Flickering Lights – Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Flickering lights are something that often appeared to all of us. We mostly think that there must be something wrong with the electricity, but could there be more meaning to that?

We will be talking about this phenomenon and what could be the reason for this occurrence.

Light as a Symbol of God

Symbol of God, as the purest element in nature; but the light is already a manifestation of God, an outflow of its essence, a radiance out of it, hence it is applied more frequently to the Son and Spirit, than to the Father, to whom alone attributes of the invisible come. After Joh. 1, 18. 1. Timoth. 6, 16. No one can see the Father as the Son, and enthrones God in a light which no man can see.

The Son, on the other hand, shines as the light into the world according to John 1: 9, and says in John 8:12, “I am the light of the world.” Correggio sought to express this in a famous picture, on which Christ in snow-white garment blessing on clouds enthroned, whose background is again bright light, so that here, as it were born light from light.

The thrones in the light and the radiance of light come in church pictures to all three persons of the deity. All appear in a glory of light in full figure or at least the head is surrounded by a light nimbus. Of Father’s work is often expressed only by a ray of light, z.

For example, in pictures of the Annunciation, or by a hand out of the clouds from which rays of light emanate.

The same is true of the dove, as the Holy Spirit, rays of light, z. For example, in the pictures of the baptism of Christ and of Pentecost.

The same symbolism serves as the gold reason on which the older church painting depicts the three divine persons. It should be called the sky, the pure element of light.

In addition to the divine persons, all angels originally dwell in the light, and all the saints, the righteous and the blessed, pass by. On an old miniature picture the creation of angels is simply called creation lucis. Scales, Paris 328.

Also the first created angel was called Lucifer (light bearer). All the saints and the pious, as children of light, are opposed to the wicked as children of this world. Luk. 16, 8. Joh. 12, 36. Book of Wisdom 18, 1.

The light radiating from God stands partly against the primeval night of chaos, partly against the night of sin. Thus, the light becomes a symbol of creation and redemption. As God said in the beginning, “Let there be light!” And there was light, for the second time he sent into the darkness of the sinful world the light of his divine Son.

Therefore, the early-church hymns celebrate the birth and resurrection of the Savior (Christmas and Easter songs) as a new great day of creation, the rising of the holy light, taming the power of the dark demons, showing the way to those who are in the dark, the blind giving the barren field new blessing. Cf. the beautiful hymns of Gregory, Prudentius, Hilary, Ambrose.

The worship of the light in this sense is accomplished most splendidly. This corresponds to the worship of the Christmas and Easter Eve. In Holy Christmas, countless lights are lit, [29] in the holy Easter night, all the lights are extinguished and only re-ignited by a stone-struck spark, corresponding to the moment in which Christ broke the grave stone. Sepp, Heidenth. I. 211.

According to an old popular belief, the lights on the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem light themselves on Easter night. See Pococke II. 41. The same miracle is told of a church in Spain. Three lights (symbols of the Trinity) rise to Castilverd in Spain from the waters of a nearby river, float in the church and light the lights on Easter night.

Christmas falls in the winter solstice, Easter in the vernal equinox, that feast in the time in which the light of the sun begins to grow again in the deep winter night, this in the time in which the sun has gained strength enough to seeds and leaves to wake up. The natural light becomes a symbol of the spiritual light in a beautiful and simple way.

This symbolism has found its ecclesiastical expression, especially in the celebration of the apparition on 6 January. The epistle of this day is the passage from Isaiah 60, cited above.

On the same day, propaganda celebrates the great festival of conversion of the Gentiles, because this, too, is an enlightenment of the dark, an invigorating of the dead.

The eternal lamp on the altar of the churches is the symbol of the everlasting light of the church. The number of altar lights is seven after the seven spirits of God, or twelve after the apostles.

The church only burns oil and wax candles because of all the substances that produce light, oil is the purest product of plants, wax is the purest of the animal world.

Now we are going to list 10 signs that indicate that a ghost lives with you.

  1. Your pet knows

Have you ever seen your cat observe without blinking an empty corner of your house? Does your dog usually bark in the air? Many cases of pets interacting with spirits that were not yet visible to humans have been documented.

  1. Scratches, bites and bruises

A scratch in the morning may be normal, maybe a bruise from time to time, but if every morning you wake up with a new wound, a malicious spirit is playing with you and can become serious.

  1. Strange noises

Unless you have just moved, hearing strange noises at home every day is not normal. It is true that houses settle and produce often inexplicable noises, but surely you can distinguish the sound of footsteps or someone scratching the wall at the sound of pipes.

  1. Blinking lights

Lights that turn on or off by themselves, flashing light bulbs only occasionally, even constant blackouts without exceeding the consumption limit. Where does all that energy go? Maybe he’s using a ghost to gather strength.

  1. Objects out of place

If you find chairs like that, run away to look for a medium; but the most normal thing is not to find the keys, the salt … Did I put the control in the fridge? Chances are you’re a mess or a Poltergeist is making fun of you.

  1. Feeling observed

The feeling of being observed is one of the most uncomfortable you can experience, because if you are really being observed by someone, that someone will stop when you look for them and you will rarely be able to make sure that someone was watching you and it was not just sensation.

Imagine the feeling of feeling watched when you are totally “alone”, or so you think.

  1. Increase in nightmares

Are your nightmares greatly increasing? If in addition to increasing they are recurrent and involve the same silhouette or scenario, it is probably a spirit trying to tell their story.

  1. Shadows in movement

Our sight sometimes betrays us and more than once you will have seen a shadow move in the corner of your eye.

It is not the shadow of Peter Pan that comes for you, it is a presence that wants to be seen, if you pay attention to it, it will become visible, and otherwise it will disappear.

  1. Hearing voices

Hearing voices is a clear symptom of schizophrenia, especially if the voices tell you to do dangerous things.

The schizophrenic voices sound inside the head, while the mysterious voices of the beyond sound as if there were someone in the room with you.

Probably the spirit is not talking directly with you, but think that you are someone else or just want you to deliver a message. Whatever the case, it deserves to be heard.

This is the final proof that you have company, if you have only seen it once, it could have been an imagination, but if the appearance is repeated, you have a ghost at home.


If you see the ghost, or ghosts, doing the same activity over and over again (walking down the aisle, hitting a wall or going through a window) you are faced with a residual obsessive spirit, it is no more dangerous than watching the projection of a movie.

If the spirit seems calm, you can try to communicate with it, but it only interrupts the spirit if it affects your daily life, otherwise the best thing to do is leave it to your own devices.