Left Ear Burning or Ringing – Meaning and Superstition

If the superstitious always have a good explanation for all the phenomena of everyday life, we cannot say that they are always right.

Whether it’s avoiding ladders or black cats, toasting while looking in the eye, or throwing salt over one’s shoulder, many superstitions are rooted in popular culture.

That which implies that one speaks of you when your ears blush and start to heat, for good or bad depending on the concerned side, comes in all cases to be reduced to nothing.

Scientists are formal: the one and only reason our ears blush and / or warm up is simply because the blood vessels that compose them expand in a perfectly normal and harmless process.

If such dilations occur naturally in many parts of the body, the ears are the only ones that blush at the same time, and the reason is very simple: it is because their skin is particularly fine!

But still, superstition is something that has been around for centuries and people often ask out of curiosity, what something represents. This is why we are going to discuss the meaning of burning or ringing ear in today’s text, as well as some other superstitions you might have not heard of.

Left Ear Burning or Ringing – Meaning

Aurication, “full” ear, pressure sensation, are terms that generally indicate a subjective sensation of auricular fullness that affects one or both ears. This symptomatology, which occurs very frequently, is often associated with an alteration or even a reduction in hearing capacity. It is important to specify that ear pressure and hearing loss are different phenomena, although they can coexist in many diseases.

The sensation of pressure in one or both ears is a symptom that can be determined by problems in the outer, middle and inner ear. Aware of the impossibility of listing all the causes that can determine a sensation of full ear, we pay attention to those forms most frequently encountered in clinical practice.

A trivial earwax cap that affects the outer ear is perhaps the most frequent cause of ear pressure. This phenomenon is the direct consequence of the presence, at the level of the external auditory canal, of specific receptors (baroreceptors) that respond to pressure changes.

The accumulation of ceruminous material and debris of the external auditory canal, when it causes a total closure of the duct, determines a consequent sensation of pressure to the ear and reduction of hearing ability. The hearing loss is temporary because removing the earwax cap, the hearing returns as it was before.

All the pathological phenomena affecting these areas can cause ear pressure. Otitis media, dysfunction of the Eustachian tube, nasal obstruction due to deviation of the nasal septum and turbinate hypertrophy can cause aurication.

An alteration in the functioning of the Eustachian tube (a small duct that connects the back of the mouth with the middle ear) determines an alteration of the correct ventilation of the middle ear and difficulty in compensating for any sudden changes in pressure between the two surfaces of the eardrum (for example when going to the mountains or by plane).

Inside the Eustachian tube mucus may be blocked, and this is why it is sometimes possible to hear little noises due to the mobilization of the mucus itself during the movement of the head (for example, when the head is resting on the pillow), when it is chewed or when we sip something.

The therapy makes use of the necessary interventions to maintain the correct ventilation of the middle ear, that is removal of the mucus – tympanic tube insufflations – or surgical correction of the nasal septum in case of deviation and decongestion of the turbinates in case of their hypertrophy.

The sensation of full ear is often interpreted as the subjective symptom of endolymphatic hydrops that affects the inner ear: identified as the key phenomenon of Ménière’s disease, it is given by the increase of a liquid (endolymph) contained, in very small quantities, inside the organelles that control balance (labyrinth).

The endolymph, increasing in volume, causes tinnitus, a reduction in hearing ability but also dizziness. This triad of symptoms, together with the sensation of full ear, characterizes Ménière’s syndrome.

It is therefore evident that the sensation of pressure at the ear must always be accurately assessed by the specialist doctor who, through a direct vision of the ear – otoscopy – and instrumental investigations such as the audiometric examination and impedance measurement, can identify the cause of the disorder and direct towards the correct therapy.

The motivation of the ringing to the ear is not as trivial as it may seem. We will now give all the information about it and try to understand the causes of this annoyance and if we need to worry.

There is certainly no reason to be alarmed, but if the ringing becomes daily and turns from “ringing” in the ears then action must be taken before it can become tinnitus, a term that defines this annoying and debilitating auditory disorder, since it has the power to influence significantly the lives of those who suffer from it.

From how it could be understood, the annoying whistling of the ears that every now and then comes out is not an argument that should be underestimated especially when it becomes daily and the physical and mental well-being can also fall on the whole auditory aspect that so many times is calculated little as if the ringing was a normal thing.

When, this becomes unbearable and limits a person to do all those daily gestures then there is need for effective remedies that can free the ears of annoyance. Here are some natural methods:

If you are a smoker then the first thing to do is quit and another thing no less important is to reduce alcoholic beverages and salt intake. This could be a first method to eliminate ear discomfort, in fact nicotine and alcohol are stimulants and greatly worsen the symptoms of tinnitus.

Recent scientific studies indicate, instead, in caffeine an excellent natural remedy against ringing in the ears, although it must be taken in moderation.

Sound therapy can also be an excellent remedy. It is in fact an excellent method to mask and suffocate the internal noise. Sound therapy can help you focus your thoughts on a decidedly more pleasant and relaxing sound, able to make you rest without any discomfort or distraction.

As in all things and in most diseases, stress plays a major role and even with the discomfort in the ears it has its importance. For this there are special relaxation techniques that can help you control your body’s reaction to certain stressful conditions.

In this way, you can use your own thoughts to alleviate the symptoms of tinnitus. You can also consider cognitive therapy which gives you the opportunity to relax and teaches you to focus attention to change certain reactions that can be negative. Especially on personal relationships.

Left Ear Burning or Ringing – Superstition

Popular beliefs often focus on situations that seem seemingly of little importance, but which in reality hide particularly significant meanings and values. A Sicilian belief wants that when a person hears a ringing in one ear, someone is talking about her.

In practice, a physical reaction of the body is charged with a distinctive meaning and is interpreted as a sign that is able to indicate something of which we can be aware only through particular signs.

Belief wants that when we hear a slight ringing in the left ear, it means that someone is talking well about us.

On the contrary, when the ringing is heard in the right ear, it means that they are speaking ill of us. But there is more. It is believed that one can also guess the person who is mentioning us. In this case we ask who is next to say what is the first number that comes to mind.

By comparing the number with the letters in alphabetical order, you can find out the initial of the person in question and maybe try to understand who it is, scrolling through our mind all the people we know and whose name begins with that particular letter that is out randomly.

Our life is accompanied by a mass of different signs and superstitions that arise from human observations. Believing superstition and predicting or not paying attention to your future is for everyone. One of the famous characters – the ears are burning. Why is the left ear burning?

You can see a number of situations when a person starts to burn their ears:

  • A person with special effort solves a difficult task that requires mental spending.
  • The person experiences great excitement;
  • A person feels and experiences a sense of shame;
  • The body experiences a strong temperature change, for example, from heat to cold.
  • The list of situations is not complete. Let us consider the opinion of the people.

Since ancient times, most people have been associated with the processes in the human body. Unfortunately, our ancestors did not understand much in medicine, and from a scientific point of view, they could not explain why the nose can be combed heavily or a person starts to swallow loudly. And the repetition of a series of situations or their frequent coincidence led to a sign.

There are many signs of redness and burning ears. But as it turns out, you should not make fun of people’s observations over the centuries. Scientists have long found that the human word is material and can affect the immediate environment.

Even the indoor flower of the good word starts to grow better. That’s the way it is with humans. When praised or insulted, the body can capture the emotional wave and respond in its own way. Sneezing, hiccups or redness are the actual reactions of the body.

When the left ear starts to burn, then somebody is saying something bad about you, scolding or gossip in a current moment. This sign is not unreasonable, very often in parallel with the burning of the ear, you feel other complaints: headache or discomfort.

As it turns out, when bad things are said about you, your energy sector is exposed to an attack of negative messages. It shows in physical condition.

If the left ear not only burns, but also rings, you are mercilessly insulted, says the national omen. The Dutch are confident that the wrongdoer can also take revenge remotely. All you have to do is bite your little finger as soon as you hear the ringing.

The Dutch Omen superstition is that the gossip represents a bite on the tongue at this moment so no more bad conversations can be lead. There is another interpretation of the signs of burning of the left ear.

It is believed that it burns because relatives, friends or close friends remember while having fun. In this situation, the ear burns lightly because the words are benevolent and neutral.


And there you have it. Burning ear or ringing one can be a sign of your body reacting to a problem or it can simply be a superstition.

What you choose to believe is up to you, but definitely visit your doctor if it gets worse in any way.