Mercury Finger Palmistry – Reading and Meaning

Many people believe that palmistry can help them discover the secrets that may be hidden on their hands. If you know how to read properly all the lines and marks on your palm, then you can discover a lot of things about yourself and your life.

Not only will you discover what your most important traits are, but you will also have the opportunity to predict your own future. If you believe in such things and if you have ever tried to read your palm, you are on the right place.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the Mercury finger and its meaning. The palmistry related to this finger is very interesting, so you should not miss the article that we have prepared for you. We will reveal you all the secrets that may be hidden in your Mercury finger.

First of all you need to know that a Mercury finger is actually a small finger and it can hide a lot of symbolic meanings in itself.

Now you are going to find out more about the meanings that can be related to a Mercury finger, as well as to your own personality and life in general.

What Does the Mercury Finger Mean?

Balance. One of the traits that are most typical for people with a small Mercury finger is that those people have great balance in all areas of their lives. They know how to control their emotions and how to live peacefully.

Communication. It is important to know that the small finger is always associated with communication. The bigger the small finger is, the better communication skills you will have.

According to that, you will certainly choose some of the professions in which communication plays an important role, such as teaching, politics, etc.

Of course, great communication skills are always typical for people who have a long Mercury finger. If your Mercury finger is too short, it probably means that you have communication problems and your relationship with others may be very bad.

Indecisiveness. The Mercury finger is also related to your own ability to make decisions. If your Mercury finger is short, then it may be very difficult for you to make important decisions in your life. You are a very indecisive person and it could cause big problems in your life.

Creativity. Another meaning that could be related to the Mercury finger is creativity. Actually, it is believed that people whose Mercury finger is set very low are creative, but sometimes they have a problem to express their creativity.

You have just seen some of the most common traits and meanings that are associated with the Mercury finger. As you could see, different meanings are related to different types of the Mercury finger. You are going to find out below what exactly each type of the Mercury finger represents.

The meaning of your Mercury finger will depend on its length, as well as on its form. It is also important to take into account its position regarding to the Apollo finger.

Different Types of the Mercury Finger

If your Mercury finger is small and short, it could symbolize balance in your life, but also your own indecisiveness in life.

As we have mentioned above, very often you are not able to make decisions that will be important for your future, which could make you feel frustrated and powerless in many situations.

A short Mercury finger is also a sign that you have problems in the communication with other people. You may be too shy and it is hard for you to express your own emotions and opinions about something or someone.

That’s why people with a short Mercury finger usually don’t have a lot of friends and they are not social at all.

The situation is much better if your Mercury finger is straight and long. In this case it means that you are a determined and decisive person who knows exactly how to achieve her goals.

Also, a long Mercury finger could be a sign of your wittiness and success that you will have in your career.

Another interesting fact related to people whose Mercury finger is very long is that they are probably great lovers. They are attractive to the opposite sex and they usually change a lot of partners during their lives.

If your Mercury finger is straight, it is a sign of your honesty. People with a straight Mercury finger are usually honest and they would never cheat on anyone.

However, you have also to take into account if your Mercury finger is pointed or square. If it is pointed, it probably means that you are an eloquent person and you are trying to solve all problems in a peaceful way. You are a born diplomat and people love you because of that.

On the other side, if your Mercury finger is square, it probably means that you have great communication skills, which makes you very successful in teaching.

If the Mercury finger is very low in comparison to other fingers, it could be a sign that you live in your own dreams.

You may be in clouds all the time and you are not aware of your real situation in life. This kind of a Mercury finger is telling you that you should try to be more realistic and to try to realize your ideas.

In order to discover the meaning of your Mercury finger, you need to take into account the length of the phalanges on your finger. If the first of them is long, it probably means that you like science and you enjoy studying.

If the second phalange is longer than others, then it is a sign that you would like to be a businessman one day and you like industry as well. If third one is very long, it could represent your love towards scheming.

It is also necessary to see if the Mercury finger is of a normal size or it is bigger than it should be. A normal size of the Mercury finger means that it can reach the 3rd phalange of the next Apollo finger or it is as long as the Apollo finger.

In this case your Mercury finger means that you are able to talk with others about some intimate things.

Also, if your Mercury finger is set very close to the Apollo finger, it is a good sign and it probably means that your social status will be very high in the future.

If the Mercury and the Apollo finger are near each other, it could mean that you will be respected and maybe famous, too.

As you could see in this article, your little finger that is also called the Mercury finger, can tell you a lot about yourself and your own traits.

Also, this finger can hide some secrets related to your future profession and success that is expecting you.

We have told you what the most common meanings related to the Mercury finger are, but we have also explained you that the meaning of your Mercury finger will depend on its form, length and many other factors.

Because of that you need to take into account all those things if you want to read your palm properly and to understand the meaning of your Mercury finger.