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Dreams About Wasps – Interpretation and Meaning

Unlike the bees, which are industrious and play an important role in nature, the wasps are rather negatively populated, similar to the hornets.

Already their alarming body color warns that wasps can be dangerous.

The insects tend to aggression and sting quickly when they feel threatened. If wasps appear in the dream world, they usually cause unrest and malaise in the dreaming.

Wasps Symbolism in Cultures

Wasps are more likely to be seen as pests and vermin and therefore symbolize laziness, harm and malice in dream research.

If the wasps appear as a dream image in their sleep, they are a warning against lower instincts, anger and revenge.

The dreaming should thoroughly reflect and correct himself and his behavior when the wasps show up in the dream world.

But it can also be that the dreaming has to suffer from the behavior of other people. Was the dreamer in the wakeful world disappointed or cheated by a human being, then the wasps as insects symbolize this person in the dream world.

As a rule, wasps can also be understood as a warning against enemies or bad news. Experiencing the dreaming a wasp sting, then threaten a disappointment, envy or hate.

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In a wasp sting, a friend may turn out to be an opponent who then wants to inflict damage on the dreaming. If the dreaming drives away the wasps in their sleep, then there will be a surprising separation.

If he kills the wasps, then the dreaming has the courage to defend himself and his rights and attack his opponents if necessary.

Dreams about Wasps – Meaning

In dreams, wasps almost always mean something that is negatively interpreted for the symbolism that this insect contains in itself. Many do not easily distinguish wasps from bees, but if we looked for the wasp it means that our unconscious has shown us perfectly what we have seen in our dream vision.

Unlike the bee in dreams, as just mentioned, it does not have a particularly positive symbolism as it happens for the hornet in dreams.

What does it mean to dream about wasps? The wasp in dreams reveals to us the fear we have towards something always present in the lives of many or in particular in ours, like the fear that someone might harm us.

The expression falling into a crawl space is used appropriately to refer to someone who faces a hostile environment from which he can only expect painful injuries but no honey to calm them, only sorrows, abuse, abuse, damage. “Then God created the bee and Satan the hornet” – from The Gospel according to Satan by Patrick Graham

It is not unusual to dream of insects that are not common in the nature that surrounds us. The question to ask is why these bees in the dream are represented in this way. What do they symbolize a great annoyance? Something that makes us more and more afraid? Do we feel small for some reason? Dreaming of wasps at home is not a positive sign. Something or someone threatens your balance.

Dreaming of wasps in the bed, this being a place tied to intimacy and considered a secret and private space in which sexual and love relationships are consumed, is a place where we can feel “vulnerable”, so we can interpret the dream as a sign of threat present in our real life, to our balance, clearly the core of the problem is not the wasp in dreams but something or someone very, very close to us in everyday reality.

Dreaming of eating wasps can be interpreted as the need to eat something evil that we have said.

Most of the time the goad of the insect in dreams comes from something we have heard and has bothered us, comments, gossip, rumors, etc. However, it is almost always interpreted as a regret that has been given to us.

Dreaming of wasp’s death can express the victory against fear and anguish even if in the case of a bee, the meaning can change. Check out our dream book.

Dreaming of wasps and bees can be the result of a clash, a contrast inside our psyche, but also wanting to be external.

Do you find yourself in one of two cases? Dreaming of wasps and hornets can reinforce the negative meaning we have interpreted through the symbolism of our dream.

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Dreams about Wasps – Symbolism

Dreaming of wasps, and knowing how to distinguish them from similar bees, is an activity that belongs to a gloomy area of ​​our being, and it is often a warning signal to make us open our eyes to something wrong, to disturbances and negativity that they imprison us in real life.

The wasps in dreams, therefore, do not bring with them good feelings, but rather they decisively reflect disturbances, fears and obsessions from which we are unable to free ourselves.

Although apparently the two insects are difficult to distinguish, in dreams the two animals take on exactly opposite meanings.

In fact, dreaming about bees has a positive connotation, basically linked to the industriousness and the desire to do typical of the animal in question, and therefore close to our ability to team up, roll up our sleeves, reach our goals with determination and honesty.

Dreaming of wasps instead brings with it negative feelings, often linked to obsessive thoughts that are difficult to get rid of, often caused by unpleasant encounters or by unpleasant situations crossed.

Damages, injuries suffered, or even the fear of suffering damage and wrongs, can manifest themselves in dreams through flight or the sting of wasps. Often, in the dream, the wasp – or the swarm of wasps – can produce a strong and intolerable hum; this is a clear dreamlike transposition of the momentary confusion crossed on a psychological level.

Dreaming of a swarm of wasps – as well as dreaming of a wasp nest, often has to do with conspiracies against someone organized in real life. It is not said that these really exist, maybe I can reflect our persecutory mania, which leads us to believe that we are the target of bad things on the part of someone. But the swarm or the nest of wasps is also manifested when we are certain that we are in the midst of an attack against us, just as it may appear in a dream when we are the conspirators of the conspiracy against someone we tolerate.

Dream about wasp sting – As in the real world, the wasp sting is linked to a sensation of discomfort and pain, even in the dream a similar feeling materializes. Dreaming of wasps that sting has therefore often to do with the pain caused by unpleasant situations, of which we have been targeted and which has caused us anguish, displeasure, feelings of disappointment.

We can draw a positive signal when we dream of driving away wasps – we are determined to put an end to pressure. In fact, driving away the wasps brings us back to the confrontation, to the struggle, to wanting to assert our reasons and not wanting to make up for the harassment, the damage suffered. In short, we are ready to raise our heads and make our voices heard.

When the wasps are effectively driven out or we even dream of wasps dead – this is a sign of having destroyed our torments, and of having succeeded in driving away our demons or those people whom we believe have hurt us. The wasps in dreams have not only to do with the wrongs suffered, but also with the nasty moves on our part towards someone.

Dreaming of eating wasps – this is therefore attributable to the feelings of repentance felt after having eaten something, followed by behaviors that are harmful to other people of which we have seen – or we can imagine – the consequences, and do not make us feel good.


In the psychological dream interpretation, the wasps are primarily associated with aggressiveness. Unlike the bumblebee, it does not stand for the trifling, but rather for the aggressiveness of the dreaming.

Also, a wasp in a dream can point to the ego-centrism of the dreaming as well as his arrogance and exaggerated individualism.

In general, the wasps are not too positive a dream image, especially when it occurs in the swarm. Already her appearance triggers unrest. The yellow and black color and their aggressive humming irritate the nerves and give an indication of the weak nervous costume of the dreaming. Causes are often fears in everyday life and excessive demands.

The dream research interprets frequent wasp dreams as a sign of personal problems of the dreaming. In this case, the cause should be researched and eliminated. In some cases, the wasps in the dream world are also for a certain person in the waking life of the dreaming. This person then usually has the property that he lives at the expense of the dreaming and goes as a parasite through life.