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Lord Shiva in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

Shiva is one of the most important deities of the Indian religion of Hinduism, he combines many different opposites.

At the same time, he is considered the god of destruction as well as the rebuilding and eliminator of bad karma.

He forms with the goddess Parvathi and the god Ganesh the Holy Family, on the other hand he stands for asceticism and loner. In depictions, he is usually seen as a dancer or in lotus position, with white or blue skin and many arms that symbolize his cosmic powers.

Among the most venerated and popular deities of Hinduism is Ganesh, the elephant-headed god. Ganesh or Ghana means “lord of the gana” or even “lord of the armies”, the god of wisdom with the head of an elephant, a dispenser of success, the one who overcomes the obstacles from which also the name “lord of obstacles”.

It is also invoked to protect journeys, as a lucky charm in any initiative, patron saint of writers because legend has it that he wrote the Mahabharata.

Also for this reason the image of Ganesh is often found on the first page of Indian books.

Lord Shiva in Dream – Meaning

The name “Shiva” literally means “cheap, promising”. Lord Shiva embodies the tendency to dissolution and annihilation. After the destruction, the universe is at rest, and before the next cycle of creation comes Shiva, who is also known as Mahayogi. He is the supreme of all yogis, who urges people to perfection through his drowning sound.

Shiva also has 4 arms, just like Ganesh and he has three eyes and his body is completely rubbed with ashes. In the two right hands, the god carries a trident and a drum. The two left hands take symbolic hand positions, with the meaning protection and grant of benefits.

Shiva is portrayed as a man with long, felt hair and the life-giving River Ganges springs up from his head. As a crown, he wears a crescent moon and his clothes are made of tiger and elephant skin.

Shiva’s eyes are half closed, which is a sacred position. Since opened eyes point to someone who is facing the world and closed eyes mean that the person has withdrawn from the world from the world.

Thus, Shiva’s half-closed eyes mean that his consciousness is at rest within, but that his body is active in the outer world. The light that dispels darkness and the knowledge that ignorance dispels is symbolized by Shiva’s white skin.

Trisha, the trident of Shiva, symbolizes the destruction of the ego and its threefold desires, which are related to the body, the mind, and the intellect. Lord Shiva’s trident points to the victory over the ego that leads to perfection. The three spikes of the Trisha represent the three properties (Gunas):

Pure / clear (sattvas), active (rajas) and dull / sluggish and still (tamas) as well as the three phases of creation: creation, preservation, destruction but also the three states: jagrat (waking), swapna (dream phase) and sushupti (deep sleep).

The drum that Shiva holds in his hand represents the alphabet, sound, grammar and language, as well as the complete range of sacred and secular arts and sciences. Through the drum, he points out that the arts and sciences have emerged from his divine will, or are just a game of him.

First Shiva drums and then he dances as Nataraja the dance of the universe. Shiva’s two eyes symbolize the moon and the sun, and the third represents the Eye of Knowledge and Wisdom, the center of his omniscience.

His clothing, made from tiger skin, symbolizes complete relief from anger and the elephant skin he wears shows that everything animal is under control. With that he rises and masters any appearing power.

Lord Shiva, who is accompanied by a Cobra, is a master of time and energy. He is also called Nilkantha (blue neck) because he drank the poison that threatened to destroy the world at the time the demons and gods were trying to raze the ocean of milk so they could gain the nectar of immortality.

The poison he drank remained in the throat, coloring that blue and thereby saving the outer world as well as Shiva himself. The Cobra has an ambiguous meaning, it stands on the one hand for the earth and on the other for the death. But yet the erect Cobra is a symbol of spirituality and all-roundness.

The skull garland that Shiva wears and the ashes on his body show he is taking on the role of Lord of Destruction. Which also represents the individual cycles of the emergence and disappearance of the individual human races. In addition, the skull garland represents the ego of the humans, which destroyed Shiva.

Often he holds a trident in his hand and a snake winds around his neck. For Europeans, it often functions as a symbol of Hinduism as such. Does he have similar meaning in dream interpretation? Why do we dream of Shiva?

For the dream interpretation the contradictory characteristics of Shiva as destroyer and creator are in the foreground. Since these aspects are actually incompatible, the dream with this dream symbol can point to a conflict, it is usually an internal conflict.

The dreaming is in a process of change, which probably scares him or against which he resists. The dream points to accepting the change in life. On the other hand, it may also be that the dreaming is faced with a difficult decision. It worries him that in the end he has to choose an option.

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “Shiva” indicates that the dreaming deals with the destructive aspects within himself. It can be about self-destruction and masochism, but the chaos can also create something new. The dream reflects the inner transformation and the development of the dreaming.

The dream symbol can also be a fear that the dreaming tries to run away from. He should face the fear. Whatever scares him, his avoidance tactics lead to nothing. Instead, he should turn to the matter and solve or bring it under control.

In the spiritual sense, Shiva stands for temptation and the inner demons of the dreaming, possibly it is an indication of bad karma. The dream can call for change, after the dreaming has neglected his spiritual path, it is time for a transformation.

Lord Shiva in Dream – Symbolism

Dreaming of seeing Shiva – means that you are a person who is usually hard on himself to get everything you set out to do.

That is why this dream tells us that you will go through quite productive stages where it is best that you can find a way to continue persevering in addition to that despite the things that may happen, you have enough courage to be able to get ahead before any type of things that happen.

Dreaming of seeing Shiva and Ganesh – sincerely this dream is quite good, it means that all the things that you were fighting and working to improve, will be blessed with great success but like everything else, you will need to remain a disciplined person so that you can get ahead, before Anything to come.

Dreaming of Shiva crying – means that you are not trying hard enough and that you could suffer some problems that end up having an impact on your whole life.

Be careful with each of the steps you take, in addition to trying to work harder so that from now on, do not go through moments that are not lasting.

You have a great opportunity to be able to do things as you wish, so better, fight to persevere, because if you do not do it as you say, at the end of everything you will go through a series of losses that you will go through.

Dreaming about the monument to Shiva – are the desire you have to change, in addition to the effort you need so that from today, you have a great change in a positive way.

Another point to comment is that through this dream, you will pass a series of responses that will be favorable regarding your personal life as well as in business. This is how it becomes a pretty positive dream to consider.

Dreaming of the god Shiva looking at you – is a dream that tells you about possible changes in your work so that after all this, you will find a positive change about the things you want to do.

From now on, you have a series of tasks to do personally so you can change your life.

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If the dreaming sees in his dream himself as the god Shiva, this indicates that he has new or undeveloped qualities in himself.

He is on his way to discovering himself and his abilities, or looking at them from a new angle.

But the dream of Shiva can also point to arrogance. The dreamer considers himself superior to others and looks down on them.

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