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Hugging a Dead Person in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

In general, dreaming of a hug can lead to positive feelings during dreams, affection, protection and love, you probably need to feel loved and desired.

What does it mean to dream of embracing? If you tend to be closed subjects, the dream could tell you to let yourself go more to the emotions that you live and to open yourself more to relationships and life in general.

By entering more specifically we will see that sometimes this type of dream can also have meanings conflicting and negative.

Hugging a Dead Person in Dream – Meaning

In the dream world, dreaming of embracing someone, woman or man, and dreaming of embracing an unidentified person can represent the fact that in life you are a person who can give support and comfort to the people who are close to you and not only. You are ready to support others in times of need.

Dreaming of a strong embrace most likely indicates the need for someone close to us, evidently you are not going through a very easy time and therefore you need to feel someone’s support, even if at other times this symbol indicates a feeling of oppression that is represented not in a similar way when we find ourselves dreaming of a weak embrace in which perhaps we would like a greater affective contribution from the person who embraces us, assuming that the bond we have with this person is not strong enough.

According to Miller’s dream interpretation book, hearing the voice of a deceased relative or friend in a dream would be a warning to plan and think about each step in advance, in order to avoid disastrous effects.

Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, analyzing numerous dreams concerning the dead, found that they are very frequent and that in a high percentage of them, the dead person appears alive: this would represent the desire and the will to live and the will emphasize the differentiation between those who are alive and those who are no longer alive.

Dreaming of a dead friend as if she were alive, or any other known person then emphasizes this concept. This type of dreams happens more frequently after a short time after death and especially if death has been particularly sudden and unexpected.

Other cases in which these dreams occur are when the body of the deceased could not be seen or if it was not possible or wanted to participate in the funeral.

Often we dream of a dead friend who is actually healthy, alive and well; according to the dream interpreters this is a warning to be careful because it could be a great danger.

If he actually died, but we are talking about it, we are listening to talk, it is an omen that soon we will soon have bad news.

According to some interpretations instead, this dream represents the attempt of one’s own unconscious to revisit and relive past experiences.

Hugging a Dead Person in Dream – Symbolism

Dream of a dead person who speaks – a person you care about has gone out before you could tell him some very important things. This is a recurring dream, which denotes a profound discomfort in not being able to utter a word in time.

Dream of a dead person being alive – we can’t get away from the idea of ​​a recent departure or failure, still fresh. The idea of ​​having failed in a relationship or in a specific job does not give us peace. The only solution is to find ways to remedy your misstep.

Dream of a dead person resurrected – after having cradled the dream of pursuing a career or giving life to the most beautiful relationship in your life, you failed to take the train when it was the most opportune moment.

Every failure is lost, it is said, but a very tempting circumstance may soon reappear for you.

Dream of hugging dead parents – Dreaming of dead parents indicates that you are afraid to stay or already be without them. Dreaming of talking to them is a way to keep them “alive”.

To dream of them dying means that they are experiencing great changes; it is the symbol of the transition to one’s independence and at the beginning a new journey in life.

Instead, according to Freud, these dreams have to do with the Oedipus complex. The dream of the parents’ death can therefore manifest itself in moments of conflict and in particular periods of life such as in adolescence.

Dream of dead person smiling – you will soon understand the best way to get out of an unpleasant situation, finding a solution that will fully satisfy your needs. In a short time you could look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself as completely different people from today.

Dream of dead person eating – you are nostalgic of some moments related to everyday life with a person, family or friend, with whom you shared many moments of everyday life. You would like to go back, to be able to relive and savor certain situations that always left you with a smile on your lips.

Dream of a dead husband – in general you feel lost without the person in your life. In a particular circumstance in the present, however, you feel even more the need for concrete external support. Feel you can’t do it alone.

Dream of a dead wife – in everyday life we ​​are forced to deal with a sense of perdition. We need to find the right way to take up the reins of our life, starting from the bottom.

Dream of a dead father – you have lost the right path but you have not yet realized it. Your loved one appears to you in a dream as a form of warning: his words could be the key to understanding how to avoid making mistakes and finding solutions to those already committed.

Dream of a dead mother – soon you could feel yourself missing the ground under your feet, in a metaphorical sense of course. An unpleasant circumstance, in fact, could lead you to re-evaluate all your life prospects. You will have to be strong and not panic.

Dream of a dead friend – a positive omen: something good is about to happen in your life. After a period of ups and downs, you will finally be able to resume the straight path, collecting a series of successes, one in line to the other.

Dream of a dead dog – we are subjected to a strong emotional stress, we are not able to reason with clarity and the real risk is to take a false step in professional life. There is no immediate solution, it is certainly advisable to ask for help from those close to you.

But there would be hundreds of dreams with dead people. Have you ever dreamed of a dead stranger? It is a rather frequent dream vision in the dreamer who knows he has to turn, change pace to live a life full of satisfactions, but he doesn’t know how to do it.

There are those who say that dreaming of an aunt or a dead uncle can prolong life, while if our dream subconscious is populated by a dead cat, it means that you are particularly burned by a disappointment or a loss.

You would like to find a smile again, but your state of mind, for the moment, is that of a person with moral underfoot.

If dreaming of kissing a dead person, on the other hand, indicates that a sense of protection will soon be born within you to a person you hold in particular.

In dreams, receiving or giving hugs, is a symbol of human warmth and affection. Very often in everyday life it is difficult to relate to parents and sometimes even to express what we really feel and it is precisely for this reason that everything very often pours into dreams.

Dreaming of a father’s embrace or embracing him – could indicate your inability to express your feelings towards him or otherwise you would like to feel more loved and protected by the parent in question who may not be able to support you and express your love in life real.

Dreaming of embracing the deceased father – can be a rather common dream. The father figure represents love, authority and control of situations in general, perhaps you do not yet feel ready to take on these responsibilities, and you would like not to let it go because you would still need him.

Dreaming of embracing a dead person – In dreams the dead are often a symbol that leads back to the past and just as often means that their absence has not yet been accepted.

At other times they can represent wisdom, yet others can reassure you and protect you if you need it.

So, to embrace a dead person could therefore indicate nostalgia for that person, perhaps some regret, things not told or simply show you the affection that you failed to demonstrate when he was still alive.

Dreaming of the embrace of a friend – may indicate your inability to let go of that person perhaps following a quarrel, a departure or in any case in general a detachment that took place in reality.

In other cases it could to symbolize the inability to show your affection towards that friend, obviously in real life you have difficulty in showing your affection towards the people who are close to you.

Dreaming of embracing ex – Rediscovering the loves of the past in dreams can also be interpreted as a symbol of nostalgia for long-standing feelings and emotions. Maybe you would like to try again those emotions.

To dream of embracing an ex could indicate the fact that you have not yet succeeded in forgetting that person and you cannot let her go completely, perhaps you reproach yourself for the fact that you could have done more to keep her in your life.

Dreams of hugging dead child – Dreaming of male or female children, therefore, will reflect our personality.

Dreaming of embracing a child can indicate the fact that we cannot yet completely distance ourselves from our childish self, we are not ready to grow and take our responsibilities as adults.

In dreams the dog represents the animal side of ourselves and therefore the instinctive part of each of us. The dog is a symbol of loyalty is a faithful companion is first a friend and then a guardian.

Dreaming of hugging a dog can represent our ego, so you are most likely very trustworthy and faithful towards others.


Obviously this type of dream awakens the pain of dreamer in not accepting the disappearance of the loved one, the embrace can mean so many things including the non-acceptance of death, the unconditional need for that protection that sometimes only a beloved person can give with a simple hug.

In general, rely on feelings that the dream releases in you and hopefully this article was helpful.