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Grapes in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

In dreams, grapes embody the symbolism of fertility, abundance, fertility and clearly wealth. If the dream was not stimulated by the grape diet you are following, we can continue to read a little more.

What does it mean to dream grapes? Although we have listed some small different cases of how dream vision can be, the meaning is always positive.

For a better understanding of the meaning, I suggest you also consult: dream of eating, if you have swallowed grapes.

Dreaming of grapes has meanings linked to the symbolism of fruit in which turgidity, sweetness, juiciness allude to fertility and abundance, wealth (even material) and pleasure.

Every fruit in dreams has characteristics that are reflected in dream meanings; the bunch of grapes from which wine is also obtained is a promise of pleasure, sweetness and intoxication, of convivial feelings and openness to life.

Grapes in dreams therefore have positive meanings and indicate the hopes and confidence of the dreamer who does not fear the future and who knows how to appreciate and enjoy every moment, recognizing its value.

Grapes in Dream – Meaning

It’s not a season and you haven’t had a great deal of white grapes recently, but did you dream about it? So it means that – behind this dream – other interpretations are hidden.

Discover the possible meanings of this very recurrent dream, which can reveal a lot about your personality and your state of mind. Grapes are the symbol of fertility, abundance, fertility and wealth. Why?

Once it was reminiscent of grape harvest festivals and large banquets where fresh white grapes were at the center of everything. White grapes were considered very precious as rare.

In addition, good wine was produced from white grapes and is still produced today, so it has always been linked to a positive meaning in the collective imagination.

The white color represents purity, transparency. White absorbs all the colors of the spectrum, so it is the total of a whole. It’s the perfection. Dreaming of it can represent personal evolution, the transition to a new life and closure with the past.

Are you in a moment of growth, of transformation and do you feel at peace with yourself? Dreaming of it can open new roads for you. If you dream of ripe white grapes, it indicates that a path or project has ended in your life and now the time has come to reap the benefits.

And if you dream of unripe grapes? Indicates that you are impatient about something and you tend to take the longest step of your leg. Is it not the case to wait and weigh any decision better?

If you dream of harvesting white grapes, it is a sign of personal growth and a particular predisposition to be autonomous. We know that – when we dream – the unconscious wants to communicate a message through a figure. It is then up to you to interpret and extrapolate the symbols based on what is your life and your person.

Regarding the dream of white grapes, try to understand the meaning of color and fruit and then give the correct interpretation.

Dreaming grapes with its cluster of spherical berries is connected to the formal perfection of the circle and the egg, and alludes to a sense of completeness, universality, renewal.

Every grape in dreams is like a small mandala that in itself contains the irrepressible and vital force of juice and seeds, symbol and promise of new possibilities, of new life.

Grapes are a central element in the great Dionysian rituals in which instinctually, sexuality and vital energy are blended with joy and unrestrainedness. The bunch of grapes with its roundness that allude to the testicles and the internal juice that recalls the seminal liquid, is connected to the strength of the masculine who knows how to fertilize, who acts with determination, but who is not free from excesses.

Dreaming of ripe grapes often recalls situations linked to love and feelings but also to events and gestures that lead to good results: “juicy” (satisfying, desirable) and sweet (positive, satisfying) results, wealth and inner growth, lived feelings and reciprocated, realization of desires and goals.

Grapes in Dream – Symbolism

Dreaming of grapes to eat, vines and vineyards full of grapes is certainly a good omen, because grapes in dreams have very positive meanings, connected to love, happiness, life and health. The nuances of meaning can range from the most material and earthly situations to the most spiritual ones.

In classical culture, grapes are associated with the cult of Dionysus and the god Bacchus, Dionysian rituals, the wild dances of the Bacchantes; the grape cluster in this context is seen as a phallic symbol, in which the woody support is associated with the penis, and the roundish berries with the testicles.

For the Christian religion, on the other hand, grapes are linked to Noah who first cultivated the vine; however, the grape is above all a symbol of the sacrifice of Jesus, who gave his blood for humanity. In the images of the sacrament of the Eucharist, together with the bread and the chalice, a bunch of grapes is represented. Jesus says “I am the vine, you are the branches”, to represent the divine spirit that flows in every man.

In popular interpretation, it is believed that dreaming of black grapes brings good luck, while dreaming of white grapes brings tears; in reality from a psychological point of view the dreams in which the grapes appear can be interpreted more correctly, bearing in mind these symbolic references, both sacred and profane.

Dreaming of ripe grapes – it is an image of abundance and realization that indicates positive results in every area. In some dreams it may have a spiritual value, because the bunch of grapes and the vine are present in Christian iconography as a symbol of the Messiah and salvation.

Dreaming of detached grapes – indicates forces that have been dispersed, wasted possibilities or inability to find a goal to be achieved or a sense in what you are doing.

Dreaming of picking a bunch of grapes – it means reaching a goal, having the strength and hope necessary to grasp the possibilities of every situation. It may indicate a happy emotional and sexual relationship.

Dream of giving a bunch of grapes – alludes to a request for attention, to the desire to be considered and loved. Equivalent to the gift of self, to the expression of one’s most positive feelings and qualities (even sexual).

Dreaming of receiving a bunch of grapes as a gift – indicates the interest of others or the desire that this interest exists, so it is still an image linked to sentimental and sexual relationships. In other areas it can be a praise received, the recognition of others and the satisfaction for something done.

Dreaming of cutting a bunch of grapes – is associated with separation from something or someone. It can also indicate a fuzzy occasion.

Dream of harvesting Dream the harvest – it means gathering the result of committed efforts, it is an image of great power that represents positive (even spiritual) energy placed at the service of an objective or an ideal. In popular interpretation it is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, of health and joy.

Dreaming of eating ripe grapes – it is linked to the need for sweetness and strength, for physical energy, for confidence, for positivity. May associate with fertility and the desire to conceive.

Dreaming of crushing grapes – image that recalls rituals and celebrations related to the harvest and the preparation of wine, indicates reactivity, decision and all the actions implemented by the dreamer to achieve a purpose. It is a symbol of success and determination in every area.

Dream white grapes – even the color of the grapes can reflect feelings and situations that the dreamer is experiencing, so white or yellow grapes can allude to abundance, satisfaction, fulfillment and wealth.

White grapes in dreams for popular interpretation is a symbol of fidelity and honesty in marriage and religious faith.

Dreaming of colored grapes – as well as having the meaning we have talked about so far can hide an even stronger message if it is linked to the meaning of colors. Read the meaning of colors in dreams and combine it with the interpretation of the grapes found on this page.

Dreaming of ripe grapes – can refer to an idea that has finished its development as well as a project that has long matured and is ready for harvest.

Dreaming of picking grapes – is a gesture that is interpreted as a sign of personal growth, of an evolution and a predisposition to be more autonomous if the case permits and the thing concerns us.

Dreaming unripe grapes – reminds us that it is probably too early to take the longest step of the leg, therefore it indicates situations and premature decisions and perhaps a general dissatisfaction and impatience for something that concerns us.


In the world of dream interpretation, fruits are the symbol of results. Grapes represent abundance, fertility, fertility and of course wealth.

According to many, the grape contains the representation of the goal achieved after so many sacrifices. It could symbolize both mental or personal mental satisfaction and monetary benefits.

In general, dreaming of grapes presages a period with positive events. The grape, due to its shape, recalls the symbolism of the circle for the formal perfection that recalls completeness, symbol of the universe and of life.

According to historical evidence, those who dreamed of a vineyard that did not bear fruit, had an omen that warned of probable sterility.

Although dreaming of grapes in most cases was the representation of an erotic pleasure.

The Arabs interpreted the dream based on the color of the grape: if it was green it announced disagreements, if it was white and mature it indicated happiness.

Also important is the symbolism of the vineyard and the vine and their sacredness which is found in the books of the Old Testament; the value linked to the harvest, to the production of the wine, if the harvest was abundant and to its care.

The grape that appears in a dream represents happiness and well-being, it is a premonitory dream that warns of an unexpected encounter with a soul mate who has been searching for a long time and with whom it will pass, happily, a long time of its life.

It is the fruit that represents well-being in general. It is also a good omen for women; in fact, if you dream of grapes wrapped around your stomach, you will probably get pregnant.