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Dreams About Miscarriage – Meaning and Interpretation

What does it mean to dream of having an abortion? The complex meanings of this dream revolve around the symbolism of pregnancy and the fetus that refer to a change of state, something new, the beginning of a new life, a flicker. In this sense, there can be a reference either to something inside us, a new attitude, a new way of doing, something we feel, an inner change, or something external like a project.

Therefore, dreaming of abortion can mean the distancing of what could have begun or what is in progress, but in different senses and with various nuances.

Therefore, even the way we feel in the dream can give us some inspiration.

The dream of abortion, in fact, can be associated with a feeling of displeasure and fear, but we can also feel liberation or feel guilty and want to go back.

Dreaming of an abortion can represent the desire to remove something that you do not feel fully yours or for which you still do not feel ready. But the dream can also represent the denial of something that you insist on not wanting to face, even within you.

If you feel relief, you can also postpone the end of something that worried you. If you feel remorse, then maybe you could insist on how much you want if there are difficulties getting it.

The dream of miscarriage could mean the loss of something. What does it mean to dream of having an abortion if you have really lived this experience? Perhaps there is a reference to the need to dwell on how you feel and how the event is processed.

Miscarriage Symbolism in Cultures

It does not matter if you see that it is induced or spontaneous, dreaming about abortion leaves you with a very bad taste accompanied by a not very pleasant feeling of sadness.

We cannot deny that you are facing a total nightmare that has a rather negative meaning, except that right now you are pregnant. If so, dreaming about abortion has no meaning. This is just an oneiric experience that attends to the frequent fears of pregnancy.

On the other hand, if you do not find yourself pregnant and you end up dreaming about abortion, you should be alert as this is a dream that presages the arrival of misfortunes. Dreaming of abortions is closely related to health problems, however, it can also be related to future economic losses. In short, it is a dream that announces future losses.

When analyzing the meaning of dreaming about pregnancy, we know that it announces the arrival of new projects, a new love or a new job, so the meaning of dreaming about an abortion reveals the failure of all those plans.

If you have many surprising ideas and plans in mind, this is probably not the best time to execute them. Dreaming of spontaneous abortion is the way your subconscious tells you that you are suffering from serious self-esteem problems.

Inside you feel that your dignity is being dragged along the ground. In order to regain confidence, you must begin to walk taking firm steps and make decisions with your heart and reason.

If you dream abortion and blood reveals that you are a person who feels very afraid to bring a new person to the world. In the same way, it can be the revelation of an unconscious fear to suffer during your pregnancy and the end of the birth. If you want to understand this dream a bit more, you can consult the meaning of dreaming with blood.

Dreaming of abortion while pregnant indicates that conceiving a child is an experience that causes you much fear and anxiety.

Your constant fear of suffering the loss of your baby or that this does not come completely healthy to this world makes you spend the night very badly. Stop worrying, it’s just a dream. If you have any questions, you can consult your gynecologist or obstetrician.

Dreaming of another person’s abortion is undoubtedly a dream experience that has a negative meaning. It will never bring good news.

However, seeing abortion from afar without being a participant in it has a very different meaning. It is a dream that reveals to you that you will have small problems in your life, but with effort and dedication you will be able to overcome them.

Dreams about Miscarriage – Meaning

Abortion in dreams is a symbol of the sudden interruption of a situation. It can be lived in a tragic and painful way, with anguish and the fear of loss or, more rarely, as a sort of liberation from something or someone.

Spontaneous abortion in dreams can be associated with the fear of external events that can influence or change the situation one lives, as happens in the following dream made by a young woman whose fiancé left for a period of work abroad:

With this dream the subconscious mind of the dreamer is elaborating the theme of “loss”: the departure of her boyfriend. Losing the embryo is tantamount to losing a project that is still in an “embryonic” state, but that has nourished, warmed, caressed with the mind and the consequent loss of blood and liquids seems to bind to all the emotions related to this situation: fear… insecurity … regret.

Perhaps the boy’s departure has reawakened in the young man the fear of losing him and above all the fear of seeing what was planned together, the life he had thought of living with him wrecked.

In the same way, abortion in dreams can indicate the dreamer’s difficulties in carrying out projects that have already begun, the unconscious desire or need to put an end to a state of tension and all the activities aimed at achieving a goal.

If the abortion presents itself with copious losses of blood, the image takes on a more tragic connotation, it will then be necessary to reflect on its own self-destructive self, work on the dualism of creation-education and ask some questions.

Answering these questions can help you to recognize the percentage of personal “choice” in your dream abortion: to recognize the need for a part of you that loves withdrawal and fears competition, while the resulting bleeding (when there are) becomes the symptom of the suffering of some other aspect of itself that instead wants to “do”, wants to move, wants to “create”. An inner conflict then arises between the need to create and the fear of doing it which, through the dream, can come to light and be elaborated.

Abortion in dreams, even with all the meanings linked to the interruption of projects and already established objectives, is frequently connected to the body and its most intimate needs.

It can reflect the lack of desire or sexual pleasure in a marital relationship, the refusal to receive and retain the partner’s fluids, a delayed menstruation and the consequent “discomfort” and need for elimination. Just as it can indicate all the fears and anxieties that a woman is experiencing during a real pregnancy and that she cannot express during the day.

Dreams about Miscarriage – Symbolism

It is a fairly common dream in those people who are going through moments in their lives, moments of sadness or moments of depression. Commonly the meaning of dreaming about abortion is closely related to sadness, family problems, and serious health problems or in its most radical form, with death.

Dream of miscarriage when pregnant – If it is the case that you are a pregnant woman and you have ended up having this kind of dream, you should not suffer excessively, since these types of dreams are not premonitory and are not indicating or guessing the future. We could highlight that dreams with abortions are related to a certain profile of women, young women or adolescent girls with an age close to 20 years.

When this nightmare occurs in a person who has previously suffered an abortion, you should know that in your subconscious you are playing a dirty trick and you will have to face this nightmare with great serenity. On many occasions our mind suffers and ends up harming us in one way or another, see dreaming of abortions as a clear example of punishment and suffering. As a council, you should not give it more importance and try to relax so that this nightmare does not happen again.

Before trying to investigate and inquire more about the meaning or interpretation of this dream you should know that the meaning of dreaming about pregnancy or dreaming about babies indicates good news and it is very common to dream of one of these dreams mentioned after having a nightmare with an abortion. Many times these dreams occur in people who are going through a bad patch in their personal or work life, these types of dreams bring poverty, fights, dismissal, frustration or loss and generally do not augur good things.

Dream about abortion (man) – When a man dreams of abortion this is interpreted as failures in his social life or in his love or sentimental life, he will not do well in love or with friends. It is also related to negative work aspects. If you have come to dream of an abortion and you were present at the time of the event, this indicates bad news or auguries for the dreamer.

When a woman dreams of an abortion, this is interpreted as a warning so that her health is not forgotten and more attention is paid to the one she is giving right now. It is time to take care of yourself and take things much more calmly.

On many occasions the dream of an abortion may be indicating a very important decision making for the direction of your life, pay attention and choose well, a bad decision or an incorrect indecision could bring you many misfortunes or problems in the short, medium and long term.

This dream can be given in both women and men, if you have dreamed of aborting it may be indicating the desire and longing to bring a baby to the world, however your financial situation and your current personal situation are preventing it. Abortion in dreams is a symbol of the sudden interruption of a situation. It can be lived in a tragic and painful way, with anguish and the fear of loss or, more rarely, as a sort of liberation from something or someone.

Dream of assisting miscarriage – If we dream that we help an abortion to take place actively or passively, this augurs bad news, it is warning us of health problems or accidents that we will suffer soon.

Dream of an abortion with blood – Dream of abortion and a lot of blood, you should know the meaning of dreaming of blood and later if in the dream you are losing a lot of blood during the abortion, this indicates your fears to bring a new person to the world.

It may also indicate fear of suffering during your pregnancy stage and in the final stage of delivery.

Normally and as you have been able to verify, it is a dream with a bad interpretation and it never brings good news.

However, if we observe abortion from afar and we are not participants in it, this has a totally different meaning, only indicates small problems that we can overcome with effort and dedication.

How you have been able to verify the dreaming of abortion is a bad omen and is accompanied by bad news, it also has a greater relationship with other dreams that do not bode well, even it could be cataloged with the typical dream where we come to dream of accidents, they are dreams It does not have a positive connotation and can rarely bring good news usually.


Dreaming of a miscarriage can indicate the loss of a job, the failure of a project that has already begun, the dissolution of a personality component, or a malfunctioning in life. The dreaming needs time to process the events.

Miscarriage expresses uncertainties and changes in the awake life. In men’s dreams, this image expresses one’s own misconduct. In women’s dreams she usually describes the fear of not getting something that one desperately longs for.

Abortion in dreams, even with all the meanings linked to the interruption of projects and already established objectives, is frequently connected to the body and its most intimate needs.

It can reflect the lack of desire or sexual pleasure in a marital relationship, the refusal to receive and retain the partner’s fluids, a delayed menstruation and the consequent “discomfort” and need for elimination.

The interpretation also depends on whether she had previously had a miscarriage, – if so, then the dream can be an indication that she had not taken enough time to mourn at that time.

Even women who have an abortion occasionally dream of miscarriages, if they have not yet coped emotionally with the loss of the child. Pregnant women may sometimes be afraid of complications during pregnancy.

Either way, this dream can often occur and completely shift us of the course. No matter how terrible it might seem, this dream doesn’t have to be something bad. Interpret all the hidden symbols behind it and accept the message that has been sent to you, to get a clearer picture.