Spirit Animals

Meerkat – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Meerkat is an interesting animal, and we can’t deny that this animal has an interesting symbolism behind it. We are going to talk about its symbolic meaning, its power as a totem animal and a sprit animal.

If you would like to learn more about it, then let us jump right into the explanation.

Meerkat – Spirit Animal

The meerkat is the totem that can tell what is hidden behind the mask that others want us to show to hide their real intentions or that we ourselves put ourselves to hide some part of us that we do not fully accept.

According to tradition the meerkat can with little information perceive or understand what is about to be generated in a situation and for this reason there were many warriors who wore meerkat skins.

Who possesses the power of the meerkat is often underestimated because they are people who prefer privacy and for this reason ordinary people, not knowing all about these objects, think that they are not worth much because they do not give themselves airs as large as it commonly happens in society.

Instead, the subjects guided by the power of the meerkat are excellent in business thanks to their acumen and their sagacity manage to anticipate their adversaries by preceding them and defeating them before they can respond.

Nevertheless the meerkat is a rather difficult animal totem because these subjects almost always feel themselves responsible for the fact that they perceive things that then come true while they are only able to perceive the facts before they occur do not make them happen often ending up closing to the society and the world becoming loners who do not want to know about people because they know too much about reality and do not let themselves be led to easy ideals or arguments without art or part.

Meerkat – Totem

The meerkat, whose scientific name is Mustela nivalis, is a mammal belonging to the Mustelidae family. It is about 30 centimeters long and has a soft fawn-colored body.

This, during the winter period is colored with a pure white. This cute animal, whose name derives from the Latin domna (lady) lives almost all over the world with the exception of Australia and South America.

As with other animals, various legends and popular beliefs are also attributed to the meerkat. It represents the ability to unmask falsehood, to go beyond appearances; even those that concern ourselves, those that we relegate to a corner of the unconscious refusing to accept.

The one who enjoys the skills attributed by the totem of the meerkat has a great intuition and therefore manages to predict certain events before they happen based on the analysis of many small details.

The meerkat helps you to stay well-informed, which in some situations gives you an advantage and superiority, even if others underestimate you.

But be careful that the great knowledge the meerkat gives you does not lead to you thinking that you have to take care of everything and end up feeling guilty because this is not feasible.

Power animal oracle meerkat card pulled upside down. If you see the meerkat standing on its head, be careful. Maybe there’s an intrigue against you right now or are you cheating yourself in a matter? Do not sneak away if you have a misfortune or misfortune to answer for.

Stand by what you have done and do not play down possible damage. Be honest with yourself and your fellow human beings.

Do not allow criminal potential to gain the upper hand and leave false friends behind.

The meerkat on the head can also mean that at the moment you do not trust your own feelings and feelings and are therefore very insecure and cannot make clear decisions. If so, try to overcome your insecurity. Put down the dullness that underlies her.

Do not stoop with your thoughts into the distance, but observe the obvious. And remember, do not put everything in a negative light.

Meerkat – Symbolism

For this reason, people with these characteristics become isolated and often feel misunderstood by others.

But, despite their intuitive abilities, which they develop above all in the personal and work environment, they maintain a reserved and humble attitude and for this reason they are often underestimated by their rivals.

In ancient times the warriors used to wear skins of this animal to obtain from them the ability to anticipate the moves of the adversary.

On the other hand, people with the characteristics of the meerkat often feel the weight of everything that happens in the world.

They also manage to identify themselves with others as no one else can. Precisely for this last peculiarity they suffer more than any other individual and even this status causes their isolation.

In the legendary tales of some ancient peoples the meerkat is also linked to birth and sexuality. Thus representing the symbol of the beginning of life as an archetype of the midwife.

One who assists and reassures the woman by alleviating her suffering during labor and rejoicing with her for the new born.

Meerkat – Meaning

The meerkat is a quiet hunter who gets into the smallest space and has a fine sense. Nothing escapes this silent observer. Of the shamans, the meerkat was often used as a power animal in rituals for soul retrieval.

Your power animal meerkat is a powerful power totem, which is to be treated with caution precisely because power always has two sides and can easily be abused.

But at the same time, this power makes this meerkat a strong companion and protector, be it as a totem animal that accompanies you for a lifetime or as a helper animal for certain life situations.

Breaking patterns of behavior and conventions.

The meerkat medicine helps you to break old patterns of behavior and make conventions.

The meerkat moves fast and smoothly. In nature, it is a dreaded robber and in the civilization of the people as a troublemaker not always welcome, because even if you rarely see a nimble weasel, it leaves its mark as a “cable biter” or robs us by nocturnal patter on Attics sleep. Not in vain did kings adorn themselves in former times with furs of ermine and weasel: the soft and beautiful coat reminds of wildness and freedom.

Humans with meerkat medicine are able to watch closely and listen carefully and read between the lines. Nothing is hidden from you.

According to legend, Indian tribes used weasels as scouts to better assess the weaknesses and strengths of other tribes. Use the power of observation that the meerkat brings you as a power animal.