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Dreams About Mice – Interpretation and Meaning

It must have happened to you, at least once in your life, to dream of mice while you sleep. In fact, it is an activity that is far from rare and is usually manifested in some particular moments in the life of each of us.

According to some interpretations of dream images, dreaming of mice normally arouses fear or disgust, probably because these small animals appear unpredictable, capable of running fast and crawling everywhere.

In short, they usually represent the impossibility of controlling some unforeseen events and the anxiety that results, but they are often also associated with problems or impending dangers, the impossibility of crossing an obstacle and even the awareness of being surrounded by people who are not sincere.

In summary, the image of mice is substantially negative. However, not all mice are the same and the interpretation of the dream varies profoundly depending on the color and type of rat that appears in dream visions.

Dreaming of a white mouse, for example, does not create disgust and indeed has a positive value, because the white-colored rat is associated with tenderness and not fear. Your unconscious, therefore, is probably quiet.

Dreaming of a dark colored mouse, for example black or gray, has instead a negative value and – as mentioned above – can symbolize the fear of an imminent danger, the awareness of the existence of a problem to be solved. Alternatively, identify the feeling that something is not in the right place, such as a partner, a friend, an acquaintance you no longer trust and who could betray your trust.

Dreaming of a mouse in a large house, or even a giant mouse, means that your concern is quite important and occupies an important place in your daily thoughts. If, on the contrary, the mouse you dream of is dead, the meaning changes completely: it means that the problem that tormented you, or that was frequently repeated in your mind, is being resolved or even overcome. In fact, it symbolizes the end of sentences

Mice Symbolism in Cultures

In the case of this animal the designation prevalent in Italian is probably not of Indo-European origin, but Mediterranean. It is in fact the result of the late Latin talpus (from mole, which is of Mediterranean origin). In the northern area * talp has changed to * taup-, to reach the term nowadays unchanged; until the last century it had a more or less equal spread to “mouse”, also “mouse”, but today more and more disused. It also probably has Mediterranean origins.

While the Romance languages ​​have undergone through the Latin this Mediterranean influence (French taupe, Spanish topo, Catalan taup) in the Germanic ones the word has remained in forms more faithful to the Indo-European origins: English mouse, German Maus: here the root has remained evident Indo-European * mus, which manifested itself in almost unchanged forms from Latin to high German and Old Norse and from Sanskrit to Greek, up to modern Prussian; in ancient Slavic it appears as myši, in Armenian as mukn and in the Albanian in the form mi.

To these words the Italian “rat” is still to be added, deriving from an onomatopoeic series in which the two consonants “r” and “t” had to refer to the idea of ​​”gnawing” (whose root was * rod / * rad) ; similar shapes to “rat”, as Devoto points out, are attested throughout the Romance area and in the western Germanic area (Provençal and French rat, Spanish and Portuguese rato, German Ratte), but probably also in the Celtic area (Breton raz, middle Irish installment, Gaelic radàn).

Often the symbolic meaning of animals, plants, colors and various manifestations of the natural world can be sensed even today quite spontaneously, especially if an adequate sensitivity is developed.

This is also the case of the mouse: it is natural for everyone to associate this animal with filth, with the despicable lowness and obscurity, often morbid. In the traditions this is in fact the predominant character.

This is particularly due to the fact that this animal often digs its own burrows underground, and that it is thus linked to the telluric world. Thus the cave takes on its dark, moist and shady character.

As frequently happens in Christian symbolism, often dualistic, it is an animal struck by a horrible characterization, and is in fact associated with the devil. Thus in iconography, a medieval species, it is represented intent on gnawing at the roots of the tree of life. This vaguely brings to mind the image of another mythical rodent, namely the Nordic Ratatoskr.

Like many other animals, this sort of symbolic squirrel lives near the tree of the world Yggdrasil: he runs continuously up and down the trunk, and acts as a link between the eagle, which is perched on the highest branches, and a tremendous snake that torments the roots, since its task is to report the bad words that the two animals intend to exchange.

The meaning here is different: as Gianna Chiesa Isnardi well understands, “To the squirrel Ratatoskr,” tooth that pierces “, rather than a symbolic value, the myth attributes the function of incarnating the image of speed: its figure is given the task of to ensure that the antagonism between Heaven and Earth, between spiritual and material, between good and evil has run uninterrupted “: it would seem a sad description of our age.

Dreams about Mice – Meaning

What does it mean to dream mice? As often happens, even in this case (according to Freud for the psychological meaning of dreaming mice) we can associate the rat with the “fearsome” male reproductive organ as this symbol is frequently present in female dreams (the mouse, not the phallus!).

The fear that his sight may have may be due to the fact that this little animal slips everywhere even where one would not want it to arrive. Like the aforementioned reptile, the rat could also express anxieties and fears about the “usual” sexuality.

The symbolic meaning of the mouse: according to Greek mythology the mice were sacred to the god Apollo having these function of guiding the souls in the Hereafter and it is for this fact that we find them in different effigies of tombstones and funeral monuments.

The rats do not only embody feelings of disgust and horror, even if they move in the shadows secretly, they are dirty and bearers of diseases like the black plague, we must not forget that mice are also part of our childhood, so we can therefore, to find positive messages of the characters such as Mickey Mouse (Mickey Mouse) and the equally cute and funny mice for children, Geronimo Stilton and Stuart Little, therefore, know that our dear little mouse besides being intelligent and astute, can also be interpreted as a sign of your shyness.

Dreams about Mice – Symbolism

Dreaming of mice and cats, the unconscious might suggest that perhaps we hide in the shadow of someone else; it could be envy or jealousy that creeps into us; or, they can represent enemy presences in our relationships.

Dreaming of a mouse that is chased by a cat – maybe someone interferes in your life, or you want to influence someone else’s life.

Dreaming of mice and snakes – is extremely widespread, especially among women due to the psychological significance that Freud places on the sexual and phallic image they can assume, so together with the mouse the snake in dreams can do nothing but validate the symbolism they express with a greater emphasis.

However between mice, snakes and cockroaches in dreams I do not know what is worse to dream.

To dream of so many mice or mice instead of just one – is to be interpreted as a symptom of a particularly strong or confusing malaise; there is likely to be more than one problem to deal with.

Dreaming of a running mouse – if the mice run it is important to catch the direction, if they run towards the opposite side of the dreamer this should alarm us when we are in a phase of danger so that we do not know how to go out of it, a wise person would follow the mice towards salvation.

On the contrary, if the mice run towards the dreamer, then there is a threat that is about to reach us.

Dreaming of a mouse that escapes if the mouse represents you – it is possible that you are running away from problems and why not, from a moment all of us celebrity; it depends on the contexts and clearly on ourselves. If the mouse represents someone else, who are you really chasing?

Dreaming fake mouse – you don’t have to worry, sometimes the neurons in the brain in organizing the memories can generate dream images of this kind, and therefore it is not said that the dream necessarily has a hidden meaning, especially if you have had contact with a cat at home, but it is not strictly necessary.

However if you are puzzled, ask yourself the role that the game plays in your life.

Dreaming of a house invaded by mice – it is not a very positive sign as the house is the most intimate and important place for us, the invasion of mice suggests a constant and pounding malaise, something that makes our family or partner balance waver .

Dreaming of domestic mice, or, Dreaming of cartoon mice- it is a positive sign, when we run into these mice without being afraid of it, we have a memory linked to childhood to growth but it can also remind us that the time has come to grow.

Dreaming of mice in the bed- even in this case we talk about relationships, a little mouse in the bed could be a fixed thought, something that troubles us, fear of betrayal, and fear that the other is not happy.

Dreaming of a white, friendly mouse – that does not create you disgust, but also pleasant to touch, as can happen with hamsters, should not create you worries, the symbolism is transformed with positive value, your unconscious is “calm”. Dreaming of white or domestic white mice is a soothing vision, however it may also indicate a need for cleanliness, simplicity or perhaps protection.


In dreams, the mouse or the mice are seen as the rodents of human consciousness, as are the negative thoughts that distress and torment us, finding neither relief nor peace if they are not expressed and driven out of our psyche by solving one.

It is for this reason that mice can often be considered as enemy presences among our relationships, not all our friends are always sincere with us (let’s be clear … who is always sincere?). Dreaming of it could warn us of dangers lurking.

According to the more mystical artemidorica oniromanzia, which therefore has nothing to do with psychology, it can even mean that you can have luck in love and a happy marriage, in addition, can also be interpreted as a sign of eternity and long life, then , good health and good fortune that tells you