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Giant Spider – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Long, hairy legs, far too many eyes to look at, and threateningly snapping biting tools – a spider is scary to most of us, but a big spider is often really scary.

All details are too good to recognize.

Also, many very large spiders are poisonous or can at least hurt a human.

But why do we dream of it? What significance does the great spider have in the interpretation of dreams?

Dreams of “Giant spiders” – Meaning

The great spider is interpreted very differently in the interpretation of dreams. The great spider embodies the feminine and is traditionally considered a dream symbol of conflict between mother and daughter.

Therefore, when a woman dreams of a big spider, it speaks to her feeling threatened by her mother. She has the impression that she is helpless.

Helplessness also plays a role in a further possibility of interpretation. The big spider embodies fears and needs in the sexual realm in many dreams.

The dreaming man worries that he will be sucked out, either by a sexual partner he finds threatening, or by other people who rob him of energy and strength.

On the other hand, the big spider in the dream can refer to the financial side of life. If the dreamer sees a big spider creeping towards him, this is considered a positive sign: he will succeed quickly and soon if he is careful of dangerous acquaintances.

If he sees a big spider together with a little spider, the dream image stands for him feeling invincible at least for a while. If the big spider bites him, it stands for the loss of his fortune. Maybe he has envy or someone wants to steal from him.

Also loss means the dream image in which the dreaming flees from a large spider. Killing a large spider can point to enemies or conflicts with close people.

If the big spider belongs to the dream of a certain kind, this also has a specific meaning: a black widow points to fear or insecurity in a love relationship, while the tarantula stands for the dark side and the abysses of the dreaming. The tarantula, with its fine, intricately woven nets, points to both danger and great creativity.

Dream symbol “giant spider” – The psychological interpretation

In psychological terms, the big spider is a very interesting dream symbol. Often it refers to the dreamer’s fear of the feminine. Especially men are often afraid to be sucked out by their lover or wife, that is, exploited or weakened.

For women, the dream of a large spider may point to the fear of one’s own femininity or to one’s motherhood or motherhood.

Depending on the living conditions of the dreaming and the course of the dream, the big spider can mean the opposite: On the one hand, it is often a warning sign of mental disorders, especially if it is very common in dreams.

On the other hand, with her ability to weave ornate nets and her stamina, she can also be a positive dream symbol. Then she stands for creativity and the ability to build something for herself.

In the dream, as these characteristics appear as a great spider, the dream symbol may also be a clue that the dreaming is (still) afraid of these aspects of his personality or does not dare to develop them.

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol embodies the great mother and the great weaver. The dreaming is supposed to weave himself into the web of life and find his place.

In other situations, adventures are lived through by comic book heroes in their sleep. Then you swing in the dream as Spiderman (English spider = spider) through the city canyons of a metropolis, feels free and almost weightless.

However, spiders often play the lead role in nightmares. The meaning of a spider in a dream is very diverse and complex – the dream symbol is by no means a bad omen.

How can you interpret the meaning of the spider in your dream? Why did you encounter the animal while sleeping? For these and similar questions, this article provides detailed answers.

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Dreams about Giant Spiders – Symbolism

Dreams with spiders are strongly symbolic. It’s best to take notes after awaking from a dream and see if you’ve seen a spider, 2 spiders, or many spiders. Was it a tarantula or a spider? Was the animal in a net, was it moving? Or was the creepy-crawler just about to spin a web? The details of the dream have a decisive influence on the concrete interpretation of the dream symbol.

The spider is one of those dream symbols that appear very often in our sleep. To get an insight into the meaning of your spider dream, here are the most common dream images and their explanations:

To hunt a spider in a dream – There are several reasons for going hunting in the dream world for a spider. So this dream can actually be interpreted as a hunt for happiness. On the other hand, it can also be interpreted as a threat of deception in the watch world.

Dream of capturing a spider – Have you caught a spider in your dream? Then there are good times ahead of you, because behind this dream image hides the fact that you currently have your life situation firmly in hand and can expect that this condition will even improve in the coming weeks.

Vacuuming spiders – To remove spiders, not a few people like to grab the vacuum cleaner and suck up the little eight-legged.

If you dream of spiders, it can also happen that the dream symbol “Spider vacuum cleaner” appears. Hereby, an important decision will be signaled soon: Do you decide for the fulfillment of a wish or do you prefer to remain in your current situation?

Dream of killing a spider – A spider kills many who are afraid of it and do not want the creepy-crab around. As a dream image can appear different scenarios, for example, kill a large spider or kill many spiders. If the spider is dead in the dream or the spider is killed, it may soon lead to a quarrel with the partner in the watch world.

To crush or kill a spider – If you have crushed a spider in the dream, this is, according to the general interpretation of dreams for smashing an intrigue in the watch world. You have a clear view and know who plans bad behind your back. A spider killed warns of a looming conflict.

Eating a spider in a dream – It does not sound like an appetizing plot: eat a spider. Anyone who has eaten in the dream of one of these little creepy-crawlies or maybe even accidentally swallowed a spider, is threatened with a losing streak that will last for some time. Stay alert in the coming time!

Save a spider in dreams – Even a spider can be in danger and there are numerous animal lovers who are willing to help in such a situation.

To save a spider in dreams signals to the dreaming that he has sexual desires and longs for affection. Listen in and ask yourself if you do not occasionally want more physical closeness.

The bite of a spider in a dream – Being bitten by a spider is a painful affair, which can sometimes be life-threatening, depending on what kind of spider it is. If you have seen a biting spider in your dream, you are in for guile and deceit.

In general, when a spider bites in the dream world and this leads to a spider bite, this dream image is to be understood as a warning. Was the bite uncomfortable for you, did you even see your blood?

Spider coming at you  – For anyone who is afraid of spiders, this is probably a terrible nightmare. When you see in the dream that a spider is running towards me, this dream image symbolizes past experiences in your life, which you catch up slowly but surely.

A spider haunting you in a dream – “A spider chasing you!” Anyone who dreams of this may be plagued by mental problems. Being followed by a spider in a dream can also be an unpleasant experience, depending on how one faces these animals. Here, different fears come to fruition, which embodies the spider.

Also, watch out for potential problems in the watch world that you might soon be pursuing.

A dream spider jumps on me – Did you know that the jumping spider family has more than 5,800 species? So it is not surprising that some of us the dream symbol “jumped from spider” appears.

Behind the bouncing spider hides an unexpected happy circumstance that will soon overtake the dreaming. This can be very different nature. Let yourself be surprised!

Dream of a spider falling on me – “What is going on, a spider falls on me!” – If you had this idea in the dream, you may have wondered if it was a flying spider.

See this dream as a warning: There are currently untruths spread about you and you dizzy.