Itchy Finger – Superstition and Meaning

People have many different superstitions related to every part of the body, so fingers are no different.

In today’s text we are going to talk about the symbolism of itchy left fingers and what could this possibly mean. We will also talk about some general superstitions related to hands.

So, if you had itchy left fingers recently, here is what it could mean.

Symbolism of Itchy Fingers

This popular belief indicates that extra money will come from the itching of the hand. However, some also relate it to a new project, a new job or a new remuneration.

Like all superstition, this one also has its rules, because it indicates that if you scratch your right hand, you are automatically letting the money instead of coming away.

That’s why, no matter how much itching appears in your hand, you should not scratch it.

They also say that this is a good thing. However, it would have something against, because at the same time it would attract the envy of many who are around you.

What does it mean if your left hand itches?

Many people comment on this case of esotericism. Here we present what it means if your left hand itches, you will have to give it to someone.

As we know this explanation is part of superstitions and although you do not believe it, many say that it is true.

When your right hand itches, the one that gives, put the palm of your hand up and concentrate on your energy, on your heart, so when I got the opportunity to give, you will give with love.

When you give, it must be for the pleasure of giving When your left hand stings, put your palm up, focus on your energy, on what you want to receive.

Curiosities related to Hands

  1. In India they say that “One should eat with the right hand since all good things are done with the right hand”.
  2. Within religious myths, in Christianity, only the right hand can bless, the Devil is usually portrayed as left-handed and in the Bible there are more than 100 favorable references to the right hand and about 25 unfavorable to the left.
  3. But not all are bad omens, for Buddhism the left symbolizes wisdom, so when meditating the left hand is placed under the right, to symbolize that wisdom is the basis on which all spiritual practice must be supported and those who practice tantra are committed to begin all their actions with the left.
  4. There is no doubt that there are thousands of superstitions, the same ones that over the years become very important for some. Despite this, science ensures that there may be certain behaviors that are not explainable and that is part of these beliefs.

What is the truth about this popular belief?

According to experts in esotericism, the itching on the left hand indicates that extra money will come. However, some also relate it to a new project, a new job or a salary increase.

According to the esoteric scientists, to fulfill this desire to receive money, when your left hand itches you should not scratch automatically, because if you do you are letting the money instead of coming away.

According to another meaning, It is said that it is a sign that you will pay a lot of money or you will make a heavy expenditure, so it is advised that, unlike the right hand, if your left hand itches you should scratch a lot to avoid that superstition is fulfilled .

Many sources indicate that this escosor is due to various causes, such as having dry skin, stress or conditions that may need medical treatment.

The fact that you are stung by a hand has always been surrounded by superstitions and beliefs, all related to money.

Chkras of the Body in relation to Itching

The Chakras of the Hands can sting you when you go to give or receive, since they open, they are predisposed. In fact, a study revealed that when something bites us in our body for something in particular or something can happen to us.

There is an energy circuit in the human being known by all the Metaphysicians and Healers of the World, it is that the energies go out through the right hand and enter through the left hand. Hence the tendency to strike with the right hand and receive with the left.

In fact, there is what is called the “healing circle” where each and every one of the participants gives healing energy with the right hand and receives the healing energy with the left. , thus creating this healing circle. Healers always work with both hands, but it is with the right hand with which they draw, bless, etc.

Both the right and left sides are equally important, and of course they must be kept in perfect balance. It is just as good to give as to receive, to work as to rest, to help as to accept help. In fact, “Many times the passive side is more active than the active side”.

Itching of the Hand as a Spiritual Message

Initially, you did not pay much attention, but the problem seems to persist, you have come to question yourself.

First classic step, go to a dermatologist who can possibly enlighten you on the cause of itching. This can be a common eczema that you can probably eradicate using corticosteroids.

However, you may be deeply convinced that this scratching right hand is trying to send you a message. Dermatological treatments do not always provide solutions to our skin problems.

In some cases it seems that one has to look for paranormal signs. The most Cartesian will probably have a hard time believing in such a theory.

The impressive number of people who have experienced similar trajectories with an itchy right hand will probably change their minds.

Lithotherapy stones for eczema and skin problems. Indeed, the scratching right hand is often diagnosed as a sign of a notorious loss of money. In general, the right hand is associated with the negative events that may occur in our lives. In contrast, the left hand is associated with happy and positive events.

On the contrary, a scratchy left hand is a symbol of an extraordinary return of money. If you are subject to a scratchy right hand, you should ask yourself the following questions: Have I recently taken undue risks that could make me lose money? Have I lent money to a friend who is late in paying me back? Have I invested blindly in a flawed project?

If you have the opportunity, you should try to correct your previous commitments to avoid a significant loss of your income.

You must consider your scratching hand as a message sent by your body and skin to warn you of disappointments that may affect you in the days or months to come.

As long as there is still time, think about acting and taking the lead.

Finally, this type of itching on the right hand is a kind of sign of the afterlife that will often allow you to react in time.

Take this warning as a chance to save yourself from a major loss of money, rather than consider this symptom as a mere passing annoyance or as an additional annoyance to endorse.

Curiosities related to the Hands

In India they say that “One should eat with the right hand since all good things are done with the right hand”.

In Islam, everything that comes from the left hand is considered impure, and according to some customs of the Middle East, with it the toilet paper is held.

African tribes on the banks of the Niger River do not let their women prepare food with their left hand, for fear of black magic.


Yes hands are associated with money but the meaning is different for each hand. The itchy left hand means you’re going to make money while an itchy right hand means you’re going to lose it.

This is the hand with which you give and it refers to a loss in material terms.

Even if you do not have to be alarmed and fall into paranoia, this sign encourages you to ask yourself questions: have you recently taken any risks that could make you lose money? Do you have a debt to repay? Have you blindly invested in a project? It’s time to make good resolutions.

And as this sign is a warning, try to be more considerate during the following days: do not play big lottery money, do not make big expenses, beware if someone tries to borrow from you money …

Paying attention to this sign and being more careful, you may be able to prevent the loss of money.