Spirit Animals

Penguin – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

People have always believed that there are some higher forces that have an important influence on our lives. They have believed that humans have the opportunity to make a contact with the universe.

Actually, there is a belief that divine messages may come to us in the form of different animals. Those animals are called spirit animals and they usually represent our connection with the Universe. Seeing the same animal very often in your life or maybe in your dreams is a clear sign that this animal wants to tell you something.

This article will be about the penguin that is believed to be a very powerful spirit animal. The penguin can bring important messages to you, so we recommend you to pay special attention to this animal if you are seeing it too often on television or in any other occasion.

We all know that the penguin is a lovely creature and most people love penguins. Those animals live in colder places on the Earth and most of them can be found on the South of our planet. Since old times there were different myths and legends about those creatures.

Today we will talk about the penguin spirit animal and its powers. We will explain you what the most important trait of this animal are and what it means to have the penguin as your animal totem.

Also, you will have the chance to read about the dreams in which the penguin may appear to you and bring you a message from the universe. But, first of all we will see what the penguin can symbolize in general.

What Does the Penguin Symbolize?

It is important to say that the symbolism of penguins is different in different cultures.

However, in the most of cultures this animal represents something lovely, sincere and positive. For most people those creatures are adorable, so many of them decide to wear a penguin tattoo.

When it comes to their symbolism, we have to say that they are usually a symbol of loyalty, partnership and communication.

However, they can also symbolize protection and uniqueness. It is also important to know that penguins very often can symbolize intuition, dreams and renewal.

If you want to know more about the symbolism of those lovely creatures, you should read the following chapters. You will find the most important information about the penguin spirit animal and totem.

The Meaning of the Penguin As a Spirit Animal

Adaptability. One of the most important meanings that we can relate to the penguin is their adaptability. Actually, this animal is able to adapt to the most difficult conditions, such as storms, hurricanes, etc.

If the penguin is your spirit animal, then adaptability is one of your traits as well. It could mean that it is easy for you to adapt to new situations and changes that are about to come in your life. Sometimes it may be necessary to change the place where you live in order to feel better and to find your own happiness.

Loyalty. Another trait that we can relate to penguins is loyalty. Actually, those birds are loyal to their partners and they stay together with their partners for the rest of their lives.

They are monogamous animals, which is not a common case in the animal world. If you have met someone whose spirit animal is penguin, then you should do everything to stay with that person because that person will be loyal to you.

Communication. Another symbolic meaning that we can relate to those lovely creatures is communication, so we can say that your penguin spirit animal will certainly bring good communication in your life.

You will have the opportunity to meet someone who will have a very good communication with you and it may be either your future friend or emotional partner or any other person that will spend time with you. You will have great communication with that person and sometimes it will be enough to look at that person and to know what she is thinking at that moment.

Intuition. Another trait that is typical for penguins is their intuition, which means that if this spirit animal appears on your way, you should listen to your inner voice because it will help you make the right choices in your life. Penguins are very intuitive creatures, so if any of them appears on your way, it means that you should follow your intuition.

Wisdom. We have also to mention that the penguin is a very wise creature, so if it comes to your life, it is a sign that you should use your own wisdom more. In the following period you will need to make smart decisions, so it will be important to be wise and to listen to your intuition.

Renewal. Another meaning that we can associate with the penguin spirit animal is renewal. In a spiritual sense it means that you should get rid of all fears that you have and you should leave your false beliefs and wrong ideas.

When your penguin spirit animal comes to you, either in your waking life or through your dream, it is a clear sign that you should start thinking positively and you should forget all negative things that happened to you. If you think in a positive way, you will have more confidence in yourself and it will be easy for you to reach what you want.

In the next chapter you will see some of the traits typical for the people who have the penguin as their animal totem. It may help you recognize some of your own traits and realize that the penguin may be your totem too.

The Penguin Animal Totem

If the penguin is your animal totem, then you must be a very communicative person. Also, the most important thing for you in both relationships and friendships is to have good communication with your partner. The penguin animal totem indicates that your communication with the people in your surroundings is very good.

Also, communication in general plays a very important role in your life. People with the penguin animal totem are born journalists, teachers or they choose any other profession where they can use their communication skills.

It is known that the penguin has great social skills, so if you have the penguin animal totem by your side, it also means that you like to spend time with other people. You don’t like to be alone and you may be even afraid of it. You enjoy talking with others and telling them your opinions and ideas.

You also like to listen to what other people have to tell you. You must be a very sociable person if the penguin is your animal totem.

We have also told you that penguins are monogamous creatures, so if the penguin is your animal totem, then you will be faithful to your partner and when you find the right person for yourself, you will never let her go.

The penguin totem will make your relationship stable and you will not have a need to change many different partners. You will have a nice relationship and marriage and you will never cheat on your partner.

Also, if you have met someone whose animal totem is penguin, you should know that this person will be loyal to you, regardless of whether this person is your friend or emotional partner.

When it comes to the penguin animal totem, we have to say that those persons love to express their opinions, even though they think in a different way than other people. Very often penguins are the symbols of something opposite and people with this totem are always very determined in their opinions.

We have told you the most important traits of the penguin animal totem and if you can recognize most of those traits by yourself, it probably means that the penguin is your totem as well. Now when you know all about the penguin symbolism and its spiritual meanings, you will see what to do if the penguin crosses your path.

What If the Penguin Crosses Your Path?

After seeing all those symbolic meanings about penguins, you must be wondering what it means if the penguin crosses your path. In most cases it is a sign that the penguin is your spirit animal.

The penguin can appear in front of you or you may have a dream about this lovely animal. Anyway, it is a sign that the penguin totem is watching over you and protecting you. This animal will be your connection with the universe. Because of that you should never ignore the penguin if it crosses your path.

You should watch carefully around you and if you notice that a penguin is trying to tell you something, you should be ready to accept his message and to allow him to show you a spiritual world that you didn’t know before.

Seeing the penguin in your life is a sign that you should use your intuition and wisdom in communication with others, but you should also try to adapt to new circumstances and situations around you.

The Dreams About Penguin – Meaning and Symbolism

If you had a dream about penguins, it could be a sign that the penguin is your spirit animal and totem that protects you in difficult moments of your life. Of course, it is possible to see in your dream different situations related to penguins, but one thing is for sure – they are trying to convey you an important message that your angels have sent to you.

In the most cases dreams about the penguin mean that very soon you will reach your goals and you will live a peaceful life. Progress, success and good luck are expecting you in the future and the most of the penguin dreams have positive symbolism.

However, it would be useful to remember as much details from your dream as you can.

Now we will present you some of the most common dreams of this type and their interpretations.

Dream about seeing the penguin. If you have dreamed of seeing the penguin, it means that now is the right time to start a new phase in your life.

The following period will be very successful for you, so you should start a project that you have prepared for a long time and you should try to realize your ideas.

Dream about the penguin in water. This dream is a sign that it is very easy for you to adapt to changes. This dream has a positive connotation and it means that you will accept all the changes without difficulties.

Dream about the penguin talking. If you have seen in your dream that the penguin was talking, it is a good sign. This dream means that very soon you will receive good news from someone of your friends or family members. The news that you will receive will be probably about your job.

Dream about the penguin crossing your way. This type of a dream indicates that very soon there will be new opportunities in front of you. A dream in which the penguin has crossed your way means that now is the right time to grab the chance that has appeared in front of you.

Dream about a dead penguin. If you have dreamed about a dead penguin, it is not a good sign. This dream probably means that you will have a lot of problems in the following period and you will have to change a lot of things in your life in order to solve those problems.