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Praying In My Dream – Meaning and Interpretation

The belief in a higher power has always been of particular importance in human life. With a prayer, we try to get in touch with this higher power and usually hope for their help or assistance in a matter.

This may be Allah in Islam or God in Christianity, Jehovah in Judaism or Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu and Sarasvati in Hinduism.

The Egyptians used to worship their own Egyptian gods, and the Romans also worshiped their own deities, such as Jupiter.

But what does it mean when a prayer appears in our dream world? Which interpretations are there for the dream symbol “prayer”?

Praying Symbolism in Cultures

In biblical writings, God often chooses dreams as a medium to communicate and give direction to people.

Through his dreams, Josef experiences what he has to do and what is amazing is that he trusts this inner voice and follows it in his actions. He takes Maria for a wife, he flees to Egypt and finally settles at the behest of the angel in Nazareth.

Josef, as a man who listens to his dreams, seems to be the prototype of the new man, as he has been demanded in our society for years.

A sensitive person who obviously has an inner antenna for truths and insights that are not so obvious.

At the same time he is a man of action who does not slip past decisions and does not avoid tedious ways.

Sometimes our subconscious mind seems to be somersaulting and making the craziest nocturnal images, and often enough we are glad to wake up and realize with relief that it was all just a dream.

But the fact that dreams can also have a deeper meaning, that they can keep people occupied for a long time, that they can accompany people for years with the same images, are experiences that make many dreamers, even if they do not believe in the voice of God in their dreams.

Dreams about Praying – Meaning

Did God stop talking to people through dreams, or did they just become insensitive? Is there such a thing as a spirituality of dreams? And then what could be the standard for God to speak in dreams? Because that we do not hear God in the dream with a firm voice and clear instructions, that should be obvious.

But the biblical experiences also report nothing else: Joseph too is brought the nightly dream message by an angel – certainly a synonym for God himself and yet also a reference to the only mediate, indirect of the directive.

In the Old Testament, dream interpretation is often even needed, because interpretation, because people do not understand the message of God without help, cannot translate into their lives.

But even without a dream interpreter or therapist at my side, I can discover God’s voice in my dreams. Blind spots. Do not dream your life, live your dream under this motto in the past few years there were several seminars that wanted to encourage people to trust their own longing, so as not to get stuck in motionlessness and resignation. Maybe here is a reference to the questions about God in the dreams.

The dream interpretation symbol “prayer” often refers to the general interpretation of dreams in connection with a naive attitude of the dreaming.

The dreaming has surrendered to his fate and hopes in many ways for the help of his environment. With the dream symbol, the dreaming is now shown that he should take his life into his own hands. His humble wait for praying in a dream can sometimes be an advantage, but he should also be active in any case.

In some cases, the dream symbol “prayer” can also show the dreaming that his wishes and hopes will soon be fulfilled in the watch world. This promise is again closely related to the first interpretation. Because some wishes can be realized only by own active action. Not all the best comes from above.

But according to the general interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “prayer” also challenges the dreaming to reflect on himself. Maybe the watch world will soon have a decisive decision for the dreaming.

He should therefore be clear what is best for him or what most corresponds to his wishes.

If the dreaming sees himself praying in the dream, the dream symbol shows him that his future is indeed blessed, but he still needs help from his family or friends.

The judgment, in which God’s blessing for the new house is prayed, often promises a new beginning.

A prayer in the dream in a church or a sacred grotto, perhaps also in a morgue, is, according to the general interpretation of dreams, a symbol of feelings of guilt that torment the dreaming in the watch-world. If the dreaming person speaks a prayer in the dream at home, possibly also in front of a burning candle, this dream situation symbolizes that he will receive support from friendly people in a difficult matter.

Similar to the watch world, the dream symbol “prayer” on the psychological level is interpreted as the dreaming’s attempt to connect with a higher power. He turns to these with confidence.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, however, the unconscious of the dreaming is usually hidden behind this higher power. With his prayer in the dream, he tries to get in touch with him, so that this can lead him from a difficult or unpleasant situation.

The dreaming is therefore well aware that the solution to his problems in the watch world is to be found in himself. The dream symbol “Prayer” wants to remind him of this again.

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “prayer” as the affirmation of the existence of a higher power by the dreaming and his desire for assistance.

Dreams about Praying – Symbolism

If you pray to God in your sleep, it indicates that your desire will be fulfilled. It’s possible that for a long time you are working on the accomplishment of something that you consider important, but you have never succeeded in bringing it to an end.

Soon, you will be given the opportunity to complete multiple plans at once and you will realize that it’s best to get everything done slowly, not when you insisted.

Dreaming of praying for someone – this implies that you will be humiliated. You will probably expect a person with whom you have a good relationship to meet you, but you will be unpleasant to be surprised when you realize that you have been mistaken.

Whether it’s money or emotions, you will be forced to do something that is beneath your honor and that is in line with your attitudes.

Pray for someone often appears in well-meaning and generous people. This dream reflects your concern and attachment to that person.

Dream about praying in the church in your sleep – it means that you will begin to hope again. It may happen that you will eventually notice some improvements related to your relationship / marriage, work or health, which will give you the motivation to continue to fight.

Even a beautiful word or someone’s encouragement will have the power to pick you up and change your view of the situation you are in.

Dream about praying with someone – symbolizes quality friendships. You are lucky because you have sincere friends whom you can trust and who will not let you down.

Dream about loudly praying – You feel lonely and discarded, and the combination of pessimism and helplessness will bring you even more worry and trouble.

Dreaming about crying while praying – although an unpleasant dream, actually has a positive symbolism.

Soon you will solve problems that are troubled for a long time, just be firm and firm.

Dreaming about praying to the devil – means that you are currently going through a difficult lifetime. You have problems at work, but also in private relationships. You feel incomprehensible and abandoned.


God is not simply identical to the human subconscious, not every inner emotion is a divine direction.

But as the God of life, the one who wants to lead us to a fulfilled life, cannot I hear Him in my longing?

Why could not He be the one who sends me dreams full of longings, or even through fearful dreams, makes me realize that something is still unprocessed in my life, that there is something I still have to look at and with which I may still be must reconcile, so it does not prevent me from life?

Especially in dreams, repressed experiences can come to life, blind spots perhaps that I no longer want to perceive or see in everyday life and conscious state.