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Dreams About Monkeys – Interpretation and Meaning

History of human development is closely related to that of the monkey, so the monkey is the animal that resembles the human most.

Since man is descended from the monkey, there are still many parallels that can be recognized.

Monkeys sometimes behave foolishly, over-turned and – depending on the monkey – even like an arrogant snob.

Last but not least, that’s why we like to refer to a human dork or a dolt as a monkey.

Monkey dreams are quite common, but to interpret them correctly, the behavior of monkeys in dreams is important. If the monkey symbolizes the animal and appears as a sexual symbol, then this is interpreted as an indication of a connection of the dreaming, in which there is a lack of emotions.

If the dreaming of a monkey, such as a monkey bitten, wants to warn the dream image of false friends and hypocrisy.

Monkey Symbolism in Cultures

The relationship of humans to monkeys varies greatly in cultures and has changed several times over the course of time.

While the monkey in the Middle Ages was considered devilish, since he was the symbol of the sinful animalistic, he was still worshiped in antiquity with the death god Thoth.

At that time, the monkey was interpreted as a reminder of the mortality of man. As a dream symbol, the monkey appears very often during sleep and is usually seen there as a sign of another side of the dreaming.

Dreams about Monkey – Meaning

Although at first glance it may seem strange, one of the most haunting dreams is to dream of a monkey.

Dreaming of any animal, often and willingly takes the meaning according to the character attributed to the animal, so if for example we dream of a monkey in this case, we must first understand what value this kind of animal has for us, we consider it intelligent, it makes us think of a strong evolution, of freedom, of completely exotic places, or we still have his image in a film, all these feelings linked to our imagination of the monkey are the very first step towards understanding the dream, then the real meaning is enriched even more depending on the actions that this animal performs during the dream, if they turn to us, to others, if it transmits fear, happiness or tenderness.

The monkey, considered by science to be the ancestor of man, in fact these animals are quite intelligent, some species can easily be trained, sometimes some species of monkeys are also kept as companion animals for their own ability to adapt to man.

Monkeys can often be territorial and aggressive animals too, and despite their intelligence they are always moved by the animal spirit that is within them.

Dreaming of an ape that attacks us can represent our hidden fear, perhaps we fear people who are unpredictable and aggressive, or perhaps the monkey itself represents our hidden self, a part of us, which would like to be decidedly stronger and leave us push from your primal instincts.

The whole thing may seem strange, but also to dream of a newborn monkey or a newborn animal, may represent that we feel the need to take care of someone, maybe we are not completely ready to have a child, but in ours while we are giving the idea of being able to have a baby, or of being able to take care of someone with all the love we have inside.

A newborn monkey therefore indicates the need to give tenderness and love to someone, to face growth and the passage towards an adult and responsible life.

Dreams about Monkey – Symbolism

Dream about monkey playing – If the dreaming sees some monkeys playing and jumping from branch to branch, this is interpreted in dream research as a longing for one’s own childhood.

Usually this is also a sign that the dreaming had too short a childhood and had to grow up too fast.

But a monkey dream can also mean that the dreaming too often imitates other people, so it “apes” and not himself is.

Sometimes the monkey changes in the dream world and it becomes more and more human. In this case, one interprets the dream as a sign that the dreaming becomes aware of his animal side.

Mostly, the monkey in his sleep is a kind of caricature of the dreaming and shows his urges and passions.

Therefore, for a correct interpretation always pay attention to the behavior of the monkey in the dream.

This dream symbol can also be an indication of the fear that the dreaming in the watch world is afraid of being misunderstood by his fellow human beings and not being understood. Maybe the people make fun of the dreaming and he feels bad. In the spiritual interpretation, the monkey symbolizes the animal in the human being, that is, the animal side of the personality.

Dreaming of the monkey today is considered one of the most chasing dreams in the mind of us people.

Often, more often than not, dreaming of the usual animals takes meaning depending on the character that is attributed to the animal, so if in this case a monkey is dreamed of during the night, it is imperative to first understand what value it has for each of us this animal, if considered intelligent, suggests a simple evolution, freedom, exotic places and much more.

Dream of monkey attacking you – For example, to dream of a monkey attacking us is something normal, considering that monkeys are territorial animals that at the same time can suddenly become aggressive, and despite having an important intelligence they are always moved by the animal spirit that is in them from the moment of birth.

Dreaming of an ape that for various reasons attacks us, can represent a strong hidden fear of ours, perhaps we fear the people who have a hard and unpredictable nature, or perhaps the monkey represents more simply our hidden IO, an inner part of ourselves, which he would like to be decidedly stronger and be driven by his primal instincts.

At first glance it can always be very strange, but also to dream of a newborn monkey or a newborn animal, can mean that we feel the need to take care of someone, maybe inside we do not feel completely ready to have a child, but in our mind the idea of being able to have a baby, or of being able to take care of someone giving her a strong love, is emerging.

Dream of a newborn monkey – A newborn monkey in a few words indicates the need to give love and sweetness to someone, to face growth and the transition to an adult life that requires greater responsibility. Obviously if you dream of a monkey there are many other interpretations, but we have reported the most popular ones.

In dreams even animals are very important, in fact everyone has his characteristic that is carried out and that is made to understand in relation to our way of placing ourselves in everyday life.

So every animal that there comes in a dream, represents for us a warning that we must have towards the life we lead.

When we find ourselves dreaming of a monkey, for example, this could be a warning about our fall in style, or our way of being too instinctive. In fact the monkey is an animal that refers a lot to its instinct, so it is simply the fall of man to the animal stage, at most that the monkey is considered the previous ring to man in the evolutionary chain of animals.


In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the monkey in the dream symbolizes man, who is uncivilized, animalistic and materialistically orientated. This person has few spiritual interests. The dream image can ask the dreaming that he should mature and develop further.

Apart from this, unfortunately a real interpretation turns out to be difficult and there is not much to say except to rely on our intuition regarding this animal.

We actually think where we see this monkey in the dream, where we are and in what context we see it or make its appearance.

The monkey is an animal that, in addition to its primordial instinct, also makes a great deal of reference to its instinct as a parent, maternal or paternal, which, like all animals, also brings with it this instinct towards its children.