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Pillow – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Sometimes our dreams leave an unusual impression, and then the question arises about what it means.

In view of the fact that it is rather difficult to solve it, various dream books have been compiled to help people, offering interpretations of a particular dream.

Not all interpretations from books of different dreams are consistent, and therefore it is recommended to study them in a complex way.

In this article we will consider what interpretations are offered by the different variants of the dream books, if suddenly you dream of a normal thing like a pillow.

Pillow – Dream Meaning

If you have dreamed of a pillow, the dream interpretation invites you to relax and not worry, because soon you expect yourself to relax and have fun. If the pillow has been decorated with beautiful embroidery, the things you are doing at the moment will end up safely.

Resting on the pillow, decorated with silk, it is said that your well-being built at the expense of others’ works. If this has been your bedding in a very small amount, then you will unfortunately lose your status and influence the course of events in any area important to you.

On the other hand, if a woman dreamed of a pillow, the dream can be interpreted as a revelation of interest in the new, the inner side of life – spirituality, and the like.

The woman, who at the time of the dream sees herself engaged with embroidery on the pillow, can be expected in the near future full of hope and new prospects for the future.

At the same time, if she is not married, such a dream with a high degree of probability prefigures marriage.

The main meaning of this dream is a letter. So this explains the book of dreams. The pillow fell off the bed, you can wait for the guests. In general, the sign is considered favorable.

In some situations, it can also be said that someone is worried and concerned about you.

This topic is very ambiguous about the proposed dream book. What is the pillow that dreams, depends on which point of view to look at the life context of the dreamer.

Most likely, it is only a symbol of the fact that a person is tired of the surrounding hustle and bustle with his worries and problems and needs rest.

On the other hand, such a dream can be interpreted as an unconscious attempt to escape one’s duties, escape responsibility, and thus distance oneself from reality.

If a person dreams of a dream in which he tries to fall asleep, but this does not work for him because of his hard head, this should be interpreted as a signal that in real life it is necessary to review values or points of view because they are empty fantasies.

The pillows seem ruined – a clear warning to fear deception or betrayal. Again, fantasies and emptiness are expressed by a dream in which you hit a pillow.

A pillow presented in a dream for you as a gif, according to this dream book, that your life will change seriously in the near future. If you see in the dream how the pillow was turned, then rejoice, because in reality it means that you will be able to escape from the problems that worry you.

When you see that there is a pillow in your hands covered with a pillowcase, the book of dreams interprets it as an urgent concern and problem.

Bad sign if bed linen dries in the sun. This indicates that your dreams will be hard and cynically trodden on and will not be realized. In case you hold a bag and fold it to put it under your head, this is a sign of one of the first commercial successes and prosperity in your career and business – so this suggests you interpret a dream book.

Many pillows on the bed – a sign sent to you to explain that all your problems in life stem from your laziness and indecision.

Loneliness and betrayal portend a dream in which you sleep on the bed of others. Well, if you put something under your head in a dream, it means that in reality a very difficult decision awaits you.

Pillow – Dream Symbolism

The cushions represent feelings of well-being and comfort. The dream of a pillow denotes relief, comfort, ease, but it can also indicate idleness and laziness

. At the same time it can be interpreted as a call to take certain things for those that are actually, that is simple and easy.

Pillow general interpretation – The pillow in dreams indicates that, having made a decision, having made a choice, one must be calm and secure and not change one’s mind.

In a negative sense cushions in dreams can reflect an excessive level of trust in the fact that what they are doing is correct and right.

According to some interpreters, the pillow could also express an old unfulfilled desire; according to others, it refers to the arrival of a small sum of money or a short-term trip. Dreaming of being surrounded by cushions portends a promising future and a comfortable financial situation.

Dream of blue pillowDream of a blue color presages that you will be able to work perfectly and without problems.

Dreaming of a red one bodes injuries or injuries in the workplace due to errors in protection and safety.

A white dream pillow denotes that, if you are single, you will remain so for some time.

Dream of black pillow – A black pillow foreshadows divorce or separation. A pillow with many colors in a dream can represent that if you are single, you will get married soon.

If you are already married, it indicates an increase in excitement and desire in married life.

Dream of soft pillow – The dream of a beautiful soft pillow symbolizes hospitality during a courtesy visit.

If it is hard, it means that statements will be heard during a courtesy visit that will ruin the dreamer’s tranquility. Seeing a dirty pillow in a dream means being able to pay part of the credit.

Dream of clean pillow – A clean pillow on the other hand indicates that you will have the entire amount of the debt to be paid again.

Dream of a stretchy pillow – Dreaming of much stretched cushions refers to a compulsory marriage due to financial reasons; if you are married or engaged, it means that it will not be possible to perpetuate the relationship due to financial reasons.

Dream of small pillow – Dreaming of very small cushions implies that any relationship that you will start will last very little. Dreaming of a pillowcase means a trip will be made.

If in dream the pillow is torn or from which the filling comes out, it indicates sleep disturbances and pending decisions to be taken, especially in the financial sphere.

Dream of lying on a pillow – The dream of lying on a pillow indicates that you need some mental support, a thought guide.

If instead you are sitting on a pillow, this indicates security, that you have a secure relationship, that you are a sociable person.

Dreaming of throwing a pillow – is a warning to take less account of the judgment of others, or loss of good opportunities.

Being hit by a pillow, taking cushions with someone heralds family conflicts, distancing from brothers or parents for a while.

Dream of a pillow for a young woman – For a young woman to dream of sewing, making pillows suggests that she will have encouraging prospects for a pleasant future.

Dreaming that someone prepares the pillow, can indicate the arrival of a tender love.

Seeing someone who fills a pillow with wool or other material in the dream can indicate money savings that will be paid more than expected.

Dream of buying pillow – Receiving or buying a new pillow in a dream means that you will start a new love story with a person you have just met, because you want to forget the old relationship.

Giving or selling a pillow in a dream can indicate that it will try to alleviate the love affairs of a relative.


Hopefully this article was helpful and you were able to find an answer to your dream interpretation.

According to interpreters, the dream about a pillow implies that you will have to make an effort to overcome the negative or anger in you.

No matter how justified your emotions are. Solve your inner problems and regain balance, even though it will be difficult.