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Dreams About Mountains – Meaning and Symbolism

What does it mean to dream of a mountain to climb? The article answers this and other questions by presenting the general meanings of the mountain in the dreams inherited from the most ancient symbolism.

There are numerous dreamlike images in which everyone can recognize their own symbolic mountain.

Dreaming of a mountain, going up, down, reaching the summit has meanings related to the symbolism of ascension and movement from one state to another of the human experience.

The mountain stands as a great obstacle or great opportunity, a place where the energies of the human and the divine merge, in which it is possible to rise spiritually and intellectually.

In which you can achieve results or stay still, struggling with the weight of the body, the fear of danger, the risk.

Dreaming of a mountain is a symbol of the journey of the dreamer struggling with the difficulties and challenges of his aspirations. Its meaning is connected to the path of life and growth, its paths and its challenges are deeply connected to the psychic evolution and to the path of individuation.

It is an image of fertility and rebirth: the mountain is linked to the feminine and to the maternal and protective energy; its soft and gentle curves symbolize the roundness of the woman, the abundance and fertility of the earth.

Only the rocky peaks and the vertical mountains have a phallic symbolism for Freud and indicate the emergence of desire, the power and energy of the phallus and the very capacity for procreation.

Dreams About Mountains – Meaning

The mountain in dreams represents, due to its size, an obstacle to be overcome with effort and commitment. Dreaming of climbing a mountain is a path of improvement and growth that can be linked to every aspect of your life, both material and spiritual.

Mountains and mountains are places that have always fascinated man, who on the top of the mountain feels close to God and pervaded by a sense of intense spirituality.

Standing on the top of a mountain, you are close to Heaven and at the same time you can see the whole landscape below; the world seems very small; our problems appear under a new perspective, we can distance ourselves from our daily worries.

Many peoples have had their sacred mountain, venerated as the seat or manifestation of divinity (for example, Mount Sinai, where Moses received the tablets of the Law, or Olympus, the home of the gods according to the ancient Greeks); this is why many mountains are objects of religious worship and a place of pilgrimage on the part of those who want to purify themselves from material desires. The mountains represent a place of spiritual elevation, where the consciousness expands and embraces a higher, freer and more authentic dimension.

Dreams About Mountains – Symbolism

Dreaming of high, very high mountains: a big mountain that causes you anxiety and loss could be a problem, an obstacle that stands in your way; the great mountain ranges you see in dreams can allude to something you perceive as a limit, an insurmountable barrier.

Alternatively, seeing a large and beautiful mountain in front of you could symbolize your greatest aspirations, your goals, which you probably know are ambitious and difficult to achieve.

Dreaming of green, blue, blue, red, purple, black, White Mountains, etc.: every color in dreams has its own precise meaning, which I invite you to learn more about.

Dream of being in the mountains, take a trip to the mountains – Being in the mountains for a walk, admiring the alpine landscape, seeing the snow-covered mountains, white, enjoying the clean air, drinking pure spring water, are all activities that in the dreams, as well as in reality, regenerate spirit and mind.

If in your dreams you often find yourself living and exploring the mountain in such a positive, beautiful, serene way, it means that you are a person who loves contact with nature, spirituality and mysticism that inspire these pristine places. See also, in particular, the meaning of snow, closely related to purity.

Even dreaming of grassy mountains, full of greenery, trees, vegetation and woods can be an important message of psychic regeneration.

Dreaming of driving up a mountain, through narrow and dangerous streets and lanes, can instead be a source of anxiety, which can be linked to an anxious state of mind.

Dreaming of climbing a mountain – Dreaming of getting on a mountain means that you want to work to improve your condition, push yourself up, give your best; this may concern work, studies, material aspects of existence, those in which you feel the competitive drive; but it could also be an inner maturation; it may be that your desire is just to get away from earthly matters to get closer to the Absolute.

Climb a mountain, climb a rocky mountain a mountain to climb can also be a problem to solve, an obstacle to overcome: it can be easy, maybe go up a comfortable staircase that takes you quickly to the top.

But more often in dreams the path is fraught with difficulties: go down steep streets, you have to climb narrow mountain paths, or even find yourself climbing up the rocky wall with your bare hands; you feel all the fatigue of the climb, you miss your breath, you are afraid of falling, you seem to never get to the top, the mountain gets higher and higher as you progress, etc.

If there is someone who accompanies you on the climb (a family member, a colleague, a friend, etc.), this person can give you a clue as to what is the scope of your life to which this dream may refer; otherwise it can represent an inner characteristic that can be particularly useful for you to grow spiritually.

According to Freud the fact of climbing a mountain can have a meaning related to sexual excitement; not being able to rise, according to this interpretation, it could therefore allude to problems or inhibitions in the sphere of sexuality.

Dreaming of reaching the top of the mountain – is certainly a good omen, because it is the achievement of your goals, after so much effort and effort.

The summit is also a point from which you can see a beautiful panorama, feel yourself close to the sky, and away from earthly worries; contemplate everything from a higher perspective. Being so high can indicate that you really feel at the top of your physical, mental and spiritual condition. Being on the top of the mountain and contemplating the view

However, there are also many situations in which dreaming of being on the top of a mountain does not give you joy, but fear and anguish: you are so afraid of falling, you look down and see the emptiness below, and you feel a sense of vertigo, if not true and really terror.

This could depend on a sense of guilt or inadequacy (you seem to be “too high”, feel that you do not deserve it), or from the fear of losing what you have earned.

Dreaming of coming down from a mountain – Get off a mountain: you have given up a project that is too difficult to carry out; it may be a rethink necessary to better plan your journey, or your own ‘tendency’ of character that leads you to give up easily, to avoid confronting problems and difficulties, or to avoid what involves effort, commitment and effort.

Going down after the climb can indicate that the most critical moment is now behind you, now you can relax, the descent has begun. It can also indicate the need to return to the community after a period of isolation.

Dreaming of falling from a mountain – Falling from a mountain, falling down with the car, falling into emptiness, falling and dying, etc.: you can interpret it as a warning dream; maybe you’re hurrying time, you’re too eager to reach your goals; better to wait for the right moment, be more cautious, or risk being disappointed, failing.

Are you really sure, too, that the final destination is within your reach? Maybe you’re stubborn about doing something too difficult for yourself.

Alternatively, dreaming of falling from the mountain can also warn you that you are facing a problem the wrong way; there may be a different, less inaccessible, easier solution.

See also what it means to fall in dreams.

Dreaming mountain that landslides that explodes, that burns – Dreaming of a mountain that collapses, that collapses, that comes down: a mountain that crumbles can mean that in some area of ​​your life there are vulnerabilities; even what apparently seems solid and indestructible could be annihilated.

Perhaps some sudden events (traumas, losses, illnesses …) have destabilized you, put your certainties into question.

Dreaming of a mountain that explodes – that erupts, that trembles: emotional tensions, repressed emotions that risk to emerge with violence. See also Earthquake, Vulcan.

Dreaming of burning mountain – the fire can be a symbol of strong passions burning within you.

Dreaming of large round boulders that fall from the mountain – the fall of mountain rocks can indicate negative thoughts that discourage you.

Dreaming of a mountain that moves, that moves – if you move the mountain, then this shows your great determination; if the mountain moves by itself, then this could mean that it is more prudent to wait for the course of events before making important decisions.


It shows the progress and evolution of the dreamer and represents the transcendent function: the fatigue and suffering of dealing with the unconscious, the energy that is released from the tension between opposites, feeling attracted to one or the other extreme (earth and sky, matter and spirit, conscious and unconscious).

For Jung, the mountain is equivalent to “sweating the tension of opposites” as in the work of rooting the Conscious I which is the purpose of the Voice Dialogue session.

The following paragraph on the symbolism of the mountain is taken from the first version of this article written 10 years ago for the Portal Supereva.

Still today he expresses what I intend to communicate. I only add a summary of the meanings for greater clarity and convenience of the reader.