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Laughing in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

Laughing at the defeat or mistakes of others in a dream, denotes that friends are willingly hurt to gratify their selfish desires.

If you dream of not being able to laugh for something that everyone laughs, it presages family health problems.

Dreaming of a person who laughs without the desire to do so represents a false relationship. Hearing or seeing someone laugh in the dream represents the fear that others may not appreciate the dreamer because of something that is ashamed of the past.

If the laughter in the dream is caused by a joke it indicates dishonesty on the part of the dreamer.

Laughing in Dream – Meaning

Dreaming of laughing refers to the pleasure, the outburst, the unblocking of a situation and the downsizing in a positive sense of reality. But dreaming of laughing can also be an expression of a disowned part of the personality.

When the dreamer is a too serious and controlled person taken only by work and responsibility, laughing in dreams is the only way to balance an internal tension that becomes unbearable and harmful.

To dream of laughing becomes then a dream of compensation that in the very dark personalities and devoted to the duty highlights what is missing and allows the lighter and carefree parts of oneself (not known and not acted by the dreamer) to “live” at least in the oneiric and, perhaps, to be integrated at the level of consciousness.

Dreaming of laughing as in reality is a natural gesture to which the body abandons itself as a result of a pleasant, comic, ridiculous situation.

Laughter releases a charge of internal energy that has the ability to improve mood and, according to the latest research, even health. Laughing is good and changes the perception of reality in a positive way.

It is ascertained that comedy and humor have “healing” aspects and stimulate the recovery of psychophysical forces even in moments of pain and difficulty.

Laughing is an important signal among human beings, it is linked to well-being and joy, to relaxation, to joy, but it also has a social value. Laughing and smiling relaxes tension, promotes relationships, is a formidable way to make oneself pleasant and be accepted.

Socializing through laughter indicates openness to the other, good disposition, feelings of understanding and empathy.

But laughter can also come as a defense and escape from a heavy and too serious situation, as the culmination of uncontrollable agitation, as a nervous outlet.

You can laugh out of sarcasm or make a mockery of the clumsiness of others, you can also laugh at the misfortune or small incidents of others. Laughter can be bad and cruel.

One compares, one feels different and superior: “I have not fallen into this stupid way … I would never say such a thing … I never put myself in such a situation etc.” And laughter comes to seal the scene, and with laughter anger and heaviness disappear, reserve, austerity.

To hear many people laughing, it means that someone wants to see them fail in a dreamer or that someone could be scammed.

Another interpretation of this dream is that it is better to take a break and try to be more cheerful and playful in real life. Feeling ridiculous laughs in a dream indicates sickness and disappointing business.

Dreaming of hearing someone laugh, but you can’t see that person’s face indicates that you should be careful in the near future in order to avoid a great danger. If someone is laughing together with the dreamer, it is sometimes an omen of pleasant changes in one’s life, especially social life.

Dreaming of happy children who laugh is always a good omen. Feeling laughter is a sign of joy and good health for the dreamer.

Dreaming of an elderly woman who laughs indicates that it is necessary to communicate with the elders of her family and ask how they are and exchange a few chats with them.

Dreaming of a young woman who laughs expresses the elimination of any tension or personal nervousness with work or study colleagues.

A loud laugh has something liberating, it can be the sign of a brilliantly overcome difficulty, or the desire to do it. What problem of reality would you like to apply, once you open your eyes this voltage drop? If you laugh in the dream it means that intimately you are convinced that you can recover the resources necessary to face and overcome this knot of your life.

And if the laugh you do in the dream were “to the detriment” of someone, in short, were you mocking another person? It happens to dream that someone stumbles and falls and, instead of helping him, he laughs at him. Perhaps in this moment of your life your intimate need is to consolidate your self-esteem, to affirm yourself, perhaps even to the detriment of someone else.

It is also a way to distance oneself from a situation that is judged improper, or from which one would like to escape. Laughing at it, they try to scoff and exorcise it. Maybe it’s time to do some reflection: do you nurture resentment towards someone? Are you experiencing any work or personal relationship with envy or a particular conflict?

The explanation can also be much simpler: the brain’s ability to bring laughter into a dream indicates nothing but a positive situation, which established a game of mirrors on a happy condition. Dreaming of laughing you wake up in a good mood and … going to bed happy you have some more chance of dreaming of laughing!

Laughing in Dream – Symbolism

Dreaming of laughing – it can give very strong and pleasurable sensations, it can be relaxing and resolving some difficulty that the dream world presents and can reflect on the psychophysical well-being of the dreamer.

It is a catharsis, the release of a tension that can have similar results in reality.

It will be important to consider if, upstream of this tension of which one is so pleasantly free, there is, or there really was a problem, or if the laughter in dreams has a sardonic imprint that covers resentment or malice towards someone.

Dreaming of people laughing – it can be a reflection of a positive situation or a move towards a favorable resolution that will leave a mark of relaxation and well-being even upon awakening, positively influencing the mood of the dreamer.

Dreaming of laughing or smiling – to be cheerful and to feel confident experiencing some situation in the oneiric is a very important signal because it indicates a positive attitude, a disposition of spirit that the dreamer also has in reality, whether he is aware of it or not.

They are dreams of which it is good to highlight the evolutionary quality and transformation of reality, as it is good that the dreamer feels the strength and the possibilities that derive from this joy of the dream.

Dreaming of laughing out loud – even hearing the sound of his own laughter is an example of what was said at the beginning of the article and may indicate the need for an outlet: perhaps there are problems that are being faced and the internal tension is high, at the same time the dream shows an alternative an way to defuse the situation by laughing about it.

Dreaming of someone who laughs at us – highlights fragility and a sense of insecurity.

Dreaming of a scornful laugh – it is the symbol of an inner judgment that has nothing cheerful or comic: the dreamer feels ridiculed, scorned, teased and will have to deal with critical and penalizing parts of himself, or reflect on his environment and on the people whose critical judgments he fears.

Dreaming of playing the fool – bringing joy and fun, it has a positive value: the dreamer brings out a histrionic, pleasant and light aspect capable of lightening situations.

But the same dream may indicate the tendency to take on this role to divert attention from the most fragile and insecure parts of oneself, the fear of being seen for what it really is, the need to stay on the surface in things out of fear and low self-esteem , the use of comedy to avoid reflection and self-analysis.


Laughing in a dream feeling happy and cheerful presages the success of all the projects put in the pipeline: in love, in business, at work.

According to some interpreters, this dream also presages to make friends with socially visible or important people.

If instead you are laughing at a strange situation, or immoderately or if you fall to the floor laughing, then it is an omen of disappointments and possible lack of harmony in family life or at work, or it could portend some trouble with health.

If you are currently experiencing a feeling of sadness in real life, this dream can be a sort of psychological compensation and a way to comfort yourself.

It can be a release of the soul from suffering, an outlet for a hopeless situation.

According to other interpretations, if the dreamer is a woman who dreams of being sad, but of laughing equally indicates a turning point in his life that should be exploited.

If, on the other hand, the dreamer is a man and dreams of laughing hard, he expresses good news concerning monetary gains.