dream of lizards, for example, the meaning of the dream is all to be interpreted, starting first of all from the emotional condition and sensations that the dreamer has during sleep.

The lizard has in fact a complex and very varied symbolism and to it are linked models and omens of a different nature, sometimes even contrasting.

So, if we want to know what it means to dream lizards, we must first of all make up our mind about the sensations experienced during the dream.

Anxiety, fear, serenity and other emotional conditions in fact determine a correct interpretation, which otherwise could be inadequate.

Let’s start first of all with the understanding of the symbolism of the animal.

The lizard is a reptile, so a cold-blooded creature, so in negative it can identify, like the snake, people you can’t trust, who are putting us in trouble or from whom we fear misconduct.

Lizards Symbolism in Cultures

In Roman mythology for example, it was thought that the lizard went into hibernation during the winter season, thus symbolizing death and then, upon awakening, the resurrection. In Ancient Egypt, however, the lizard represented luck and wisdom.

But in dreams, what does it mean? The lizard in dreams is assimilated to the dragon and to all the psychic aspects linked to the shadow.

As such it embodies the unconscious forces that must be faced as tests or obstacles of life itself. Not being particularly aggressive animals nor so dangerous for humans – as a caiman could be – these little beings represent in a certain sense our survival instinct.

Despite this, many of us feel repulsion or disgust even when we see them. Those who are afraid of lizards, generally also fear reptiles, especially snakes. That for lizards is certainly an unmotivated fear since there is no real cause of danger that leads to fear these small animals.

Popular tradition considers dreaming a lizard as a lucky charm while in the modern interpretation of dreams it presages leaks and contrasts caused by enemies whose existence was not suspected.

The lizard is in fact a symbol of ambiguity and unpredictability and this aspect must always be taken into consideration in the interpretation of the dreams that see it as the protagonist.

Dreams about Lizards – Meaning

From a psychological point of view, the lizard in the dream – as already announced – is closely linked to our need to survive, to move forward in everyday life despite the difficulties and obstacles.

The only way to get out of a complex situation, for you, is to hide and seek the right countermeasure.

Although sometimes it would be sufficient to seek help from people who love us, specifically within the family unit.

Dreams about Lizards – Symbolism

Lizards in dreams – dreaming of a green lizard can bring a sense of annoyance and anxiety, but it is not always so, in fact it can also be associated with intimacy, a phallic symbol, which can appear in a dream to those women who do not live their intimacy in serene way.

Let us also remember that the lizard is also considered a lucky charm.

Dreaming of a big or giant lizard – it could represent huge problems that affect us or probably the people who are very close to us.

Dreaming of a lizard that bites – The lizard in general is a particularly strong, sun-resistant reptile, so dreaming of being bitten by a lizard could mean that you need some strength and vitality; as long as you are not afraid of them, in this case warn yourself from someone close to you.

Dreaming dead lizard – it could mean a loss of energy and interest in life, maybe you feel tired, you are probably not going through a particularly peaceful time.

Dreaming of a lizard in the house – as we have said, the lizard is also a symbol of luck, most likely dreaming about it at home is a good sign, and it could represent a propitious moment.

Dreaming lizard in the bed – The lizard also represents a part of the intimate sphere, so dreaming of a very large lizard could encompass all the fears and concerns of a woman towards intimacy.

Lizard with the severed tail – one of the most notable features of this reptile is the fact that, if the tail is severed, it does not lose its life. And indeed, with time the queue regenerates again.

You are therefore faced with a situation that apparently you think you have solved but that in reality is not really so, since there is the possibility that it will recur again in the future.

Cut off lizard’s tail – this could mean that the problem you are trying to solve will soon recur. But dreaming of a lizard that has its tail cut off could also mean the need to separate from a part of one’s life, to have a second chance in another life context.

Capturing lizard – it could be the index that something in our life is not going the right way. You should identify what makes you doubtful and uncertain, and try to resolve the issue before it becomes much more serious than it already is.

Stretching out in the sun – in this case you have to be careful, because it could be a trick. An apparently harmless person could plot something behind us. Injuring ourselves indelibly and over time.

Pink lizard – it is a symbol of passions, strong feelings that must be filtered by reason. Connect the brain before acting and don’t let yourself be carried away by the momentary passions that could turn out to be straw fires.

Green lizard – it represents the symbol of vegetative life, of renewal, of the change that is taking place or that is being planned. Something does not satisfy you and you want to forcefully change it.

Lizard that runs – this dream vision can indicate energy, vitality and strength that, despite adversity or difficulty, does not stop and emerge overbearing but nevertheless balanced. Take advantage of this vital moment to improve your situation, trying to get an important leap from a professional point of view.

Lizard who flees – this dream symbolizes betrayal, flight after deception. Someone disappointed and embittered you. But it could be yourself that you have not been up to your expectations, and that you must have pushed the people you care about away from you.

To be afraid of lizard – this dreamlike image foretells possible unexpected gains, from winnings to even rather important salary increases. But the gains could also be of another nature: esteem, respect, affection that you have earned over time from people to whom you hold in a really particular way.

Very big and monstrous lizard – this dream presages the fact that you can easily overcome a small problem, but that apparently seemed insurmountable. You tend to magnify problems, but then you always manage to regain control of the situation.

Caress a lizard – you will make peace with an enemy, or you will unmask one who hid under the guise of a sincere friend. Be very careful not to accuse an innocent person, because people know how to be deeply vindictive.

Lizard that changes skin – it means that you will face many difficulties, that changes are taking place that you will not be able to stop. But the change is not always negative, indeed, often the novelties are carriers of fresh air, of vitality.

Many lizards – they are synonymous with problems caused by hasty decisions. Think well before acting and be cautious in your judgments, especially when it comes to family and friends. A dream that wants to warn you to proceed with extreme caution, always and in any case.

In a cage – this dream indicates that you could make interesting encounters, but that could also prove, at a later date, too demanding to sustain. So be careful not to get too involved.

Lizard on the road – this oneiric experience indicates that you are fast approaching a period of great nervousness, which could reflect negatively on all aspects of your life. It could be due to professional or personal dissatisfaction.

Lizard on the wall – something is blocking you, preventing you from expressing yourself for what you really are. Dare, come out into the open, let yourself go and show everyone what you can do and who you really are. Only then can you face all the people head on.

Lizard in the water – a great desire for change, for psycho-physical renewal comes over you, and will lead you to seek in every way an improvement, a career advancement, a new, more satisfying love. You want to improve your situation, and you are ready for anything to do it.

Lizard with two queues – too many doubts, too many choices to make without knowing well which is the right one, too many directions that your life is taking. You are losing control, try to recover the reins of your life, directing it to the right tracks.


Lizards are also a symbol of rebirth and positively, they can represent an important change in our lives. Let us not forget that the lizard manages to free itself from its predators by “giving up” even the tail, which grows naturally again after some time.

For this reason, dreaming of lizards could represent the exit from a complicated phase that we are experiencing triumphantly. In this case the meaning is of oppression of enemies or of pressing and heavy situations, to the advantage of our conquered serenity and success.

But the lizard is also a symbol linked to sexuality, especially if in the dream we see it crawling and sinuously moving. It could also represent repressed desires and unfulfilled or unfulfilled passions.

It is up to us to understand how in reality we are happy with our lives between the sheets and how much we would rather give it a turn, putting a little more spice in a relationship that we are experiencing or starting a new one.