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Dreams About Mushrooms – Meaning and Symbolism

You know, mushrooms sprout from the earth and dream them can be interpreted as a clear suggestion – on the part of your unconscious – to live life in a more instinctive, less reflective way, giving space to your creative power.

Mushrooms represent your strong need – physical and spiritual – to let you go and loosen any kind of brake. The fact that they are born from the earth is a reminder of inner feelings.

So if in your dreams the fungus is a recurrent element it means that inside you there are unexpressed feelings or hidden qualities and you feel the need to externalize these inner motions.

Making them public and letting them emerge is a way to make you discover and bring down that veil of modesty you have been carrying with you for too long. Open up to news and a new period of growth.

Dreams About Mushrooms – Meaning

Mushrooms in dreams are linked to the archetype of death-rebirth. They are born and grow on substrates of macerated substances, among molds and dead leaves, and are the symbol of what nourishes and grows by exploiting the decomposition and fermentation of organic material. Taking advantage of the death present in nature.

In Eastern cultures, especially in China, they represent longevity, perhaps due to the possibility of being dried up and preserved, or due to the tendency to recur and be reborn in the same places. Mushrooms in dreams remind the dreamer that what disappears and dies reappears in another form and with new strength.

Dreaming of mushrooms therefore has a function linked to the vital energy and to its perpetuation, to the growth of thoughts and ideas, to real eruptions of creativity, to the contents that go back from the depths of the unconscious and that the dreamer can finally “seize”.

The meaning of mushrooms in dreams as for the plants that are born and thrive on the earth, is connected to the inner motions (unexpressed feelings, hidden qualities, recognized needs) that emerge and can finally be “seen” by the dreamer bringing newness and growth.

Mushrooms are a gift from the forest, a delightful discovery, an unexpected surprise, for those who love looking for them (and finding them) and for those who love to cook them and eat them.

If we report all this on a dreamlike level, finding mushrooms in dreams will be like finding oneself face to face with something unexpected and positive that, in the sometimes tiring and suffered path of life, will mark a small pause, a moment of enlightenment and awareness.

Mushrooms in dreams can be connected to what one can encounter on one’s path and which can be a source of joy, surprise or deception. It should not be forgotten, in fact, that there are toxic mushrooms whose ingestion can also lead to death.

So the dreamer will have to reflect on the sensations and impressions that his dreams leave in his dreams: the awareness of being in front of poisonous mushrooms can be interpreted as an important message of the unconscious, a signal of attention and prudence in the face of solicitations external and to the various surprises that the real world can reserve.

In the symbolism of the fungi the predilection for the humid environment, the favorable element of the rain and the full moon, the rapidity with which they are born and grow (how many times we hear them say: it grows like a mushroom) that connect them to fertility, should also be considered to wealth, to abundance.

While the erect and phallic shape of some species is considered by Freudian interpreters as a symbol of a small penis, and of a possible inferiority complex of the dreamer, or of sexual desire or fear of the sex of the dreamer.

However, it is always good not to crystallize on pre-packaged and static interpretations, but to focus on the manifest content of one’s dream, on the sensations and associations it causes. In addition to stop to evaluate the importance of mushrooms in their own reality.

This means that if the dreamer is a passionate mushroom, dreaming of mushrooms can refer to his desires for recreation or the need for relaxation; if the dreamer is a gourmet, dreaming of eating mushrooms will be linked to his need for gratification and fullness, if the dreamer does not love mushrooms, dreaming of looking for them or eating them will bring to light feelings of unpleasantness which, duly analyzed and linked to reality, may indicate equally unpleasant situations.

Dreams about Mushrooms – Symbolism

Dreaming of finding oneself in front of mushrooms is like finding oneself in front of something unexpected. It is a delightful discovery that will lead you to rediscover a period of serenity and awareness, after having traveled a path of your tortuous and painful life.

However, not all mushrooms are a sign of good luck. In fact it may be that in the dream you can run into poisonous mushrooms.

In this case the dream wants to alert you, it is a sign of attention and invites you to be more cautious about situations that arise in your life.

You should ask yourself what are the jealousies and the grudges that poison your life.

Do not underestimate the damp environment in which mushrooms grow. The conditions of climate and terrain favor their birth, so if in your dreams mushrooms are swarming from everywhere, connect them to fertility or to the fact that you are going through a period of wealth.

If you are instead a lover of this vegetable, dreaming of going to pick them up means that you feel the need to have fun or relax, while dreaming of a good feast is linked to the need for gratification you are looking for in others.

Don’t you go crazy about mushrooms, but do you dream of eating them and feeling a sense of disgust? Perhaps in reality there are situations that are just as unpleasant and leave you bitter in your mouth even during sleep.

Mushrooms generally represent wisdom and intelligence, as well as luck.

However, they are often associated by people with food poisoning.

Therefore, many believe that they represent a signal of failure, disease and problems. In reality they can mean a couple of different things.

Dreaming of eating mushrooms – predicts pleasure and fun in life. In general, eating mushrooms, predicts wealth.

Dreaming of a poisonous mushroom – like the famous amanita muscaria, could appear as a sign of misfortune, but, on the contrary, presages a long and happy life.

Dreaming so many poisonous mushrooms instead means that at the moment you cannot have a quiet life, because very close there is a person who wants to do something evil towards the dreamer.

Dreaming of a porcini mushroom indicates that you need to let yourself go.

Dreaming of tasting mushrooms – is a sign of unrequited love. For a girl, this dream means that she, for the satisfaction of her desires and pleasures, will do unusual actions or that she will have dubious relationships that will bring her pleasure and enjoyment.

Eating preserved, dried, preserved or pickled mushrooms indicates new pleasures to explore.

Dreaming of a basket with mushrooms – means that very soon you will have to prove your innocence. Dreaming of placing them in the basket indicates unusual sexual fantasies.

To dream of them rotten is a sign of illness and misfortune. Eating them in soup means that a friend will be suspected of illegal acts.

To dream of them enormous means that one’s wisdom will be appreciated or one’s instincts must be given vent.

On the other hand, dreaming of them small indicates low self-esteem or sexual deficiencies.

Dreaming of mushrooms that grow on the ground – symbolizes fertility. Due to their phallus form, it is generally represent male fertility.

Such a dream represents the need to have a child or that someone close to the dreamer will announce to wait for him soon.

Dreaming that a mushroom appeared surprisingly – or that they were given away by someone, this may indicate some interesting changes in the near future.

Dreaming of “magic mushrooms” – (or hallucinogens) and in the dream you are in a fantasy world is often an indication of wanting to run away from everyday reality. It is a sign of wanting something that cannot be had.

For Miller, dreaming of mushroom picking represents the human desire to increase one’s monetary assets and a desire to get rich as soon as possible.

For Tsvetkov the mushrooms are associated with the ability to receive help that was not expected or good advice from a friend or relatives.

Hasse has interpreted the meaning of mushrooms in dreams and more specifically held or picked mushrooms, as an omen of an unpredictable reward that will be obtained for hard work and diligence.

Hasse also states that if you see a poisonous mushroom in a dream, an extraordinary encounter will take place and you will come out of a difficult situation.

According to Semenova’s dream book, the mushroom indicates that the dreamer is ready to take short-term actions to increase his own savings.


The image of the fungus within the dream world is closely related to the ancient dialectic death-rebirth.

As living beings belonging to the vegetable kingdom they possess very atypical characteristics: they are devoid of chlorophyll and need, in order to live, substances already previously processed by other living beings, not being able to process them and make them for themselves.

They are born and develop inside real substrates of macerated substances, where humidity, leaves and other types of mold create the preconditions for their proliferation; in a layer of nature, apparently dead, here is that the mushroom draws its life force.

The anthropological re-elaboration of the image of the fungus transforms it into the symbol par excellence of metempsychosis.