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Husband With Another Woman – Dream Meaning

Dreaming of one’s own or others’ husband is quite common as it is common to dream of family and relatives.

It is precisely the closest people with whom one has the most lasting, intense and complicated relationships that fill the dreams of perhaps trivial situations, but a source of uncontainable emotions.

The daily relationships lived automatically in the diurnal world have a space of full respect in the unconscious and in dreams and bring to the surface everything that is silenced, hidden and masked by habit.

This happens especially for the husband in dreams who, like the wife’s symbol, involves feelings related to the need for love and intimacy.

Husband With Another Woman Symbolism in Cultures

Dreaming of betrayal leads us to reflect on one of the most delicate and painful issues related to interpersonal relationships, a subject that forces us to question ourselves, which opens up a burning wound, which provokes feelings of anger, of despair of wounded pride.

We are betrayed precisely in the most intimate relationships, those in which the original trust is possible. We can only really be betrayed where we really trust: as brothers, lovers, wives, husbands, not enemies, not strangers. The greater the love, the loyalty, the involvement and the commitment, the greater the betrayal.

But if the betrayal is so common in life and in dreams there is to ask what its meaning is, to which instinctive drive it responds and why it is so rooted in human behavior. Dreaming of betrayal and related emotions (which often have the same intensity as real ones) shows how engaging and devastating they are and when they deeply undermine the sense of security and trust.

The betrayal is so painful and destabilizing, because it affects security and precisely on security accomplishes its destructive work.

Dreams about Husband With Another Woman – Meaning

Dreaming of one’s husband is not a rare dream, also because usually the person with whom we have a close and indissoluble bond is that of love. It can be an indication of various things, which must be interpreted based on the actions performed in the dream, and the feelings we have felt towards him during our hours of rest.

Dreaming of someones’s husband, therefore, could have both positive and negative implications, for those who live a long distance relationship, because of work, she can dream of her husband because he misses her terribly, and therefore her mind presents it to you in your dreams, like a comfort that can fill that feeling of sadness linked to the physical presence at your side.

Dreaming of the husband who is betraying you with another woman, does not really indicate that your husband is betraying you, it may be that it is the result of your uncontrolled jealousy, maybe you often think that he could betray you to his every delay imagine a thousand things, which in the end you find yourself dreaming, just because you are afraid of it.

If instead you dream of betraying your husband but you are not caught in fragrant, there can be two meanings, the first one like the one already described, the second reason of this dream could be a lack of satisfaction on a physical level.

In a couple there may be periods in which there are no more intimate relationships, perhaps because of fatigue, because of children, because of thoughts etc. There are various reasons for lack of intimacy, this lack causes your libido to manifest itself during the night, making you want a lover who meets this need.

Dreams about Husband With Another Woman – Symbolism

Dreaming of a husband cheating on you – it embodies the betrayal of one’s values, can refer to a real person who has disappointed the dreamer or represent his own ambiguity, an aspect of a “traitor” that rails against the ideas and values ​​professed in the conscious life, which betrays them.

The traitor par excellence is Judas who for 30 denari sells Jesus (symbol of what he believes in and the purest and most absolute values).

The dreamer will have to ask himself whether, for an immediate material or emotional gain, he has betrayed himself, his dreams, aspirations and values.

Dreaming of the betrayal of a loved one – they can be linked to the fear of abandonment and lack of trust and security, but they can also reflect the metaphorical betrayal of one’s expectations and illusions.

When you feel disappointed by your boyfriend – partner-husband (not necessarily in the field of feelings), when his actions or his love do not correspond to what was hoped for, here is the possibility of a “betrayal” in the dreams.

Dreaming of your husband cheating on you with a friend – it has similar meanings to those above: perhaps we felt abandoned (not at the center of his attention), perhaps we do not completely trust him or there were episodes that showed him unreliable or with a concept of friendship different from his own.

The dream may reflect a real episode in which we felt “betrayed” (offended by a word, an attitude, a lack of solidarity). If a friend has really betrayed the trust of the dreamer, the dream may have the purpose of leading him to reflect on the facts, to elaborate on its scope, to show different aspects of it.

Dreaming of husband cheating on you with your mother/father – for example, dreaming of the father who betrays the mother, or dreaming of the mother’s betrayal may arise as a suspicion in the face of ambiguous attitudes collected at an unconscious level, or as a fear of losing the parental couple whose existence is a guarantee of well-being and security.

But parents who betray each other in dreams can also highlight a disharmony that the dreamer does not want to see, a disagreement between the two or even much stronger and more aggressive feelings of rejection and “no love” than they are expressed verbally.

Dreaming of discovering your husband is cheating on you – aims to open the eyes of the dreamer, to force him to take note of something that perhaps has hurt or disappointed him, but whose impact (perhaps too strong) has been set aside (buried, repressed).

And, as written above, it must be remembered that the betrayal can be carried out also with regard to oneself, one’s dreams and aspirations.

Dreaming of your husband kissing another woman – if already in the dream you have the perception of the kiss of betrayal, the image brings to the surface the distrust of those who kiss and signals, perhaps, the need to pay more attention and not to be too open and confident.

Dreaming of homosexual betrayal – there are no differences in meaning with respect to heterosexual betrayal. But for this dream in particular the emotions that the dreamer experiences and the possible judgments and prejudices against homosexuality will have to be evaluated, to understand if the meaning tends towards the symbol of betrayal or towards aspects linked to sexuality.

Repeatedly dreaming of your husband cheating on you – recurring dreams that have as their theme the betrayal of their partner, as already written, must be addressed on two fronts: on the one hand it is possible that you feel disappointed and hurt by your partner, on the other, the dream can be configured as an alert message of the unconscious that collects verbal and non-verbal signals that are not accessible to the level of consciousness and, for this reason, has a more “fine” and truthful perception of reality.

The dream can reveal a discomfort in the couple and a problem that needs to be addressed.

Dreaming of your husband cheating on you while you are pregnant – it is the expression of a malaise often linked to one’s condition, perhaps it does not feel quite attractive and desired and there is a fear of losing the attention of one’s companion.


Dreaming of the betraying husband, can also indicate the fear of not being at his height, you feel diminished and bound in the role of wife and mother. In reality, the woman with whom you are betraying you are nothing but yourself, who would like to return to being a “fiery lover” as well as a custodian of the house and of chores.

So if it becomes a recurring nightmare, you have to change something in your married life, you have to be the protagonists of your life, return from time to time to do something for you, for your well-being and that of your husband.

Dreaming of a husband who surprises you during the act of betrayal is certainly not a good feeling even during a dream.

In this case, if you dream that your husband discovers the betrayal immediately, in reality it may be that you are afraid of being discovered having done something behind him, maybe you have said a small lie or a half-truth and now that weight on your conscience makes you feel like he’s betraying your husband’s trust.