Mount of Mercury Palmistry – Reading and Meaning

In today’s article we are going to talk about an interesting topic related to palmistry. Actually, our topic will be the mount of Mercury and its meaning.

Before we start talking about the mount of Mercury, we have to tell you what palmistry in general is. It is a practice that is based on interpreting the character of someone by observing his fingers, palms and lines on his hands.

It is also believed that palmistry can tell us a lot about our future.

When it comes to palmistry and reading what is written on our palms, you have to know that there are different mounts that you should take into account.

A mount is actually a bump of flesh that is located on your palm and it could help you read your palm.

There are the mount of Jupiter, the mount of Saturn, the Sun mount, the mount of Mercury, the mount of Venus and the mount of Moon.

As we have already mentioned above, we will talk today about the mount of Mercury and we hope that this article will bring useful information to you.

We will try to explain you how to read your palm and how to discover what the mount of Mercury means.

If you have noticed any lines and other marks on your mount of Mercury and also on your palm in general, then you should not miss this article because we will help you understand its meaning and many other interesting things, too.

What Does the Mount of Mercury Mean?

The first thing you need to know if you want to discover the meaning of Mercury mount is that your little finger is actually called the finger of Mercury. This way we can say that the Mount of Mercury is located below your little finger.

There are a lot of symbolic meanings that are associated with the mount of Mercury. Below you will see some of them and you will see what it means if the Mercury mount on your palm is developed and what it means if it is low.

Also, you are going to find out what different marks on your Mercury mount can mean because not all of them have the same meaning.

Communication. It is believed that the mount of Mercury is related to your ability to express yourself, as well as to your communicative skills. If the mount of Mercury is full, it is a sign that the person will have great communication skills and great relationship with other people.

Also, this person will have the ability to listen to others and to give them useful advice.

Intelligence. There is a belief that people with the full and big mount of Mercury have also high level of intelligence and they are usually very successful in their careers. They usually know how to make money easily and without stress.

Those people usually choose the professions that are in a close relationship with communication, so they are successful teachers, orators, politicians or maybe actors.

It is also believed that people with the full mount of Mercury are great entrepreneurs and writers.

Wisdom. Another important meaning that we can relate to the mount of Mercury is wisdom. If your mount of Mercury is very developed, it probably means that you are a very wise person and you usually think well before you take any action.

Also, you have a great ability to think and to study, so you must be very successful when it comes to your own education and business.

Optimism. There are also many other positive aspects related to the Mercury mount. If it is full, it could also mean that you are an optimistic person and you believe in yourself always.

Kindness. If your Mercury mount is very developed and full, you are probably a very kind person and you have a lot of friends.

Healing. If there are any marks on the mount of Mercury, it means that this person has a special ability to heal other people and to help them recover from any illness.

Also, people with the marks on the mount of Mercury have the ability to heal someone’s soul and to make someone feel better. It is especially important to pay attention if someone has 3 diagonal or vertical lines on the mount of Mercury, because it means that this person could be your healer in a spiritual sense.

Passion. If the mount of Mercury is marked and very developed, it could also be a sign of passion that this person has not only in a relationship but also in business.

Nervousness. Even though the mount of Mercury is usually related to something positive, we need also to say that it could have negative aspects sometimes.

The mount of Mercury may be associated with your nervousness as well. If the line on your Mercury mount is not very strong, it could mean that nervousness is one of your bad characteristics.

Lack of interest. Also, if the mount of Mercury is flat, it could mean that you don’t have too much interest in your own relationship or business.

You are not an active person and you are usually waiting for the things to happen. You don’t take initiative and that’s why you don’t achieve good results in many cases, especially when it comes to your job.

Different Types of the Mercury Mount

However, we have to mention that there are different marks that can appear on your mount of Mercury. Each of those marks has its own meaning and now we are going to explain you some of them.

We have already mentioned vertical lines that may appear on your Mercury mount and they usually represent healing, as well as your communication skills.

On the other side, if there is a triangle on your Mercury mount, it is a sign that you are very successful in business and you have the ability to influence other people.

If you have noticed a cross on your Mercury mount, then you may be a dishonest person and you may be cheating on someone right now.

Also, a cross on your Mercury mount could mean that someone is cheating on you. A star on your mount of Mercury is a sign that you will be successful in your career and you will be ready to face many challenges that are expecting you in the future.

Also, it is very important to take into account if your Mercury mount is developed or it is very low. As we have already said, if it is full and developed, then you must be a talkative person with great communication skills.

Your other traits are your wisdom and high intelligence, as well as your optimism and kindness. There are a lot of good traits that we can associate with you if your Mercury mount is full and developed.

On the other side, if it is low or flat, then it probably means that you are a person who doesn’t have any interest and ambition in life. You don’t have will to do something and you are very negative.

You give up from your goals easily and you are not ready to work hard to achieve your goals.

Also, if the mount of Mercury on your palm is low and if it is not developed enough, it could mean that you have problems with nervousness and your digestion is also very bad.

You are always full of anxiety and worries and you may be also suffering from insomnia very often.

If your Mercury mount is not developed enough, then you should take more care of your health.

The best thing that you should do for yourself is to spend more time in nature and to reduce stressful situations in your life.

As you could see, the Mercury mount on your palm can tell you a lot about your own personality, as well as about your life in general.

We hope that from now on you will pay more attention to the little signs on your palms that can reveal you big secrets.