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Dreams About Toilets – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams in which the bathroom, the toilet and the toilet appear are very common, often associated with the anxiety of looking for a public bathroom and not finding it; when you finally find it is busy, or dirty, or small and narrow, and you cannot pass; sometimes the bathroom is full of people looking at you, you can’t close the doors, there are no walls, or they are transparent.

A place that is usually intimate and peaceful, is so loaded with anxiety, shame, embarrassment, fear of being seen and get caught! Let’s try to understand these dreams by explaining the meaning of the bathroom from a psychological point of view.

Dreams about Toilets – Meaning

The bathroom, in addition to cleaning and hygiene, is linked to our excretory taboos (feces and urine); when we are small, our parents accustom us to “control” our physical needs, first with the potty and then going to the toilet, making us independent and independent. We learn so that our needs must be expressed in an appropriate and socially acceptable way.

Dreaming of going to the bathroom and poop, peeing, or washing is very positive, because it indicates that you can express yourself, eliminate waste, clean up and regenerate yourself.

But usually in dreams, the bathroom often evokes feelings of vulnerability and shame, associated with the idea that the inappropriate expression of our needs would be somewhat problematic and embarrassing.

Privacy: the bathroom is the place where you can be sure of being alone, away from other people’s eyes, from their judgments and criticisms; it is a kind of refuge in which you can isolate yourself and be quiet in your most intimate and private sphere.

Purification: the bathroom is the place used to wash, cool off, get in order; in fact the toilet (or the Turkish), the bathtub, the shower, the sink and the bidet are all objects that serve to clean us, to free us from waste and impurities from the body and from the bowels (dirt, poop, pee) ; then there is the presence of water, which is the purifying and regenerating element par excellence.

So, going to the bathroom reflects our need for inner and outer cleansing, physical, mental and spiritual regeneration.

Sexuality: the bathroom is a place linked to sexual development, because there the child understands the anatomical difference between males (who pee standing) and females (who pee sitting); the bathroom is then connected to the idea of ​​privacy and bodily intimacy; you cannot enter while a person is in the bathroom; but like all forbidden things, this arouses a strong curiosity, desire to “look”, “spy” and “discover” the body and intimacy of others.

Dreaming of finding yourself in a beautiful bathroom, large, clean, luxurious, responds to the need to restore yourself and restore yourself to the moments of tension that you are experiencing, perhaps even within the dream itself.

If at some point in your dream you feel that you need to go to the bathroom and find one so beautiful, spacious, comfortable, in order, it means c he really needed refreshment and comfort, to wash and cleanse yourself (nice big sinks, big tubs, flowing water, etc. are a great sign of plenty of psychic resources).

These beautiful comfortable bathrooms can appear immediately after having lived a scene full of anxiety and tension within the dream, to give you the opportunity to “catch your breath” and free yourself from all accumulated stress. Or your life may have accumulated so much stress and tension and inspire you with dreams like this.

Dreaming of a white, blue, red, pink bathroom, etc.: if you are particularly struck by the color of the bathroom, learn more about the meaning of that specific color to better understand the dream.

Dreaming of an ugly, dirty bathroom: the discomfort of finding yourself in such a dirty toilet is very strong; the toilet, the tablet, everything is full of poop, pee, menstrual blood, and so on and so forth; it really disgusts you to enter such a latrine, or rather, a real fetid sewer, which for some time has not been washed.

This dream could reflect your personal distress, maybe because you repress your feelings, you don’t get rid of what you negative accumulates in you.

The dirty bathroom can also indicate that you are repelled by strictly material aspects of existence: you try to keep yourself away from strong and primitive impulses because you consider them dirty.

Dreaming of cleaning the bathroom: there are aspects of you that need attention, they must be put in order and cleaned up; you realized and trying to fix the situation, so it’s a positive dream. Cleaning a bathroom that is not yours can represent your self-sacrifice, humility and sacrifice towards others, but be careful that you do not take advantage of it.

Dreaming of a small, narrow, inaccessible bathroom: sometimes the bathroom in dreams is in really strange positions, it is at the top, and to reach it you have to climb somewhere, or else it has a very narrow door, it’s very low; this indicates that you do not have enough space to give voice to your needs, you are repressed (the small dimensions indicate precisely this repression).

Dreaming of an old, destroyed, dilapidated bathroom: there is no comfort, there is no toilet paper, no toilet brush, no toilet bowl, or the toilet is broken, it is even so broken that it has no floor: this indicates that you must find adequate spaces and ways to express yourself in an easier way, without creating hardships and complexes, perhaps due to the re-emergence of negative experiences of the past.

Clogged, clogged bathroom: it represents your “emotional obstruction”; you have held your emotions too long inside you, you really need to release them; the problem is that you fear that your request for help may be rejected, not accepted. When you see the overflowing toilet, it means that you have really reached your maximum capacity, you cannot hold yourself over.

Flooded bathroom: seeing the flooded floor, the water coming out of the toilet, the open taps, etc., shows the desire to express your emotions, but you are very afraid that the thing goes beyond your intentions and that maybe you will end up lose control (for example, bursting into tears).

Another trouble that can happen in these “toilet dreams” is to enter a bathroom full of people but without partitions: it is a single common room, in which everyone sees everything; the others are not at all embarrassed, on the contrary, they seem to consider the normal thing; other times there are walls, but some people allow themselves to enter the toilet with you, as if nothing had happened.

Dreams about Toilets – Symbolism

Dreaming of the bathroom belongs to that great universe of dreamlike images that tell about our intimate, our most hidden part in which we would not want anyone to enter. The bathroom in dreams is indeed, just like in reality, our place of refuge, a room where we express our intimacy free from inhibitions, but above all a private point, where the prying eyes of the people remain closed outside the door.


So, what does it mean to dream of a bathroom? Very often, this appears in our nights to represent a state of mind, which can be joyful, serene and relaxed when the sanitary ware present in the night image are clean, in order, perfectly usable.

On the contrary, a tormented mood is instead outlined by a dirty sink, by excrement scattered in the corners of the sanitary ware, or more generally by a state of disorder in the environment that does not put us at ease.

Dream of Home Bathroom – The home bathroom and the public bathroom, in dreams, have two different and opposite meanings. The home room that we know well is often connected to a state of well-being with our inner part, representing more in general characteristic traits that belong to us.

Usually this is connected to the well-being that we live in already known places and situations, and represents our being reserved.

Dream of Public Bathroom – On the contrary, dreaming of the public bathroom ideally places us in front of new, unpublished situations, and the interpretation changes depending on how we approach the situation.

When we are not afraid of using it, and we feel a general state of tranquility and security, then we can reconnect the dream to our versatility, to our ability to adapt to new and perhaps uncomfortable situations.

If, on the other hand, we feel reluctant to use it, then our little desire – or ability – to adapt to situations that are extraneous to routine, as well as changes, prevails; this is often synonymous with a reserved character.

Dreaming of a large or a small bathroom – Depending on the size we observe, the bathroom in dreams can tell us about our being open and available or outline a tendency to anguish, sadness, discomfort.

When the bathroom is large and bright, or perhaps even luxurious and luxurious, it is easy to understand how our relationship with ourselves is the best. This denotes a great self-esteem, a good desire to take care of oneself even on an internal as well as an external level.

On the contrary, when we dream of a small, dull, windowless, airy, and dimly lit bathroom, the anguish of everyday life or unforeseen situations that we are going through prevails.

A low self-esteem and inner conflict prevail. The image therefore represents dissatisfaction with ourselves, or with a journey that does not make us feel at ease.

Dreaming of a new bathroom – Dreaming of a new bathroom is generally the representation of new things coming – or already started – in our lives.

The great rule of the order of the bathroom is also valid in this case; when this is clean and in order we are in front of a change welcomed with pleasure, interest, satisfaction.

When even the new bathroom looks dirty, untidy, uncomfortable for us who have to use it, then the news we are facing in real life does not make us feel up to it, they can feel anxiety, or they may not do for us.

Dreaming of mice in the bathroom – Dreaming of a mouse in the bathroom, or more mice that infiltrate, can represent social conflicts, representing friends that we would like to do without, or unwanted people who have invaded our private space, violating our privacy.