Spirit Animals

Lemur – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Lemurs are primates that live on the island of Madagascar. These small animals were only known by the natives who inhabit this tropical island.

Once they met the rest of the world, people fell in love with their appearance and behavior.

In today’s text we are going to learn more about these incredible creatures.

We will discover what is so special about them, what kind of symbolism lies behind them and what kind of myths and stories are linked to them.

You will also learn a lot about Lemur as a totem animal, and as a symbol in your dream, so if this animal is your spiritual animal or you had a dream about Lemur, this is a perfect chance to find out what this means.

Lemur – Meaning

These intelligent representatives of the primates are found in their natural habitat only in Madagascar.

Some species, such as the sifaka, the brown lemurs, or the kattas, are not afraid of humans in some parks where they are protected, and occasionally bounce them confidently on the shoulder.

Over 110 different species of lemurs from mini-primates to chimpanzee-sized Indri populate the forests of the island. You can see them in the botanical zoological garden Tsimbazaza in the capital Antananarivo as well as in the open air.

Constantly new species are discovered – such as the Dwarf Glow in the park Ankarana.

On his black and white ringed tail you can easily recognize the katta or “King Julien” from the famous TV movie “Madagascar”. His meowing and purring resembles that of a cat (catta), which is why he is also called cat-maki.

It can be observed, especially in the southern part of the country in the wild or in parks. Particularly spectacular are encounters with individual strong katta groups in the parks Anja, Isalo, Berenty or Zombitse-Vohibasa. Normally, the sifaka is active at dizzy heights in trees, but also on earth, the leaping lemur is extremely mobile.

On his muscular legs, he moves forward in lateral leaps, which reminds something of sack races, just holds much more elegant. The sifaka is white with dark fur drawings, different depending on the species, mostly on the head.

Lemur – Spirit Animal

Like many other types of primates, lemurs are very active and move constantly from one place to another.

As they feed on leaves, it is not difficult for them to find food.

Lemurs are also divided into several species, and some of them are nocturnal animals so their behavioral patterns are a little different.

Lemurs spend time in groups, medium or small, and are very sociable animals. Even when confronted with human beings, they are less likely to flee or hide from us.

Lemur as a totem As Totems, lemurs are symbols of communication, social interactions, manipulative behavior and superficiality.

People born under this totem or protected by it are very sociable people who like to spend time with others.

They are easy to talk to and almost anyone can find a mutual topic of conversation with a person born under the lemur totem. These people like to go out with their friends and have fun.

They can easily be interpreted as extroverts and people who hate being alone.

These social interactions are not always pleasant. People born under this totem know how to defend themselves and stand firm. They will be open to conversation, but once you cross the line, they can get very agitated.

The people of Lemur are very good at communication, so they often choose careers where their communication skills can be well presented.

They can easily manage other groups of people and negotiate a business for their boss. People born under this totem or protected by it are very superficial.

Everything they do is a reflection of their narcissism, and many of their friendships can be considered forced. They only care about what other people can offer them and how they can use them to achieve their goals.

The superficiality is manifested even in the way of dressing and behaving. Although at first they look like nice people, once you know them better you will realize that their interests for you are beginning to fade.

Only those who can provide good opportunities in life will always be welcome.

These characteristics are not praiseworthy but, in general, these people are simply too enamored of themselves to think of other people. Their actions are usually unconscious and they do not realize that they hurt someone.

Lemur – Symbolism

Lemur as a symbol in a dream Lemur in a dream is often a sign of something negative. If you had a dream with a lemur in general, then this dream warns you about a possible enemy in your life.

Someone is trying to cheat you and hurt you, so be careful with the people around you.

If the lemur in a dream was grabbing onto a branch, this dream is a symbol your fun character. He often cares very little about valuable things and neglects his obligations.

If the lemur in your dream was dead, then you will have the opportunity to defeat your enemy and stop his plan.

Someone will try to deceive you into something bad, but this dream tells you that luck will be on your side.

Lemur as a symbol in different cultures Lémurs live on the island of Madagascar, therefore the symbolism of the lemur was created by the natives of Madagascar.

The whole island is full of lemurs and roams freely through the woods, jumping from one tree to another.

For the people of Madagascar, the lemurs are almost domestic animals since they interact with them daily.

The people of Madagascar strongly think that lemurs do own souls that can take revenge on anyone who tries to make fun of them or try to hurt them.

Lemur – Totem

The Lemur comes to you to wake you awake. He shows you the world out of his eyes. For him, life is a single adventure playground.

There is nothing to be taken seriously and nothing to laugh about. Invite the rogue in your life to make it more varied.

What good is a life in which everything seems serious and gray? How about colorful and crazy instead? Just be different than usual, allow yourself to hang the serious face in the morning in the closet and plan for your day something that makes you fun and conjures a smile on your face.

Would you like to play something that you have not done since childhood? Does it attract you to a swimming pool, a fair or a circus? Let your imagination run free and follow your inner impulses.

Be spontaneous and crazy. Let it be and see what it does to you. Lemur symbolizes:

  • Fun
  • Adventure
  • Life
  • Change
  • Happiness
  • Cunningness

Watch your horizon expand and you learn something new about yourself. Life offers so much excitement and fun. All that you can now invite and welcome in your life.

Enjoy it to the full. The power animal of the Lemur supports you.

The Lemur points the way to the newly discovered life, to the reawakening impulses of the own ego. “Be playful, break with rigid and useless forms, enjoy the moment, be a playful child, allow curiosity and adventurousness, do not be afraid of change, life can be like the wild hunt through the treetops of the jungle It’s all too difficult at any time, there are countless possibilities, you just have to discover them. “