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Guava Fruit – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Guava is a type of tropical tree that grows mainly in Central and South America and is famous in these places for the rich fruits it gives.

The fruit is similar to a pear and has a delicate and small skin that is usually removed for eating. It brings many nutritional benefits due to other fruits (Dreaming of fruits) to its high vitamin content.

But why has my subconscious created a dream for me with a guava? It is not strange to have this type of dreams and if we visit the dictionary of dreams we can read what the experts of the dream world affirm what this type of dreams means.

Guava Fruit – Dream Meaning

Fruit in dream of fruit often suggests that significant positive actions are being taken in the future. It, and in particular dates, is often associated with fertility.

This dream also indicates a period of inner growth. In general, dreaming about it is a sign of wealth.

A tree with fruits means good business, while a fruit that falls from a tree is a sign of unhappiness.

Dreaming of seeing the fruit ripen among the foliage, usually predicts a prosperous future to the dreamer.

According to some analysts, fruit suggests pleasure followed by difficulties, but also abundance and prosperity. A dream of many different fruits is a sign of wealth.

The more fruit you dream of, the greater the wealth. Dreaming of only one type of fruit means success in school or work life.

According to others, the dream fruit can represent disagreements within the family.

In dreams, sour fruit represents illness; bitter fruits represent discord; if they are toxic they foretell wealth; if they have fallen to the ground they are a sign of unhappiness; rotten fruits mean sadness or some misunderstanding in the future; red fruits foretell good health and pleasures; ripe green fruits predict luck and longevity.

Green fruit, not ripe, means disappointed efforts or hasty action. The ripe fruit in dreams announces a happy marriage and also many children.

Dreaming that a fruit has a bad smell predicts a discussion with the partner.

The collection of fruit in the dream is a sign of wealth and pleasures. Collecting it also refers to an abundant fortune.

Weighing the fruit in a dream signals a change in work. Buy it in a dream foretells that you are going to be scammed or married. Selling it denotes a lot of business, but not very profitable. Eating fruit in the dream predicts a good life full of abundance.

Eating sour fruit and marching in a dream means that some plans for the future will fail or you will be disappointed.

Slice the fruit in a dream forewarns of problems in your relationship as a couple, but which will soon be resolved. Detaching a fruit from the branch symbolizes a strong commitment in the near future.

Dreaming that a fruit is not yet good to eat indicates that there is a project that has not yet been started.

A fruit basket, with many different fruits, predicts that you can enjoy a happy marriage. Seeing a plate of fruit in a dream predicts the provision of a service or service that will be well paid.

In general, each type of fruit has its specific meanings. Below is a brief overview, not exhaustive; we reserve the right to treat each fruit separately as soon as possible.

Guava Fruit – Symbolism

Dreaming of a guava in general – shows a stage of personal growth and intellectual development in yourself. You calm your need for knowledge through study and literature.

Almost all the fruits that ripen symbolize this type of growth.

Other specialists in the dream world argue that dreaming of a guava reflects that we love taking care of our food, even if it is at the expense of making large expenses on it.

You don’t mind buying products that are from other countries as long as you know in advance that they are the best where they are produced.

The meanings of dreams are as varied as daydreams and that is why you have to spend some time reading the different interpretations that experts make about all kinds of circumstances that can occur in a dream.

Dreaming of a rotten guava – reflects that you underestimate your body and what you are capable of.

Maybe you have never taken care of yourself too much and doctors have suggested that you change your lifestyle for something healthier and beneficial for your body.

Dreaming with Guava, in general, is a dream related to prosperity, abundance, as a good part of the meanings of Dreaming with Fruits.

The dream with guava can also be an omen of positive things linked to various areas of the life of those who dream, such as: emotional relationships, work, family, money, among others. Interpretations of dreams with guava will depend, in reality, on the context and plot of the dream. This happens with all types of sleep.

Dreaming You See A Guava – In case you dream that you only see a guava or even a guava, it indicates a good event.

This dream is successful in your financial life. You can receive a salary increase, a cash prize, among other means of increasing your bank account.

Just avoid spending the money you will receive on superfluous things. Use the extra income to buy something really useful and important or save for times when you need to use it.

Dream about Eat Guava – This dream, although it seems good, does not bring good news. Dreaming of Guava and eating the fruit usually means that you will have a financial loss.

Is there how to avoid that? Avoid no, but it is possible to recover faster. How? See the non-essential expenses and use the money you used in these things to recover financially.

In this way, you will not suffer so much with possible capital losses.

Dream about several guava – If you dream of several guavas scattered on the ground, the dream is about a message from your subconscious.

He is warning that you are confused in relation to making a decision in your love life.


Some dream interpreters claim that dreaming of a guava indicates that we have matured enough to be able to follow our path for ourselves.

Normally, guavas and their fruits can only be eaten when they have matured and fall from the tree falling to the ground, just as people grow and leave their homes.

For other dream analysts, dreaming of a guava symbolizes that you have large land where you grow fruit trees (read more when dreaming of a tree) and that you cannot perform maintenance tasks for yourself and you need to hire the help of other people.  If your land grows properly it is considered dreamlike that you are a successful person and somewhat envied.