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Dreams About Storms – Meaning and Interpretation

Always present in the dream experiences of many people, the storm represents a natural event impossible to tame that, due to its strength and potential, is easily associated with the omnipotent image of God and universal power.

Usually a source of turmoil for those who dream of it, the storm could in some cases instead represent a moment of excitement for the dreamer who sees an event of similar magnitude as a regenerative force more powerful than the destructive one to which most individuals associate this event air pollution.

According to very ancient popular beliefs, dreaming of a storm was an omen of negative events that would soon mark the life of the dreamer.

To this day the interpretation of this dream has definitely changed by placing more emphasis on compressed energies that the unconscious tries to reveal through the dream experience.

These energies, as always happens when we speak of strength, must then be channeled in the right way and, to do so, understanding them is absolutely necessary.

Dreams about Storms – Meaning

Hail, storms, temporal and hurricanes in dreams, what do they mean? Generally speaking, in the world of dreams, dreaming of the rain will bring to the surface feelings of discontent and anxiety, it is your subconscious that tries to tell you something, you are probably experiencing a period that is not exactly positive, you feel sad and depressed.

The rain, however, let’s not forget that it is also a symbol of regeneration and growth, it is able to “wash” away, bad things, it could be time for a new beginning, a renewal.

Wind in dreams: it is not very common, it can symbolize a change or an inner transformation in the life of the dreamer. For Jung the wind is mostly led to a divine force, therefore to the manifestation of God, in other cases it is the symbol of something that is changing in your life and that could lead the dreamer to a different path than the one he is following.

What does it mean to dream the wind? Well, first of all it is necessary to consider the type of wind, that is, was it a light breeze? a strong and annoying wind? were they flurried? All this can surely reveal to us the entity of the dream in a more specific way.

Dreaming of a wind storm, in dreams probably announces a change, usually after the storm the quiet returns. In other cases, you are experiencing strong emotions from a sentimental point of view, something has moved in your heart.

Dreaming of a strong wind is probably the beginning of a change that could turn your life upside down, it can concern the working environment or the loving one, based on what you feel you can connote the positive or not entity of the dream.

Dreaming of a strong wind if you dream of a very strong wind, which almost drags you, presumably you are going to face a forced change, and therefore you feel transported and almost forced to go in a certain direction, which you really don’t want to go.

Dreaming of a wind and rain storm is certainly not a good sign. You are almost certainly living a period that is not entirely positive, you are going through a moment of great turmoil and change and this brings a great confusion inside you.

The perfect storm, unlike the storm, is never announced. However, even the storm can enter right into the possible images related to the storm, especially if the dreamer reports numerous lightning during the incessant rain.

Dreaming of a storm of this kind could have something to do with a not so rosy period in which the dreamer is doing the accounts.

At the base there could be a strong discontent for some aspects of one’s life that cannot be changed or even a strong distrust in the future.

Like all thunderstorms, however, after the most difficult moment the improvement is always ready with which to cover all that has happened with different eyes.

The idea of ​​a thunderstorm to which the serene follows could therefore be linked to the possible resolution of the dynamics that the unconscious brought to the surface through this strong dream image.

The dream of a real destructive storm may have to do with the tumult of the most visceral passions, be they negative (as in the case of violent quarrels or unexpected and painful changes) or positive (as in the case of a strong passion for love).

Dreaming of a storm is also typical of young adults whose unconscious sends a similar dream signal to face and overcome the strong change in the transition from adolescence to adulthood, made up of new responsibilities and commitments.

Whoever dreams of a storm could also have recently undergone the end of a love bond or feel guilty about something he knows he is responsible for.

In this sense the storm would act as catharsis, a “natural” purification to atone for one’s sins.

However, the idea of ​​creating new things, in line with the archetype of death and rebirth, is also linked to the idea of ​​the storm that destroys and annihilates. Reading the dream of a storm in this light would therefore lead to a very different interpretation for which the dreamer is ready for a completely new beginning.

If in the dream of a storm the wind is a strongly characterizing element, most likely the dreamer is experiencing a phase of emotional instability in which his ego is deeply worried about possible slander about him. These rumors are in fact associated with the atmospheric event of the wind and the storm all around is shown in a dream to emphasize the strong conditioning that the dreamer is experiencing.

When the pivotal element of a dream storm is hail, the dreamer is probably discouraged by the many blows that fate, like what storm does when incessantly striking things and people, has dealt him in the last period.

This dreamlike image therefore refers to the subject’s current inability to defend itself against the most adverse and harsh situations, learning to draw useful lessons for the future.

Dreams about Storms – Symbolism

Dreaming of a storm at sea, or dreaming of a stormy sea – The sea in dreams, very often represents what we have inside, dreaming of a sea storm, it means that something inside us is in motion, we feel confused or in other cases you need something that gives you emotions and makes you feel alive.

Dreaming of a black tornado – Dreaming of a black tornado, could herald a negative event, which could soon loom over the dreamer’s life, a big emotional upheaval is coming.

Dreaming of Hurricane – The hurricane generally takes away everything it finds on the road, for the dreamer it could symbolize a strong change of life or in other cases reflect the desire to completely turn around or the fear of being overwhelmed by something bigger than itself and not having control over it.

Dreaming about the coming storm – it is connected to difficulties and problems, to the fear that they magnify and become insuperable and swallow their daily life, their habits, their trust in hope. It represents the awareness of a danger and the need to recognize the extent of the difficulties and the obstacles that are emerging. It is equivalent to becoming aware of a difficult and problematic reality.

Dreaming of storm and wind – the wind combined with the storm in dreams can indicate the corollary of voices, thoughts, slander, conditionings that are shaking, caring and changing the dreamer’s situation.

Dreaming of storm and rain – the torrential rain of the storm in dreams alludes to the difficulty that influences the emotions of the dreamer, to the sadness to live and accept, but also to the next overcoming of this state, of this phase: the storm that is discharged with the rain will soon have an end.

Dreaming of a thunderstorm with storm – the dreamer finds himself in the midst of the difficulties and the “blows of fate” that can damage him if he does not learn to defend himself from the harshness of the situation by trying to protect himself and find alternatives.

Dreaming lightning storms – it alludes to the awareness of the difficulties that are being faced, to unexpected and sudden events, to feeling itself a victim of destiny, but also to the possible “illuminations” to the clarifications related to one’s own situation, to the truths of which one must be aware.

Dreaming of thunderstorms and thunder – thunders in dreams are the echo of all the fears that remain inside that are not expressed and that, for this reason acquire strength and power, together with the temporal signal the immanence of the difficulties and the weight that these can have if no action is taken:

They announce and shake the consciousness and awareness of the dreamer.

Dreaming of a thunderstorm with the sun – it is a positive image that alludes to the end of the difficulties and to a new beginning. The sun as a masculine principle can also indicate a concrete help and solver.

Dreaming of a storm on the sea – can refer to the influence of external difficulties and events on one’s emotional system.

To highlight the vulnerability of the dreamer the need to take care of himself, to show the reality of a disturbing and unpleasant situation, potentially harmful, which can put into turmoil, bring confusion in one’s emotional world and in one’s own value system.

Dreaming of time in the home – as above, but the image is even clearer and centered on the dreamer’s operating system on the structure of his personality that is shaken and invaded by the temporal symbol of external problems having the power to excessively influence the dreamer.

Or it may indicate that the problem is already inside, that the temporal is the image of an inner turbulence, of aspects of the personality that are in conflict and are bringing uncertainty and chaos.


Thunderstorms and storms in dreams participate in the symbolism of the “violent waters” signal of anger and universal adversity and are part of the vast symbolic repertoire of violent atmospheric disturbances, among which we remember lightning and lightning, wind and hail, storms, typhoons, tornadoes and cyclone.

Dreaming of storm and storm alludes to as much violence in the human energies compressed, denied and relegated to the unconscious when they manage to escape the control of the conscience and are unleashed.

The symbolic meaning of temporal dreaming and dreaming of storms at a first examination seems to coincide, but in the collective imagination it has different timing and intensity: the storm in dreams is announced, appears on the horizon as if it were a sort of warning, while the storm overwhelms, rages and offers no respite.

In ancient times, dreaming of storms and storms was a sign of bad luck that would have overwhelmed the dreamer, for the moderns it represents something looming and potentially harmful, but also full of energizing and regenerating force.