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Dreams About Trees – Meaning and Interpretation

The tree is one of the most diverse dream symbols, because it represents life in general. Mythological, the tree stands for the totality, the connection between heaven and earth.

But even from a modern psychological perspective, the tree symbolizes all sorts of aspects of life. In fact, trees are very similar to human life.

The life of a tree begins with a seed. The seed itself bears no resemblance to the tree that emerges from it. And yet it develops from it, forming roots, trunk, branches and leaves. In its early stages of development, every tree is still very vulnerable and fragile, just like a toddler.

In today’s text we will discuss the meaning of dreams about trees and what they represent for you.

Trees Symbolism in Cultures

The Tree of Life can also be interpreted as a family tree. A pedigree is a schematic representation of descent.

In family trees, the lineage is represented by humans, along with their ancestors and descendants. This suggests that trees in the dream, when interpreted as a family tree, symbolize the relationship of the dreaming to other family members.

However, pedigrees are not only used in genealogy. The same scheme is also used, for example, to illustrate the development of a thought, an idea.

For example, you can create genealogies of great inventions, such as developing a variety of devices based on the invention of the phone.

The whole thing can also be transferred to the character development of a person. There are many events and experiences that change a person’s character.

The family tree can be a symbol of these properties. The expression of the individual parts of the tree provides clues as to which parts of the psyche have evolved or evolved.

Dreams about Trees – Meaning

Over time, tree becomes a large organism that is deeply rooted in the earth, giving life to humans and animals through oxygen and fruit. Just like humans, trees can die too.

The life cycle of a tree does not differ fundamentally from that of humans.

Trees occur in many dreams, but they are often ignored because they are so natural and omnipresent in our everyday lives that we seldom consciously perceive them.

Trees are vital for us. In the interpretation of dreams, trees are interpreted as a symbol of life.

As always, it depends on the entire dream context. An important question is why this tree in the dream looked exactly what it looked like.

From this it can be concluded which characteristics of the dreaming or his life were represented.

In addition, it is about finding out if the tree is only for the dreaming himself or for him and his family or his environment.

Dreams about Trees – Symbolism

Dreams about trees in general – Trees decorate gardens, parks and streets and even marks a whole landscape form.

Especially in rural areas, a tree will be a common sight for the residents, while trees, especially in large cities, often provide a welcome green splash of color – so to speak, a touch of nature between all the gray houses and streets.

At the same time, trees can look very different: there are green conifers and deciduous trees all year round, which shed their leaves in winter and only turn green again in the spring. There are small trees, which are often found in a wood, and some species that can be over 95 meters high.

Trees also bear very different fruits on the branches: from pine cones to chestnuts to avocados and pomegranates or fruits such as apples and cherries.

Dream about Maypole tree – A special kind of tree is the maypole. If one is seen in the dream, the dream symbol “maypole” should rather be considered.

But what does it mean when you dream of a tree or a whole forest? What do oak, birch, mulberry tree, alder, spruce, poplar, maple tree and Co. say about you as a dream symbol “tree”?

Dream of tree with white leaves – A forest of white trees may indicate a desire to start a new, positive phase of life.

Dream of tree with leaves and fruits – The leafy, protective and fruit-bearing treetop represents the feminine element. The leaves say something about how the dreaming affects its environment. Branches and leaves together are like the thoughts and ideas, plans and hopes that sometimes bear fruit.

The branches themselves provide information about the completed developmental stages of the dreaming. A tree with spreading branches stands for a warm-hearted and loving personality, while a small, leaf-leaved tree suggests a jammed personality.

Dream of a full leaf tree – A well-formed tree symbolizes a well-ordered and a large, weird tree a chaotic personality.

Dream of flowers on the tree – Tree with flowers indicates better health, personal happiness or new energy and energy, sometimes stronger sexual needs that may be suppressed so far.

Dream of tree with fruits – Tree with fruits promises success through good work, especially when you harvest them yourself. A tree bearing rotten fruits may indicate concern for the future.

Dream of dead, bald branches – Bald, dead or charred trees announce that one will not reap the rewards of his labor, but must count on failures and worries.

Sometimes, however, this symbol can also be understood positively as a warning against wrong attitudes, attitudes, beliefs and ideals that should be discarded because they just do not help in life anymore.

Dream of dead tree – A decaying or dead tree is mostly interpreted as a symbol of displeasure or anxiety. A tree or sapling sprouting from the loins of a man clearly stands for the sexual energy that can drive life forward.

The roots of a tree are said to show the deep feelings, the past, and the connection between humans and the earth. It would be more correct to say that they represent man’s faculty of standing on the practical side of life and enjoying his existence. Spreading roots signify the willingness to show openness, whereas deep roots tend to indicate restraint.

The trunk of the tree gives hints on how to use your powers and how to appear to the outside world. A rough trunk depicts a rough personality, whereas a smooth trunk is more elegant.

Shaking the fruit-tree also promises future happiness and success.

Dream of sitting under tree – Sitting under a tree can mean security or the need for it – one wants to be shielded from the treetop, as it were, against dangers.

Dream of climbing on a tree – Climbing on a tree can once give a better overview of the life situation, but sometimes it also indicates that you will move up to a higher, secure position on your own or use your hopes and abilities to achieve something.

Think about how fast or slow you climbed and how you felt when you finally reached the top

Dreaming of a small tree with dense leaves – the dreaming may be characterized by restraint and even consternation.

If the tree has a beautiful, harmonious shape, this dream symbol is a sign of a structured personality, while a large tree with tangled branches rather depicts a chaotic human being.

To interpret the tree individually in a dream, it usually plays a big role in how you behave near the tree.

For example, if you climb the tree, you may be looking for a better view of your life – or you may be on your own, either professionally or privately.

A need for security is reflected as a second example, especially in a dream, especially when you sit down on the floor to have the protection of the tree and its branches.

Dream of leaves being eaten by insects – If in the dream the leaves of the tree are eaten by insects, such as May bugs, or pests, one is usually facing a difficult time.

If the tree is seen as a straightening tree during a topping-out ceremony during sleep, this can indicate changes.


Many dream interpretations pick up on the aspect of structure when it comes to interpreting the dream of a tree.

So even in the waking state of a common or tree of life is mentioned. Maybe the tree in a dream should represent your family or the process of your life.

Especially as a tree of life, the dream could bring to your attention certain aspects and situations of your life that are of great importance to you as a person that you have never consciously perceived while awake.