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Parrot – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of parrots, can be defined as an unexpected dream, parrots are tropical birds with which you do not come into contact every day, much less, they are animals that occupy our thoughts, at least if you are not passionate about them, and maybe they you have or want a copy, if you have no interest in parrots, the dream can only be interpreted in a dreamlike way.

Parrots are animals that tend to imitate the lines of other animals and humans, in fact there are several specimens that can say words, sentences, and even manage to record and repeat small conversations. So the parrot in your dream could act as a messenger, talk to you, or just be a pet.

Parrot – Dream Meaning

The colorful and eye-catching parrot that appears in dreams is linked to the qualities of a “talking” and curious animal that repeats what it feels without understanding what it says.

The analysis of such dreams can focus on the language: the more or less complete words or phrases pronounced by the parrot, can provide a clear indication for the dreamer, can be a message of the unconscious or highlight the needs of a self that during waking fails to emerge and is revealed through this unusual messenger.

But the parrot can also refer to verbal expressions, to “repeat a parrot,” as they say, indicating the tendency to take the words of others or more precisely the tendency to embrace the ideas and concepts of others.

Also interesting to analyze the parrot in dreams for the splendid livery and rich in nuances and its being extremely showy and noisy, all aspects that can indicate people that revolve in the circle of the dreamer and stand out for appearances and the little construct, which they prefer the superficial aspect or that they like to show off.

The same aspects, however, may belong to the dreamer himself and the parrot may be the reflection of these characteristics among others.

The parrot in dreams can also represent a somewhat annoying and obstinate admirer, and, especially if you see it fly, fascinating ideas and projects that want to be taken into consideration.

Parrot – Dream Symbolism

Dream of a talking parrot – Dreaming of a parrot that speaks insistently and annoyingly, indicates that you feel persecuted by a person or more people, if there are more than one parrot in the dream, which is talking about you.

In fact, we are often subjected to slanders from the people, perhaps you have come to know of it and the thought of the gossip that turns on you is making you sick to the point that you dream of the parrot that utters the same slander.

If, on the other hand, you are not persecuted by any gossip, remember what the parrot says in the dream, maybe it is only a means for a message sent to you by your unconscious, perhaps a warning or advice, which you wanted to give yourself, to overcome a certain situation.

Dream about a colorful parrot – Parrots, for the greater part, are very colorful tropical animals, they have yellow, red, blue and green feathers depending on the breed, dreaming of a colorful parrot that flies free near you indicates that you want to express your imagination and your creativity, that you are writers, sculptors, painters etc. …

Your ego is telling you that this is the perfect time to dedicate yourself to your art.

If instead you dream of a colorful parrot in a cage, it means that you are repressing your artistic vein, or you are closing a dream in a drawer that you are afraid to realize.

Maybe in the dream you would like to open the cage but you can’t do it you feel prevented from moving forward, the dream is a message of your inner being that spurs you to free your thoughts, emotions and projects from the cage.

Dreaming of killing a parrot – Parrots, the most they can do to humans is to bite, dream of killing a parrot, indicate that you want to eliminate from your life an asphyxiating, false and persecuting person with whom you can no longer maintain a friendly relationship.

Dreaming of killing a parrot, can also indicate that you are repressing a part of you, perhaps the most jovial and friendly one, this can happen when you are too busy with work and you forget about everything that surrounds us and even about ourselves.

If this is the problem, then you need a break from work, dedicate a day to expressing your desires and passions for a while, abandoning your work anxieties, and maybe take a nice vacation with your partner or your family.

Parrots and their loquacious tongue, in dreams, represent gossip. In the common imaginary, they are seen as animals that tend to repeat to everyone what was said in their presence.

Dream about parrots in general – The dream starring a parrot or even many parrots is, according to some interpreters, a sign of solitude, often meaning that one is surrounded by hypocritical people.

When you see a parrot in your dream, this indicates the presence of people who damage the dreamer while keeping the smile on your face. There are strange rumors or some secret or gossip that is turning to the dreamer.

You need to think twice before saying something or sharing some personal information. This dream aims to warn the dreamer not to be too confident in people, not to try to please others at all costs, because they are taking advantage of it.

We must have more respect for ourselves and stop giving time, affection or money to those who do not deserve them.

A dream parrot can also predict that you will make wrong friends.

According to some traditions a parrot in a dream also represents the arrival, in the life of the dreamer / dreamer, respectively of a very attractive foreign woman, or a bold man, who constantly boasts of himself, full of presumption and greed.

Dreaming of buying a parrot – this heralds a new friendship. Trying to teach a parrot to speak announces difficulties in private affairs.

In a dream, a dead parrot predicts the loss of friendships; if it is in a cage it foretells errors in giving orders or commands to subordinates: they try to be more relaxed and take a rest.

Dreaming of a parrot that bites itself – can represent a friend who behaves incorrectly towards the dreamer because of jealousy. If he bites another person in the dream, it means he will blame himself unfairly.

Dreaming of a parrot that can’t fly –Dreaming that it cannot fly, because of a broken wing or because it is sick indicates the presence of a person who wants to hurt the dreamer.

Dreaming of catching a parrot – Dreaming of catching one indicates that you will unmask a person acting behind and against the dreamer.

Dreaming of having killed a parrot – could indicate that you will end up mistaken because of behaviors and conversations made with a person who wants to harm the dreamer.

Dreaming of talking to a parrot – indicates that you will make friends with non-essential people or that you will be the target of ridicule.

Dreaming of parrots that talk to each other foretells slanders against the dreamer, but no one will consider them.

According to other interpretations, this dream indicates frivolous occupations and gossip among friends.

Dreaming of feeding a parrot – Feeding a parrot in the dream may represent that you will take the blame for something you did not do, perhaps to help a friend or colleague.

To dream of one or many in flight suggests that the bad people will understand that they are not able to cause damage to the dreamer and therefore they will “fly” away.

Dreaming of a parrot egg – indicates that you will realize a wrong relationship before it starts, thus being able to protect yourself.


The parrot with its crumbling phrases can be a symbol of filling with words, being content or hiding behind words without having experienced what is claimed, being “trained” (influenced or driven by the ideas and actions of others) ).

As well as verses or phrases of the dream parrot can refer to an unveiled secret, to gossip and futile talk.