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Dreams of Levitation – Meaning and Symbolism

The dream is part of life: we dream every day, even if we don’t always remember it. When you wake up the next day and remember the dream perfectly, then you can say that you are lucky because you can try to find out its meaning.

As you will surely know, in real life, yeast is a fundamental ingredient for many chefs or bakers, as well as for anyone who enjoys cooking.

Dreams of Levitation – Meaning

Flying (and levitation), according to some dream analysts, is linked to growth, both to personal and professional growth. That is, the dream of yeast can mean that we are developing inwardly as a person or in relationships with others, that we are maturing, or that we are flourishing in the field of work and profession.

According to some interpretations, dreaming of leaven is the symbol of the suspicion of something unexpected that is coming into one’s working life and that no one imagines. The yeast in dreams can also represent a rapid increase in the family unit.

According to other interpretations, the yeast symbolizes strength, vigor and health; it is a symbol of growth, renewed energy or greater enthusiasm for new projects and ideas. But you need to stop thinking and start doing.

Dreaming of using yeast to make bread, advises not to worry about complex situations at work, since they will all be solved by colleagues. Dreaming of making a cake using yeast means that you will progress a lot in the field of work, perhaps you will have more responsibilities or you will have to perform new tasks or fill new tasks. Everything will be accepted without any hesitation.

Dreaming of needing yeast and not having it or, in the dream, you know you have it, but you can’t find it, it means that you have a great ambition and a great desire to show people what you are worth; unfortunately, despite all the efforts and attempts, you are not getting the results you expected, at least for the moment.

Another curious interpretation is the one given by dreaming of the leavened product or even the yeast itself, which falls to the ground. This means that we are growing inwardly thanks to overcoming the difficulties and obstacles that arise from time to time.

Dreaming of a mountain of yeast indicates that you will live a moment of personal fulfillment and that you will have everything you want in life. Normally the people who make this dream are not materialistic.

Dreaming of flying is perhaps the most common dream in the world, widespread among every people and culture of the past and present; also Freud includes it in “typical” dreams.

The feeling of flying in the dream is often accompanied by the amazement of knowing how to do something so incredible, and then there is almost always a profound sense of well-being, freedom and joy.

Desire for freedom, autonomy: rising from the ground represents the possibility of exploring the world in a totally free and autonomous way. You need to free yourself from constraints and limits that prevent you from fully realizing yourself according to your wishes.

Overcoming difficulties, obstacles, fears: you are coming out of a difficult situation, you are freeing yourself from a burden.

Power, success: you trust yourself, you feel capable of doing great things, you are doing a professional, economic or social ascent; the flight represents your rise high in the world, the realization of your ambitions thanks to your willpower and determination. Spiritual elevation: leave the earth and material things because you need to rise to heaven, the spiritual dimension.

Escape from reality: flying away represents the need to escape and get away from what makes you suffer. The desire to dominate: getting up in the air is a way of looking at everyone from above. It can be a dream that often recurs, in compensation, in those suffering from inferiority complexes.

In some dreams you fly in an airplane, in a hot-air balloon, in a helicopter, with a parachute, in a hang-glider, or with means of transport such as a car, a motorcycle or a bicycle.

But the most beautiful emotion is when you manage to fly freely like a bird, flapping your arms like wings, or like Superman: you fly over water, over the sea, over mountains and cities.

Flying on a winged horse for many people flying is a recurring dream, even in children it is very frequent and vivid, and it is remembered with pleasure.

Some report that the dream begins with a series of increasingly long jumps, until then one leaves the earth and flies away; others do it after a run downhill, on foot, or down the stairs, or after feeling the sensation of falling, falling or crashing: the dream seems tragic, but instead we save ourselves by flying! ^^

Sometimes dreamlike situations occur similar to fairy tales: one dreams of flying with a cloak, with an umbrella, on a carpet, with a balloon, on a swing, with the sleigh, with a white powder, on a dragon, on a horse or winged animal.

Then in most cases you fly alone, but in some cases you fly with someone you love, with an angel or a deceased, in a kind of spiritual ecstasy.

Dreaming of flying high in the sky, in the clouds: if you feel well-being, happiness, joy, then power and success are coming for you.

If you feel you are flying too high and you are afraid, you are worried, then this may indicate that you are frightened by the new challenges and the change you will have to face.

Dreaming of flying in space: you could be in a spaceship, but also alone, in a kind of interstellar journey; it is a very beautiful dream, during which it can happen to meet angels or otherworldly creatures; it can lead you to great spiritual and creative growth.

Jung also had a dream of this kind, and described it as an extraordinary experience.

Dreaming of flying backwards, on the contrary: maybe you need to get away from a dangerous situation, or maybe you need to reconnect with your past.

If you dream of flying low to the ground, this dream, unlike the previous one, may indicate that you lack the drive to elevate yourself more, you are still uncertain, insecure, and not very confident in yourself.

It can also denote effort to let you go, to abandon rationality and earthly security. If you fly into your bedroom or home, it could also be an astral journey (see below).

Dreams of Levitation – Symbolism

In general, to dream of flying is a dream of good luck. This is one of the most common dreams and the most repeated in people. The feeling after waking up is gratifying and positive, a feeling of fullness fills us.

The dreams in which you fly are associated with the idea of ​​freedom, stand out above all, inspiration to overcome yourself.

Dreaming of flying can have different meanings depending on how we found ourselves in the dream and how we find ourselves in life. I never tire of repeating it but you are the one you know best yourself.

But now let’s see some meanings that can help you interpret your dream.

Dreaming of flying in the sky – dreams with flying high, almost in the sky, means that you enjoy being in control. Look for simplicity in things. They are dreams in which you know the goal for your life and you are striving and struggling to become a reality.

If instead you are married and you dream of being almost in heaven, it means that you need to take a nice holiday with your husband or your wife.

Dreaming of flying in space – Dreams in which you see yourself flying or floating in space, means that you try to find more and more things, you are a person who always wants to overcome himself.

Dreaming of flying over the ocean or the sea – Dreams in which you see yourself flying over the ocean, sea, large lakes, reflect our hopes in solving a problem that worries us.

Normally it is a struggle against a disease we are fighting, but somehow we are positive and we have the positive energy to defeat it.

Dreaming of flying over a city, roads – Dreams in which flights over a city, roads etc. are common in people who are happy with themselves. You are going through a period in which you feel full of confidence. It is also associated with terms such as freedom, trust and success.

Dreaming of flying like a bird – If in the dream you see yourself flying like a bird, it means that you are looking for tranquility and peace. If you had moments of anguish and stress, it wouldn’t hurt you to take a break from time to time.

Dreaming of flying with someone – Dreams in which you fly with someone originates in people who want to impress someone. Who knows someone you like, or someone dear to you.

You want to call that person’s attention and you don’t know how to do it. That person really interests you.


In dreams, flying has a meaning that can be interpreted both according to Freud’s ideas and those of Jung. Dreaming of flying with or without wings is, as usual for Freud, a sexual symbol, as opposed to Jung who interprets the symbol of flight as the desire to free himself from every kind of restriction that life imposes on us.

What does it mean to dream of flying? Another well-known psychologist, Alfred Adler, sees the symbolism of this dream as the cause of a feeling of oppression and a desire to dominate others.

But if you feel the sensation of pleasure and lightness the dream of flying takes on a sexual meaning and therefore has an interpretation that alludes to erotic desire, as Freud proposed to us.

Adult people fly in dreams because in life they feel oppressed by responsibilities but it can happen that one dreams of flying even if he has the urgency, the haste to accomplish something.

Other times, dreaming of flying is interpreted as a cause to the sense of inferiority that one feels, in fact it often happens that one does not succeed as one often says in “flying high” in reality. By not seeing their desires realized, they try to fly in dreams.