Green Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

Candles are an important ingredient in churches and synagogues, at traditional or religious festivals, but also in many simply an important factor to enhance personal well-being. The flame of a green candle can be equated with the element of fire.

As a symbol, fire stands for power, will and strength. It can provide light and warmth but on the other hand it can also be burning and destructive.

Whether lights or floor candles, they all have something magical about them. So it is on the one hand, the special mood that spreads the candlelight in your own home or even if lovers love their togetherness by candlelight.

On the other hand, candles also help people with many traditional rituals. Either as lighting during the Christmas season or as decoration during festivities.

However, they can also be used as helpers in the green candle magic for the various every day and life issues and used.

Green candle – Meaning

The simplest form of green candle magic is practiced by people mostly unconsciously. It is a recurrent ritual that many people have known since childhood. And that is the blowing out of candles on a birthday cake. This should probably be known to each of us.

You express a wish unspoken and only for yourself in the head, while the candles – at best all at once – blown out. Concentration on desire and mental imagination manifests the desire, which is then released into the universe with the help of the flame to seek fulfillment.

In addition, there are a few other green candle rituals that can be performed relatively straightforward. For example, to attract more money in life. In addition to a green candle, another green candle is needed, which represents your own person.

Then the green candle on the left side and the other on the right side are lit. Between the candles then two coins of different valence are placed.

While the candles are burning, you focus your thoughts intensively on a certain amount of money and imagine what it should be spent for. After that, the candles have to burn for another 15 minutes, before the first and then the green candle is extinguished.

Another ritual requires a larger, long burning candle. The color should be tailored to the issue, so the respective topic or area of ​​life. Then you look for a suitable place to place the candle.

Here you should listen to the inner gut feeling while holding the green candle in your hands and thinking of a specific desire. Now the green candle ritual can be performed.

Once lit, however, it should not be removed from this place.

From now on, the green candle should burn every day for an hour, until nothing is left of it. This simple green candle ritual also helps to gather mental energy and focus your thoughts on the desired goal. Green candle magic can help manifest the desire and make it a reality.

In principle, candles can also be used as aids to fortune telling. Depending on the nature of the question, a green candle with a special color should be used. Red for love affairs, yellow candles for general business and green for all money. However, white candles can also be used, as they are said to spread a strong spiritual vibration.

For the purpose of interpreting the future, a bowl or plate is filled with a little cold water into which the candle’s melting wax drips. As the wax cools, letters, images, random figures or shapes may result.

An interpretation can be made similar to, for example, coffee grounds reading or the tea leaf oracle. The symbols recognized therein can then be interpreted according to the question or desire of the person seeking advice.

There are countless green candle rituals that can be used to find a suitable ritual for every area of ​​life, be it success, finances or luck, love and relationship or personal development. Whether simple or somewhat more elaborate, each ritual should be carried out as exactly as possible according to the respective instruction, based on the sequence as well as the right time and the necessary utensils.

There are some green candle rituals where the chosen green candle has to be consecrated first, others are preceded by a circle of protection and others are waiting for the right lunar time. It is also important to know the ritual not only theoretically, but also to know how it is applied correctly.

In addition, as with all magical Even in the case of green candle magic, only white magic can be used. Selfish motives or even revenge should never be the basis.

In addition, it should be considered in advance exactly what you want to achieve exactly. Because the wish could come true sooner than expected.

So white magic rituals with candles should be carefully selected and carried out. In case of uncertainties one should consider the assistance of a professional to discover the magical world of candles without unwanted side effects.

Green candle – Symbolism

Green can be made by subtractive color mixing of blue and yellow. In this respect, the color green combines the spiritual of the color blue with the emotional warmth of the color yellow. Both together create growth and wisdom. The color green is also a symbol of inexperience. A young, inexperienced man is a “greenhorn”, he is “green behind the ears”.

In the March picture of the famous books of the brothers Limburg, a group of mounted women with corn-green coats appears. The painted with malachite green symbolizes the spring and maybe the youthfulness of the girls.

The relationship of the English word grow with green is not by chance. With the help of sunlight and the carbon dioxide that animals and humans produce, the plants produce the vital oxygen and starch. The magical material for the process of photosynthesis is the green pigment chlorophyll (leaf green), which has the ability to convert inorganic substances into organic ones.

Although chlorophyll has existed successfully on Earth for several billion years, the color green did not play a significant role in the hunters and gatherers of the Stone Age, in contrast to the color red.

So there are practically no cave paintings depicting plants, although green earth was available. After the downfall of the hunting peoples and the advent of agriculture, gods increasingly appeared, associated with the color green.

“You green, O Nile, you green the fields.” So praises an unknown poet the life-giving river in a hymn in ancient Egypt. In the Egyptians, the color green was like the blue positively occupied. The ancient Egyptian goddess and goddess of cow Hathor was occasionally depicted in the shape of a green tree. She was the mistress of love and life.

A depiction of the goddess in a burial chamber shows how a heavy-breasted breast from a mulberry fig infuses the pharaoh. Special importance was the green malachite. It was ground and mixed with egg white, acacia resin or fig milk to form an emerald-green paint and make-up. This was used by the Egyptian women to make up their eyelids. In addition to its use as a pigment, it has remained a popular gemstone to this day.

The Egyptians mined the mineral from Mount Sinai and extracted copper from it. In the Arab world, powdered malachite was used as an antidote and for ulcers. This effect, like its use as a talisman to protect children from accidents, has remained a legend. Some still attribute healing powers to him today. The same was true for the green gemstone emerald.

In alchemy, solvents that could dissolve gold have been referred to as “green lion” or “green dragon”. Such liquids stood at the beginning of the “great work”, the production of the “stone of the wise” (see color red). Under the image of a translucent, green crystal, the alchemists also saw a “secret fire” that embodied the liveliness of the substance’s inherent spirit.

In the middle Ages and the minnesing era, green was the color of love or love. Céladon sings in the pastoral novel Astrée of Honoré d’Urfé (1568-1625) his mistress Astrée, wearing May green.

This was in the Middle Ages as a symbol of being in love. Céladon is initially disowned for his alleged infidelity, and only after many trials does he gain the favor of his beloved.


Green was not just the color of love in the middle Ages, but also the color of the evil serpents and demons. In ancient China, the dragon still had a very positive meaning.

He symbolized the divine power of transformation, the rhythm of nature, as well as supernatural wisdom and strength. In this respect, the dragon was often associated with the color green.

The Christian interpreted the positive symbol and created a monster that combined all the evil and destructive qualities. Christian demons had green skin and green eyes, they took their victims directly to hell.

Fertility as a symbol of the color green has become something disreputable, since the Christian moral guardians wanted to avoid any suspicion of an unbridled sexuality. The devil – as a hunter on the souls – appeared in a green skirt.

Although some artists of the Middle Ages painted the cross of Christ green or saints in their pictures often green – as a sign of hope – there is still the idea that green is associated with the term poison together with yellow. For example, poison green is a commonly used color.