Spirit Animals

Mouse – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Many people believe that animals have special powers, so they can be the connection between people and divine forces. If you also think this way, then you should read this article because we will present you a very powerful animal that could be your spiritual guide.

Even though this animal is very small, it has a lot of powers and you should not ignore it if it appears on your way. The message that this animal can bring you may be very important for your future, but it can also tell you a lot about your current life situation.

As you can suppose, this small and powerful animal is mouse. The article of today will be about the symbolism of the mouse and also about the meanings that we can relate to the mouse spirit animal and totem.

It is known that the mouse is able to survive even in the most difficult conditions, so if the mouse is your spirit animal, then adaptability and survival are your important traits. In some cultures the mouse spirit animal is considered to be a symbol of innocence, while in some other cultures this small animal has negative symbolism and sometimes it represents even death.

Very often the mouse means that you should not pay too much attention to some things that are not very important, but you should be focused on the things that really matter.

However, there are many interesting things about the mouse spirit animal and its powers. We will start from the most common meanings that are associated with the mouse symbolism. We are sure that this article will help you find out if the mouse is your totem or not.

But, first of all, we hope that you will have good fun and that you will find a lot of interesting details related to the mouse spirit animal.

What Does the Mouse Symbolize?

There is no doubt that the symbolism of the mouse exists since long time ago. The symbolism of this animal is different in different parts of the world. For example, in China the mouse is a symbol of intelligence and wisdom, as well as a symbol of vitality.

Also, in Chinese culture this animal is considered to symbolize adaptability and changes. In the culture of Native Americans there are many stories and myths about mice. It is usually said that they are small creatures that don’t play any important role in people’s lives.

It is interesting that in the Middle Age the mouse was associated with witchcraft and it could symbolize many different diseases. Also, we have to mention that in some cultures the mouse is perceived as a sacred animal.

However, there are some general meanings related to the mouse spirit animal. We can say that this animal is a symbol of awareness, attention, modesty, shyness, focus and innocence. Of course, this spirit animal will teach us a lot of things if it appears on our way.

In the following chapter you are going to see the most important meanings of the mouse spirit animal.

The Meanings of the Mouse Spirit Animal

Endurance. As we have already mentioned above, the mouse can survive in very difficult conditions, such as high or very low temperatures. In those situations the mouse finds his shelter under the ground.

This animal is able to endure difficult conditions and to adapt to any circumstances in its environment. If the mouse is your spirit animal, it probably means that you will be able to endure difficult times that may be in front of you. Your mouse spirit animal will give you strength and motivation to go forward and to overcome all obstacles and difficulties on your way.

Focus. Another trait of the mouse is its focus. Actually, it is known that this small animal is very focused on finding food and escaping from enemy because it is the only way to survive in nature. If you have the mouse as your spirit animal, it probably means that you will be focused on your goals in the future period. The mouse spirit animal will help you keep focus on your goals and not give up from them.

Instincts. Another important meaning that we can associate with the mouse spirit animal is based on instincts. Actually, it is known that the mouse can survive difficult circumstances due to its instincts that are very strong.

Those small creatures have the ability to sense what is happening around them and to escape from danger. If the mouse is your spirit animal, it means that you should rely on your own instincts and intuition more often. You need to follow your inner voice because only this way you will be able to make the best choices in your life.

Self-protection. This is another of the meanings related to the mouse spirit animal. It is known that the mouse is a small creature and very often it is a prey of coyotes, snakes, hawks and other bigger animals.

But, mouse knows how to protect himself from the enemies and how to hide under the ground. If the mouse appears on your way and if it wants to be with you on your path, you should accept it. The mouse spirit animal will help you defend yourself from someone in emotional, but also in any other sense.

Vision. We will also mention good vision as one of the characteristics typical for mice. It is known that the mouse has an excellent vision, which means that this animal is able to notice an enemy from a long distance.

If you have the mouse as your spirit animal, it indicates that your vision is also very good, as well as your senses. You can see many things that are happening around you and that are not visible at the first sight.

The Mouse Animal Totem

If the mouse is your animal totem, then you must have a lot in common with this animal. One of the most important characteristics that you will have due to your mouse animal totem is endurance. As we have already said, you will be able to survive the most difficult situations and you will not give up from your biggest goals.

Another important trait that you have if the mouse is your animal totem is modesty. People with this totem are usually very modest in all areas of their lives and they know where their limits are. If the mouse is your totem, then you must be very modest as well.

You are not dreaming of having a big house and being rich, but most important for you is to be healthy and to have a peaceful family life. You are happy if there are harmony and peace at your home. If the mouse is your totem, then material things don’t make you happy.

For you most important is to be surrounded by your loved ones, to receive and give love to them and to enjoy in your own peace. People with the mouse animal totem can be very shy sometimes as well. They are very kind and you can easily recognize them.

However, people who have the mouse totem in their lives are very adaptable as well. They can easily adapt to new situations and they can overcome all the problems that they have.

It is also known that people with the mouse animal totem are perfectionists and they avoid making any mistakes. If they make some mistakes, they will do everything to fix them. When it comes to their professions or hobbies, we have to say that the mouse people are usually bookkeepers and programmers.

We have already mentioned that focus is one of the meanings related to the mouse animal totem. People with this totem are very focused on their goals, so they are very dedicated to their jobs. If you have the mouse as your totem, then you must be ready to spend hours and hours doing something in order to make it perfect.

Dreams About Mouse – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreams about mouse have usually bad symbolism. If a mouse has appeared in your dream, it could be a sign of bad luck.

However, most important is to take into account all details from your mouse dream in order to find its right interpretation and meaning.

Dream about seeing a mouse. This dream indicates that you will be disappointed in the future period because you will not be able to reach what you have imagined. This dream is not a good sign and it usually indicates that bad times are expecting you in the following period.

Dream about trying to catch a mouse. If you have dreamed of trying to catch a mouse, it means that you should take more care about your behaviour in the future period. If you do things in a hurry and without thinking, it may happen that you embarrass yourself in a certain situation. Because of that this dream is warning you to think twice before you do something.

Dream about eating a mouse. If you had a dream about eating a mouse, it means that you may have made a mistake in the past and you are feeling bad because of that.

Dream about a dead mouse. If you have seen a dead mouse in your dream, it is a very good sign. This dream indicates that happiness is expecting you in the near future and all worries will disappear from your life.

However, this dream can have another interpretation as well. It can mean that you may be too worried about some things that don’t play any importance in your life. A dream about a dead mouse is actually telling you that you should relax a little bit and you should focus on the things that play an important role in your life.

Dream about a lot of mice. If you have dreamed about a lot of mice, it is a bad sign again. This dream means that something bad will probably happen to you or to someone in your family. A dream about a lot of mice is a symbol of sadness and disaster that are expecting you soon.

Dream about a white mouse. This type of a dream is telling you that the mouse will be your spiritual guide and it will help you make right decisions and choices in your life. Thanks to your mouse spirit animal you will be protected and you will find the best direction that you should follow in your life.

You have seen some of the most common dreams about the mouse spirit animal and you have also seen above all about its symbolism. We have told you that the mouse animal totem will protect you and give you strength to overcome all the obstacles on your way.

Even though the mouse is a very small animal that is usually a prey of bigger animals, we have to say that this animal is very powerful and it can bring you good luck if it appears on your way.

You have seen in this article that focus and endurance are the most important traits of the mouse spirit animal. This animal will bring a lot of changes in your life and it will help you focus on important things. You should not waste your time and energy on something that doesn’t have any importance.

We hope that you have found interesting information in this article that can help you understand thoroughly the symbolism of the mouse spirit animal. The next time when you see this animal on your way, you should pay special attention to it and you should try to remember the things that we have told you about the mouse. It will help you understand the symbolism of this animal and its presence in your life.

To sum up, we can say that the mouse spirit animal will teach you many important lessons and it will help you follow the right direction in your life. If you have noticed that a mouse is appearing with frequency in front of you, then you should grab your opportunity and allow the mouse to be your spiritual guide.